It’s Halloween Season in Zoo World

Zoo World Celebrates Halloween

Starting Tuesday, October 12th, Halloween comes to Zoo World! This is one of our largest seasonal promotions to date, and there’s lots of fun to be had. The Halloween event includes both a new buildable (like the Theater, Rodeo and Teacup Ride) and a new event (like the Field Trip, Ice Cream and 4th of July.)

Read on for a full rundown involving haunted houses, candy corn and costumed dogs.

Zoo World Halloween Buildable

Zoo World Haunted House


The first way to join in the festivities is to build a Haunted House. This works just like other Zoo World buildables – there are 3 pieces that you can gather with help from friends. Once you do, you will have a spooky haunted house to place in your zoo.

To get your Halloween Haunted House, first you’ll need to get a Haunted House Frame and place it in your zoo. Then, collect 5 each of the Broken Window, Cracked Shingle and Cobweb items. You can collect these via gifts from friends. You can also ask for help on the feed. To see how many of each item you have, click on the unfinished Haunted House Frame. Once completed, you can start another!

Or, if you prefer, you can buy an already-completed Haunted House for 20 WLP – no assembly required. Alternatively, you can buy Broken Windows and Cracked Shingles for 1 WLP each, and Cobwebs for 2 WLP each.

Zoo World Halloween Kiosks

Just a few of the Haunting Items and Kiosks

Halloween Fun

Once your Haunted House is completed, you can participate in more Halloween fun!

  • Access the special Halloween event by clicking on your haunted house.
  • Collect multiple items, which you can trade in for costumed animals. New animals will be released every 3 days!
  • To get a costumed Zoo World animal, collect threads, patches, scissors, paint, wigs and candy corn.
  • Threads can be shared to the feed every 8 hours, and can be bought for 1 WLP each.
  • Patches, scissors, paints and wigs can be gifted to friends and requested on the feed. They can also be bought for 1 WLP each.
  • Each feed post can be helped up to 5 total times. After that, clicking it will display the message “Player has already received maximum number of halloween items for today.”
  • Every time you visit a friend’s zoo, you have a random chance to win 1 piece of candy corn. You can earn up to 10 candy corns per day.
  • Candy corn can also be bought for 3 WLP each.

After collecting items, you can then sew your costume together! Sewing the final costume requires the help of 5 helpful friends, similar to the Ice Cream Toppings from the old Ice Cream event.

Zoo World Angel Bear, Superhero Dog and Witch Cat

It's an Angel Bear. It's a Witch Cat. Wait, no... it's a Superhero Dog!

Once you complete your costume, you can trade it in for your new animal.

As an added bonus, you have the option of getting an animated version of the costume animal. The normal costume animal is free once you sew your costume. The animated costume animal costs some extra WLP.

Halloween Deadlines

Sending, receiving and feed posting items ends on November 5th. Zoo World’s spooky season (and the Halloween promo) tentatively ends on November 8th 10th.

Have fun, and may your Halloween have many tricks and treats!