Sneak Peak: Going to the Rodeo

You’ve built theaters, chocolate factories, greenhouses and rose gardens – and soon, Zookeepers will find a new buildable available in their shops. The Rodeo! By cooperating and gifting with zoomates, you’ll be able to build a new, extravagant kiosk to increase your zoo value and show off to your friends.

Keep reading for a quick recap on how buildables work, and a sneak peak at the Rodeo’s art.

Zoo World Buildables

  • “Buildables” in Zoo World are large in-game buildings that you cooperate with friends to create. Each buildable is made up of several smaller “items” – for instance, the recent Theater buildable is composed of curtains, stars and spotlights. Each item you gather adds on to the buildable “frame,” which grows and grows until becoming the full kiosk.
  • You collect items by sending and receiving them as gifts. These work just just like normal gifts, only when you collect them from your notifications, they will be added to your buildable. To see how many you own of each, check the Buildable tab in the shop. You can also post a request for help directly to your feed.
  • The Rodeo, like most buildables, completes once you own 10 of each item for the complete set. The closer you get to completing your buildable, the more detailed it will appear in your zoo!
  • If you miss out on the gifting phase, don’t worry. You’ll have time after it ends to buy the remaining pieces you need from the Store for 1 WLP each.

And now, on to the Rodeo!

Rodeo Pieces

The six pieces to build the Zoo World Rodeo are:




Cowgirl Boots

And, of course, Cowboy Hats.

Once you collect 10 of each, your frame will become:

The Complete Zoo World Rodeo

There it is! Once the Rodeo goes live, get started by purchasing and placing the frame. Yeehaw!

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