Treat Mastery Update: Get More Money With Every Heart

Treats: Now with more Oms for every Nom

Last month, Zoo World implemented the new Treat Mastery system, which gives Zookeepers a way to earn Zoo Cash with every fed animal. Today, the Treat Masteries get a big upgrade – every treat of Bronze level or higher now awards significantly more Zoo Cash!

This doesn’t change how treats are fed – you still get XP for every treat you feed your animals, and once you reach Bronze Mastery, the hearts you collect will give money as well.

New Money Per Heart

All amounts are in Zoo Cash.

Bronze Mastery – $100 per Red Heart (was $10)
Silver Mastery – $200 per Red Heart (was $15)
Gold Mastery – $300 per Red Heart (was $20)
Platinum Mastery – $400 per Red Heart (was $30)
Adamantium Mastery – $500 per Red Heart (was $40)

New Zoo World Treat Masteries

Treats + Zoo Dollars = Delicious

Treats of Bronze Mastery or higher still cost $5 each to feed. Before, this $5 investment returned a bonus $5 upon collection. Not too shabby – but with the new payouts, Bronze-level treats pay out an extra $95. For Adamantium level, it pays out an extra $495 per heart!

For more information on the treats’ new tricks, check out the original announcement of Treat Masteries. Bon appétit!

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