How to Get Higher Scores in Zoo Blast

Zoo Blast, now in Zoo World!
Have you played Zoo Blast yet? It’s a new minigame in Zoo World where you can win Wildlife Points. The goal is simple: you have 1 minute to match 3 or more animals as many times as you can. The more you match, the more Wildlife Points you can win! To get started, read the Zoo Blast tutorial and then click “Play to Win” on your Zoo World homepage.

Once you’ve got the basic game down, there are several tips and tricks that will help you maximize your chances for getting points – and thus maximize your chances of free WLP. Read on for seven ways to get better at Zoo Blast!

Using Zoo Blast Items

  • Zoo Blast ItemsGet those score multipliers. The more of the pink-shaded squares you clear, the higher your score multiplier goes. Clearing them all will make your job much easier, especially if you knock them off early.
  • Need a breather? Hitting a lightning bolt freezes time for a few seconds. When you trigger one, take advantage of that extra time by looking around the screen.
  • Bombs, dynamite and lightning trigger automatically when time runs out. When your Zoo Blast game is about to end, spend the final seconds looking for normal matches instead. This also lets you take advantage of a post-game cascade.

General Zoo Blast Strategy

  • Zoo Blast arrow helperIf you’re stuck, an arrow will appear to help you. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these – there’s no penalty.
  • The arrow is a good play, but it isn’t always the best play. Don’t click it blindly, but also don’t spend more than a second looking for alternatives. For instance, take a look at the screen to the right. Clicking the arrows will do you well – but there’s also a 4-of-a-kind. Do you see it?
  • Lower is better. The lower on the square you clear a group of zoo animals, the more rows and columns will fall – which increases the chances of you “accidentally” getting a combo.
  • Don’t tunnel vision yourself into one section. Sometimes you’ll get combo after combo in the lower right corner, and then… nothing. The best overall strategy for Zoo Blast is to not spend more than a few seconds in any one place. Remember: if you aren’t finding anything, look somewhere else!
  • If you’re still stuck, try looking at colors instead of sections. For instance, look for all of the orange clownfish, then all of the brown hippos.

That’s it for now! The key is to not get flustered, and to quickly move on if you start feeling stuck. After a few games you’ll be spotting 4-of-a-kind groups of animals like an expert.

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