And the winner of the Ultra Rare Contest is…

Tasmanian Tiger - Winner of the Zoo World Ultra Rare Contest

The Tasmanian Tiger!

Congratulations to Zookeeper Kailey for suggesting the winning entry. She’ll receive a free Tasmanian Tiger for her zoo, along with unlimited bragging rights that last 1,000 years.

The Zoo World community submitted hundreds of fantastic (and fantastical) animals for consideration, which were narrowed down to nine finalists. In stage 2, the community voted for the winner by visiting the contest album on Facebook and Liking their favorites. The Tasmanian Tiger ran away with it, with a whopping 2,200 Likes!

The finalists

  • Tasmanian Tiger – 2,234 Likes
  • Mandarin Duck – 814 Likes
  • Jackelope – 786 Likes
  • Mexican Walking Fish – 733 Likes
  • Purple People Eater – 706 Likes
  • Blue-Tongued Lizard – 519 Likes
  • Cthulhu – 267 Likes
  • Praying Mantis – 210 Likes
  • Pack Rat – 106 Likes

The Tasmanian Tiger is now available in the shop. Thank you to everyone who sent in contest entries, and thanks to everyone who voted!

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