Zoo World Giveaway: Candy Corn, Part 3

Zoo World Gives Away Free Candy Corn

As promised, Zoo World is giving away a new piece of candy corn for the Halloween Event, bringing the total up to 3 freebies. The third free piece of candy corn is available from now until November 9th!

To collect yours, click this link to visit Zoo World. One piece of Candy Corn will be added to your zoo automatically, and can be used for creating costumed Halloween animals.

If you have friends who are working on Halloween animals, feel free to share this link with them. You can also use the shortened link, http://bit.ly/zoocandycornthree.

All Currently Active Zoo World Giveaways

If you haven’t already collected them, here are all three of the active giveaway links.

Each link is good for one free piece of candy corn, and all three are available until November 9th. You can use them for the existing Halloween animals, or save up for the new one to be released this Friday.

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