A Very Zoo World Thanksgiving

Halloween is over, and the Holidays are here. But don’t worry, we’re not inundating you with carols… yet. It’s Thanksgiving! And with the changing of the seasons comes a festive celebration in Zoo World.

Starting today, you can blow up Thanksgiving-themed balloons for your personal Zoo World parade. For every balloon you complete, your zoo gets a limited-time animal and a unique balloon in front of your gate. Balloons work much like Halloween costumes did, but with several new (and tasty!) twists.

Thanksgiving’s Delicious Details

Start Building your Parade By Clicking The Balloons in Front of Your Gate

  • Collect and share materials to blow up balloon animals for your Thanksgiving Parade.
  • After blowing up a balloon, you receive the animal associated with it.
  • Upgrade Thanksgiving animals to an animated Ultra Rare by spending WLP.
  • If you don’t choose to upgrade it immediately, you can still do so in the future. Click on the animal at any time in your zoo and select “upgrade.”

Hit “continue reading” for more information about Thanksgiving animals, balloons, gifts, and new holiday-themed treats!

How To Get Thanksgiving Animals

To get started, click on the balloon in front of your gate to bring up the Thanksgiving promotion. It shows the animals currently available, along with what pieces are required to inflate the balloon.

Once underway, team up with friends to collect the pieces for each animal. Like in the Halloween event, there are three types of items: gifts, shared items, and a one collected in a completely new way.

  • Thanksgiving Gifts
    • Headdresses, Pilgrim Hats and Batons are all be requested on the feed. Clicking these feed posts gives your friends’ the option to send you the gift you need.
    • You can post one feed request every 8 hours.
  • Shared Thanksgiving Items
    • Drums are shared to the feed every 8 hours. This works the same as “thread” in Halloween – when you post this feed story, friends that click it then receive one free drum.
    • 10 friends can collect a drum from 1 feed post.
  • Special Thanksgiving Item
    • Receive Maize randomly when you feed the special Thanksgiving Treats to animals. Every time you collect a heart resulting from a Thanksgiving treat, you have a chance to receive one piece.
    • You can earn up to five total maize per day.

All Thanksgiving pieces and helping hands can also be purchased for 1 WLP each. UPDATE: Maize costs 3 WLP each, not 1.

But what good is a huge, flat balloon? Once you’ve put it together, you’ll need the help of five friends to inflate it. You can post for help every 8 hours, and once all five “helping hands” (or rather, breaths) are in place, you’ll receive your new animal!

The balloon itself appears outside of your Zoo gate. Every Thanksgiving animal species gives one balloon total, so if you have four Thanksgiving Penguins, you’ll still see just one Thanksgiving Penguin Balloon.

A note on animal costs

Unlike with Halloween, the item costs for each Thanksgiving animal will scale upwards as you create more of that animal. For instance, your first Autumn Hound Dog costs 4 Headresses, 5 Maize and 3 Drums. The second one costs 6 Headdresses, 6 Maize, and 4 Drums. The third costs 8 Headdresses, 7 Maize and 5 Drums. Each animal has a unique set of components, which you can view as they become available in the Thanksgiving Tab.

Thanksgiving Treats

Zoo World has two tasty treats to commemorate the holiday: the turkey lollipop and the turkey cupcake. These replace the lollipop (18-hour) and cupcake (24-hour) treats.

The difference? Besides being festive and delicious, when you feed Thanksgiving treats, you have a chance to collect Maize!

These treats act just like the originals in all other respects – they still have the same Treat Mastery level and the same bonuses. Feeding these treats will carry over in treat mastery when they change back. Om nom nom.

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving

The first two animals are the Autumn Hound Dog and the Thanksgiving Penguin. Check them out in big balloon form to the right.

The Thanksgiving Event goes until December 9th at Noon PST, with new animals released every three days. Check back here for teases, announcements, and a few more surprises.

Happy Thanksgiving! Click here to visit Zoo World and get started!

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32 responses to “A Very Zoo World Thanksgiving

  1. I enjoy these Holiday things we do BUT for Christmas..How about a Rudolph, Frosty etc for animals??? We have every other strange beast one could imagine, how far fetched could this be??

  2. Every zoo I click on I get nothing in return, so maybe this new promotion is why. Also I feed all my animals today and didn’t get anything and it will be 2 whole days before I can feed them again, which doesn’t seem fair. Thanks for checking into this for me.

    • i did the same thing … i won’t be able to get any thanksgiving corn until saturday. along with 5-per-day limit means i won’t be able to get all the balloons.

