Sneak Peek: Undercover Dog’s Secret Identity, Revealed

Zoo World Undercover Dog

Fun fact: the undercover dog doesn't wear glasses to hide his identity. He wears them because they're stylin'.

Meet the Undercover Dog, the latest costumed animal to join the Zoo World Halloween celebration! Starting at October 23rd at noon, PST, you will be able to sew a costume for the crafty canine. Like the Halloween Bunny, he costs 6 each of thread, patches, scissors, paint and candy corn. Once you’ve collected all of those, post the nearly-complete costume to your feed and your friends can help finish it up. (Or, you can finish it instantly for a few Wildlife Points.)

Of course, the Undercover Dog is undercover. Like all of the Halloween animals, you have the option to upgrade them into a flashy animated (and extravagantly costumed) version. When the costume is complete, the 15-WLP upgrade will replace the dashing fedora with an even more dashing cape. Click “continue reading” to see the super-powered version!

No telephone booth required

Don’t forget to grab your free Candy Corn. The link expires at Midnight, November 9th, and will put you one step closer to the costumed animal of your choice. Stay tuned for the next devilish new animal, which unlocks on October 26th!

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