New Buildable in Zoo World: Cornucopia

Zoo World's buildable cornucopia

With the Teacup buildable completed and Thanksgiving in full swing, Zookeepers can now start filling up a Cornucopia with delicious Fall fair.

Zoo World Cornucopia Shop Screen

To start building the Cornucopia, grab a frame from the “buildables” tab in the Shop and place it in your zoo. Once you have the frame, you can start building from both the Shop and from the Cornucopia itself.

Zoo World Cornucopia Screen

Like with all Zoo World buildables, the Cornucopia is made up of several parts that require 10 each. You can ask for these parts on the feed, which lets friends send them to you as gifts. So if you need more parts, just ask your friends. They’re free!

If you prefer not to grab them from friends, you can also pick up the parts for 1 WLP each.

The Cornucopia gifts are:

  • Autumn leaves
  • Baskets
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Pumpkins

Happy autumn!

One response to “New Buildable in Zoo World: Cornucopia

  1. I experienced frustration using this app–one must BUY a cornucopia base in order to see how many one has of each gift–seems like that shouldn’t be necessary. I have enough zoo $$ it really doesn’t matter, but for newbies clicking on every tree and sculpture in their own and friends’ zoos and praying before doing the daily quiz, that can be a significant amount.

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