Announcing the I Love Zoo World Winner

King of the Zoo Ultra Rare


Thanks to everyone who entered the I Love Zoo World contest! We had a wonderful diversity of entries, from videos to poems to essays, and it was difficult to pick just one for the grand prize. Luckily, the top 20 entries will all receive the exclusive King of the Zoo Ultra Rare, pictured to the right! We’ll be contacting the top 20 shortly. Congratulations to everyone!

Grand Prize Winner

A Zoo Of One’s Own, by Carol [Essay]

Carol’s heartfelt essay “A Zoo Of One’s Own” won over all of the judges with it’s charming approach and well-crafted story. Despite it being one of the longest written entries in the contest, it held our attention and made us smile all the way through. We love what it captures about the Zoo World community, and how everyone can play the game in a different way.

An excerpt:

Now, decades later, there’s a zoo that actually does house dinosaurs. I discovered Zoo World almost a year ago, and it happened to be my second son who introduced it to me. Here was a world that allowed me to set up my own zoo, arrange it as I wanted it to be, and accumulate as many animals as I wanted. I became obsessed, and I quickly began to level up, until I could set up my displays the way I assumed they would be in a perfect world…

You can read the rest on the contest winners page. It’s worth every minute. Congratulations, Carol, and enjoy your iPad!

Honorable Mentions

Zoo World Rocks My World, by Brenda [Essay]
Why I Like Zoo World, by Linda [Video]
Zoo World: A Poem, by Bill [Poem]

These three entries stood particularly high, and were neck-and-neck in the running for the top prize. We felt each of them deserved recognition here on the blog. Each Honorable mention will receive the King of the Zoo Ultra Rare.

We loved Brenda’s stories of sharing Zoo World with her family. We enjoyed Linda’s video from beginning to end, and we’re also huge suckers for basset hounds. And Bill’s Poem? Well, you’ll have to read it for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Fantastic job, everyone.

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