The 11th Island Arrives In Zoo World

Zoo World Adds 11th Island

You're reading that correctly. Zoo World just dialed islands up to 11!

Finally, the 11th Island is here! Zookeepers who have unlocked all 10 islands can now unlock the 11th, giving them an entire new expanse to build their zoos. The 11th Island is now available in the shop for 150 Wildlife Points.

To unlock yours, click the “Unlock Island” button – it’s part of the island thumbnails already at the top left of your screen. Clicking the “+” will bring up the unlock prompt, and ask you to choose a map. Once your new map is selected (such as the brand new Halloween Map), you’re good to go!

You can also unlock the newest island from the Maps section of the shop.

Zoo World Maps Shop

From the Maps tab in the shop, click "One Island Expansion" to unlock a new island.

If you’re not at your 10th island yet, unlocking 1-10 is still the same as before – you can unlock them either with Wildlife Points or by adding new Zoomates. The 11th island is currently only available for Wildlife Points, rather than Zoomates.

Grab yours today in Zoo World. Many thanks to the community for suggesting this improvement!

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