Where Are My Zoo Gifts?

The New and Improved Facebook Requests System

We call this a "game changer." (In the literal sense.)

Last week, Facebook made some sweeping changes to their Requests system as it relates to social games. The key change, which many have asked about on the Zoo World forums, is that game requests moved to the left side of your Facebook home page.

This means all of your Zoo World gifts and Zoomate requests are now available in the “Games” tab. You can find the handy bookmark underneath your Messages, Events and Friends, along with new bookmarks for your most-played games. (Which hopefully includes Zoo World!)

New Facebook Games Requests

According to the Facebook Blog, these changes are designed to make social gaming a more fun and intuitive experience, while also making it less intrusive to those who prefer not to play. From the official blog:

For game players, here are some improvements we’re excited to be launching today:

  • Full stories in News Feed so they won’t miss when a friend shares an action or needs help in a game. The more active a person is in a game, the more prominent the stories will be.
  • Smarter bookmarks on the home page that will automatically appear and reorder based on the games they’re playing. They will no longer need to individually bookmark apps, and it will be easier to get to favorite apps.
  • A clearer, highlighted number for pending requests or tasks alongside bookmarks.
  • Requests in the Games Dashboard, where they can manage all their game activity and discover new games.

From this new tab you can accept or reject requests just like you did on the old “requests” section. The games tab also gathers a lot of useful information, such as recent actions and a full list of feed posts. You can also use the Games tab to help with missions, adopt animals and collect items.

For those that prefer a more direct route (or a browser bookmark), you can still access all of your requests at http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php.

One last thing to remember about the new system: if you have more than 100 requests, it will only display a random selection of 100 of them. This can make it tricky to accept a specific kind of requests, such as Zoomate – but if you get your count below 100, all will be splendid.

For more information about the new system, check out Games.com’s writeup.

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