A Sneak Peek at Wednesday’s New, Fuzzy Halloween Animal

What’s totally adorable and has a pumpkin on its head? Why, the new Halloween Bunny, of course! This little guy is the new Halloween animal set to be released tomorrow, October 20th, at noon PST. You’ll be able to unlock him just like the Ghost Dog, Witch Cat and other costumed animals!

The Halloween Bunny costume takes 6 threads, 6 scissors, 6 paints and 6 candy corn to make. Once completed, you can upgrade the Halloween Bunny to an animated version that is somehow even cuter. At least 75% cuter. At least. Hit “Continue reading” to see what all the buzz is about.


Don’t forget to grab your free Broken Mirror for the Haunted House! The link expires at Midnight tonight. The next animal unlocks on 10/23, so check back here for the next sneak peak.