  3. ok nevermind, now I understand why I didn’t get anything from feeding my animals. thats my fault for feeding early today when the thanksgiving treats were not available, but still please check on the not getting money when I visi other zoos.

  4. I love the Thanksgiving Campaign. I hate the fact we have to wait to get maize when we feed. This seems like a gambit to get us to spend more WLP’s, I won’t be doing that. I will wait on the treats cycle. It’s really bad with all the new ads all over FB we don’t need new gimmicks to get us to spend WLP’s. The are too hard to get as it is.

  5. So when I just fed hundreds of animals the Thanksgiving treat I got zero maize?? How is this working, really?!

  6. Heya Susan, maize is gathered when the hearts appear from the treats.

    Sherry: This is a bug with the popup, but don’t worry: the money is still being added to accounts. We’re working to fix it now. For more information, please refer to the forums.

  7. I only got 1 treat/maize after feeding nearly 300 animals..My mom didn’t get any…We can’t feed again for another 18 hours at least…How do they honestly think we can get them all before time runs out I do not know…If this happens again next feeding I am definitely quitting…The halloween round was bad enough….

  8. I just fed 446 species of animals and got one piece of maize. If that’s correct, it’s ridiculous.

  9. Will these animals count towards achievement goals. I’m on 5 of a kind and its hard enough to get the ones that are supposed to be easy to get.

  10. Clifford Anderson

    It would be nice if the 12 hour treat also gave Maize. Do I give up 12,000 points per day by switching from the 12-hr treat to the 24-hr treat to get 5 Maize? That seems a high cost. If I use 24-hr treats on a single island with 40+ species, will I get 5 Maize?

  11. I think that the halloween promo was fun, it got us visiting all our friends again! But a question….during this the two new animal were releast along with the Mosque……is there going to be a Church for Christmas- I hope were going to fair and tolorant to all…..Christmas animals tip from me-10 days of Christmas 🙂 Thank you all at zoo world- even tho there are snags sometimes you wouldn’t have so many followers is it wasn’t great 🙂 A zoo addict speaking lol

  12. I fed over 450 animals and not one maze showed up. I did the 18 hour treats too. Is this going to be like Halloween, it will take you a week to get it to work right.

  13. If I understand correctly, we are limited to 5 maize a day. Then there is no way we can get a pair of both versions of all the animals.

  14. Excuse me, but you state that “All Thanksgiving pieces and helping hands can also be purchased for 1 WLP each.” The Maize is showing at 3 WLP each, or is that 3 WLP for 5 Maize?

  15. You’re correct, Jeri. Maize actually costs 3 WLP each. I’ve updated the blog post to reflect this.

  16. I fed all my animals (over 400) at around 7:30 this evening and did not receive any maize even though I clicked on the 1 day feeding that had the maize picture above it. What is up with that? Not even 1 maize!!!!!! Not fair as I think I should have gotten the 5 for that many animals. can you please check on this for me?

  17. I just fed 200+ animals turkey cupcakes. Not one piece of maize, not a kernel! Are you sure this is working? If so, at this rate how is this going to get any animals…not even 1 of each!!!

  18. 5 maize only per day!!! thats half what we could collect at Halloween and these animals will cost more than them,. so those of us on limited incomes and budget will not get many animals since we canst afford to buy a lot lof wlps. Do the math!!! Also we don’t get a decent number of real or feed animals anymore just these cartoon things to make you all more $$$$ its ruining it the game for me. Who want to teach their kids about only a bunch of cartoons, they are fun but you used to at least balance the rare and make believe and you didnt make it so much of a pay to play game. It seems that you are taking advantage of those so caught up on game that they will spend just to get the new ones, the whole idea of the game and fun is being lost. so many of my friends are leaving the game and so many seeing the details of this have decided not to participate at all. My zoo time is cut back by 2/3 these days there just is not the fun in it anymore.The first animal if you want to make it on first day out you have to but 5 maize at 3 wlps each since you have to wait till 18 hr or 24 hr treats are ripe!!! also who wants to wait for Thanksgiving animals long after thanksgiving is over bad planning!!! do you realize Thanksgiving is the 25 th guys?? and the next day everyone focuses on Xmas??

  19. Thanksgiving Parade sucks for me. I fed every single animal on all 10 islands and did not receive even 1 treat! What kind of game is that when other zoomates are getting balloons and you can’t even get one! Feel segregated and frustrated that for whatever reason, am prevented from playing the game! Not a very fair way to play a game when only some get the maize while others don’t get anything!

