Last Chance Halloween Giveaway: 2 Free Candy Corn

2 free candy corn available in Zoo World

Free Candy Corn is Delicious Candy Corn

October 31st has come and gone, and Zookeepers are getting ready for the next Holiday. But Halloween isn’t over yet – the Zoo World seasonal event still has a little less than 24 hours to go! Until 12:00 noon PST tomorrow you can still grab those costumed animals and haunted houses to decorate your zoo.

To help, Zoo World is giving away 2 more free candy corn. This works just like the previous candy corn giveaways, and lasts from now until the end of the Halloween event.

To collect your free Candy Corn

Click this link to add two free candy corn to your Zoo. Anyone can click it, so if you’d like to spread the word and share with friends, tell them to hit for their last chance freebies.

Remember, the Halloween event lasts until Noon PST, November 10th. There also might be a little more candy left in the stash, so be sure to check back here before tomorrow!

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