Zoo World Giveaway: Free Broken Window

Zoo World is giving away free Broken Windows items

Those rotten kids are going around the neighborhood breaking windows again. Only this time, it’s a good thing! Broken Windows are an important part of any local Haunted House, and Zoo World is giving them out for free to help you build yours. As part of our ongoing Halloween celebration, we’re offering one free Broken Window item to all players

To collect your free Broken Window, click this link to visit Zoo World. It will be added to your account automatically, and you’ll be one step closer to spooking the neighbors. Spread the word!

Anyone can click this link; if you’d like to share it with friends, you can also use the shortened http://bit.ly/zoobrokenwindows.

The free Broken Window item is available until midnight tomorrow (PST).

Enjoy the festivities! The Halloween Event still has a few weeks remaining, with many more animals and surprises in store.

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