Zoo World Weekly Roundup: 10/4-10/8

This week brought Zoo World four new animals, a new buildable, and a smattering of new features. To cap it all off, there’s a teaser for next week at the very end of this post. Enjoy!

New Animals

Checkerboard Wrasse

New Shop Animal (Level 170): Checkerboard Wrasse

Spotted Genet

New Shop Animal (Level 170): Spotted Genet


New Shop Animal (Level 175): Mink

Japanese Serow

New Feed Animal (Adoptable): Japanese Serow

New Buildable

Teacup Ride

Teacup Ride

New Features and Changes

  • Players can now earn juice while racing
  • All players now have a new zoomate, Dr. Zoolittle
  • Breeding now costs less for both Rares and Ultra Rares

Super Secret Teaser

Next week, Zoo World gets spooky!

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