The Secret to Noah’s Ark

The secret to getting the Noah's Ark achievement

Update 11/4/10: The Animal List has been updated to reflect the current tags.

One of the most common questions we get in the forums is about four particular Zoo World achievements: Noah’s Ark, 3’s Company, 4-of-A-Kind, and Make it Even. To complete them, you need 2, 3, 4 and 5 of a kind, respectively, for every animal that you own.

For some players, this can seem daunting – the Noah’s Ark achievements include feed post animals like the Luna Moth, some of which appear much more rarely than others. If you already have one Luna Moth, you’ll need 2-4 more of that animal to complete the achievement.

The good news is, if you do not own one of a particular animal, you don’t need to worry about getting them.

The even better news is, in most cases, if an animal is no longer available, it does not count toward Noah’s Ark. This means it’s much easier to get 2-of-a-kind than it first looks!

Seven kinds of Zoo World animals are always excluded from Noah’s Ark achievements. Read on to find out what they are.

Animals Excluded from Achievements

If you have any of the following animals, you do not need 2-of-a-kind to complete Noah’s Ark.

  • Ultra Rare animals
  • Welcome Basket animals
    • Guar
    • Malayan Bony Tonguefish
    • Forest Elephant
    • Leather Sea Star
    • Burmese Star Tortoise
    • Florida Panther
  • Fathers Day event animals
    • Big-Belly Seahorse
    • Hardhead Catfish
    • Marsupial Frog
    • South African Marmoset
    • Phalarope
  • Limited Theme animals
  • Daily Rewards animals
    • Concave-Casqued Hornbill
    • Crocodile Lizard
  • Mission animals
  • Ice Cream event animals
    • Caracal
    • Pennant Coralfish
    • Purple Gallinule
  • Field Trip Animals – added 11/4/10
    • Cardinal
    • Rainbow Parrot Fish
    • Scarab Beetle
  • Halloween Animals – added 11/4/10
  • Thanksgiving Parade Animals – added 12/20/10
  • Holiday Sleigh Animals – added 12/20/10
  • Holiday Gift Animals – added 12/20/10

All animals besides those listed above do count. This includes racing birds and animals adopted through the feed. In general, if an animal is no longer available in the shop, the feed and any other way of getting them (besides breeding and gifting), then you don’t need to worry about grabbing a few more.

If you’re still stuck, you can always ask for help on the forums. Good luck!

Editor’s Note: There are a handful of animals that currently count when they should not. These are Limited Theme animals that are no longer available, but do not yet have the “limited” tag that keeps them out of achievements.

Updated 12/20: All animals on this list should now be available! The old list now has a strike through them to mark that they’ve been changed. There IS currently an error with Holiday Animals that we are investigating, to make sure they are being properly excluded from achievements.

The following animals do count toward achievements, but will not once we fix them.

  • Wild West Farm animals
    • Palomino Horse
    • American Paint Horse
    • Oxen
  • Outback animals
    • White Wallaby
    • Red Kangaroo
  • California animals
    • Gray Whale – Still counts, added 11/4/2010
    • California Dog-Faced Butterfly
    • California Quail
  • Carnival animals
    • Carnival Elephant
    • Carnival Bear

You can still get these animals through gifting and breeding. If you’re looking for trading and gifting partners, check out the official find-a-zoomate forum thread.