  20. My latest FB status:
    ‎”Zoomies, have I got it right? We have to feed our animals with 24 or 18h lasting treats and we MIGHT get UP TO 5 maize (corn, whatever) a day? And we need 5 already for 1st animal??? If so, THAT IS STUPID AND UNFAIR!!! I’ll never get to get 3 of every animal (2 ”normal” for breeding and 1 ultra rare)!!!”
    And, my friend asked me too tell you that she is mad too, ’cause she, like many Zoomies, fed her animals with 48h lasting treat few hours before all this started. Not letting us know the rules at least 1 day before promotion started is… Don’t wanna finish that sentence, trust me! And making it literally REAL MONEY promotion is even worse!!!
    I looooove Zoo World (separating game experience so far from this Thanksgiving event). I get to meet funny, dear, nice, ”crazy” new people, to learn English names for some animals and interesting information about them. It helps me relax and enjoy my few FB hours. And you just ruined it for me!!! Big time!!!
    Money maybe makes world go around, but being too greedy is obviously not working very well for you. More than half of comments I have red on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoo-World/162104552518 are written in negative manner and mine counts for two (don’t forget about my friend)!!! If you haven’t gave us enough time to gather some wlps after Halloween, if you have made promotion where 1st animal already ”costs” as max daily proportion of treats we might get (and it will take 2,5-3 days for some Zoomies to MAYBE get them) and if every next animal of same species ”costs” more materials, what is there to talk about? 30 days x max 5 maizes a day = max 150 maizes… and just for 3 hounds (2 for breeding later and 1 ultra rare) we need 18!!!??!???
    Just kick out cash (dollars) from Zoo and introduce wlps exclusively… That way everyone could get clear picture: players about your intentions and you about number of people willing to pay for playing Zoo World.
    I’m sooo sad and disappointed, but will keep playing Zoo World-only because of my incredible Zoomies! ❤

  21. Thank you! 🙂
    Matt, why such low limits on a required part??

  22. I love the Thanksgiving animals. But I’m starting off behind the curve.
    YESTERDAY I feed all my animals 2 day treats. That means I can’t feed again until tomorrow night! If I understand correctly you have a chance at the maze when you collect the heart for Thanksgiving treats – so I don’t have a shot at collecting any maze until Saturday night. That puts me TWO DAYS behind!!

    9 animals + 9 upgrades = 18 animals. If you can only get 5 maze per day there is no way to get 2 of each in the time allowed. Especially losing two days at the start.

    Are these going to be breedable??

  23. Don’t you realize that making it so hard to get the maize needed to complete the ballons (not to mention the increasing cost if you build more than one) is taking the fun out of this promotion? Come on, do the math, we wouldn’t be able to get all the animals on time!

  24. I like the theme of the balloons for the parade, but for some of us we don’t have that many WLP and I used all of mine up for the Halloween animals because I had to get 4@ of the reg animals(trying to complete a level) and only 1 of each of the ultra rares. You can only get WLP so fast by breeding, unless Zoo World is just trying to make money. So chances of being able to get both versions of animals is pretty slim. Not too happy with that outcome

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  26. Cynthia L Seidensticker

    The animals are beautiful. Thanks to the creator. The only problem the small amount of maize given and the very very expensive upgrade costs. (25 wlp) This has really caused such angry feelings from people who so faithfully play your game.
    Was it worth this? I can’t believe this was you intent. Perhaps you could release the spawners to give more corn and as the animals advance just got to 10 maize, like the last game. Decrease the wlp’s to 15. You can’t imagine how happy this would make all of us.
    I hope you will consider these suggestions.
    I regularly buy wlp’s but will spend them on this offering. Will just breed what I can. The reason is because I think you are being greedy.

  27. Pingback: Holiday Specials, Virtual Goods & Features Continue for Thanksgiving

  28. I experienced a lot of frustration with this part of the game. There is no way of seeing how many of the various gifts I have when I balloon is up to being inflated, and when I get my balloon inflated a cannot re-request for the next one right away (as I can on missions). This is disappointing–also, I have no idea how much each balloon costs to inflate!!! While the balloons are cute, I don’t feel really that this is adding to my experience. Thank you for listening.

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  30. I am trying to upgrade the thanksgiving balloon animals and the feature is not available. Please help. I finally got enough WLPS to upgrade but when I click on the animals all it gives me the option to do is to Breed. How do I upgrade these as you originally stated we would be able to do.

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