A Guide to Greenhouses

Greenhouses in Zoo WorldTrees in Zoo World do more than just look pretty and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also hide Zoo Cash! Once per day, you get a shiny surprise when you shake a tree by clicking on it. Go on, try it.

For higher level players, shaking all of these trees can take time. To help with this, Zoo World offers the Greenhouse buildable. Each completed Greenhouse holds between 15 and 155 trees, and shaking the Greenhouse gives you cash for every tree inside it.

How to Build a Greenhouse in Zoo World

Greenhouse "Basic Frames" can be found in the Zoo Shop

  • Open the shop and purchase a Basic Frame from the “Buildables” tab.
  • Place the Basic Frame in your zoo.
  • Click on the Basic Frame to bring up the Greenhouse buildable screen.

You can send and request Greenhouse pieces by clicking on the Basic Frame

  • A completed Greenhouse requires 10 planting pots, 10 glass pillars, 10 glass panels and 10 plant tables.
  • To get planting pots, glass pillars and glass panels, click “ask for more” to request help from friends. They can then send you the piece you need by clicking on the feed post.
  • To get plant tables, click on completed Greenhouses in your and others’ zoos. You can collect one table from a finished Greenhouse every 8 hours.
  • When collecting a table, you can also make a post to your feed to help others. Each of these feed posts gives one table to the first 10 people that collect from it.

You can build one Greenhouse at a time. Once finished, you can buy a new frame and begin a new Bronze Greenhouse. Also, if you collect more pieces than you need, those pieces will carry over to your next Greenhouse.

Once you get 10 of each, you’re done! Place your Bronze Greenhouse, drop some trees into it and start shaking.

How To Upgrade Greenhouses

Greenhouses can be upgraded in the Shop

Once you have three of one type of Greenhouse, you can upgrade it to a higher level. The better the Greenhouse, the more trees it can hold.

3 Bronze Greenhouses = 1 Silver Greenhouse
3 Silver Greenhouses = 1 Gold Greenhouse

To upgrade, head to the Buildables tab in the shop. If you have enough of that type of Greenhouse, you’ll see a yellow “Upgrade” button. Click it to meld all three together into a larger and shinier building that automatically contains all of the trees that were in the originals. The new Greenhouse will be in your storage.

The three kinds of Greenhouses are:

Bronze Greenhouse

  • Holds 15 trees

Silver Greenhouse

  • Holds 50 trees
  • Multiplies total value of all trees in the Greenhouse by 2

Gold Greenhouse

  • Holds 155 Trees
  • Multiplies total value of all trees in the Greenhouse by 3

How To Place Trees in Greenhouses

Click a Greenhouse to see what trees are stored inside

While in Storage mode, drag trees to your Greenhouse to drop them in. This will “store” them, and all trees in that greenhouse will shake for money when you click it. All small, regular and large trees from the shop can be dropped in, as well as the aloe plant.

Collectibles, Wildlife Point trees, topiaries and mushrooms cannot be placed in Greenhouses; all other trees are fair game. No animals, though. They’d eat the plants.

Miscellaneous Greenhouse Tips

  • Greenhouse shakes do count towards the “Shake X Trees” achievement.
  • Unlike with other buildables, there is no time limit for completing a Greenhouse.
  • Trees in Greenhouses do not count toward achievements. To get the “Own X Big Trees” achievement, you’ll need to move them out of the Greenhouse. You can move them back in afterward.
  • As with normal trees, visitors to your zoo get a flat rate of $25 per tree, plus multipliers.
  • If you are having trouble placing trees in a Greenhouse, make sure that your Greenhouses are not placed too close together.
  • You can buy a maximum of 100 total Basic Frames throughout the game. This means the max number of Greenhouses is 100 Bronze, or 11 Gold and 1 Bronze when fully upgraded. (11x3x3 + 1 = 100.)

It turns out money does grow on trees! As always, if you have any questions, tips or ideas, let us know on the Zoo World Forums.

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