Super Maize Giveaway

Zoo World is giving away free Maize

Final piece updated 12/08/2010: Maize #10 is now available! Click here to add 1 Maize To Your Zoo. All ten free pieces are available at the bottom of this post.

Working on your Thanksgiving Parade? We’ve had a bumper crop of Maize, and will be giving away free pieces to everyone for the remainder of the Thanksgiving season.

Each giveaway works just like with previous specials. All you need is to have Zoo World installed on your Facebook account. Click the link, and you automatically grab a free piece of Maize.

New Maize giveaway links will be announced on the Zoo World Fan Page and Twitter every few days. Or, you can check back in this here post for a full list of all active giveaways.

All of these giveaways are good from now until Noon PST, December 9th, 2010. Anyone can click them, so share away!

All Zoo World Maize Giveaways

Zoo World MaizeClick the links below to receive your Maize. New links will be added every few days, so be sure to check back! Each link provides one free piece.

34 responses to “Super Maize Giveaway

  1. thank you so much. I never got any maize with the treats. this will help. tyvm.

  2. thank you! i would love to have updates from this site!

  3. more Maize Please…and thank you

  4. More maizes please; thank you !

  5. I would love to have updates from this site! Please email me with updates!

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  7. Appreciate it so much TY =D

  8. I just want to receive site updates & info. thanks for the maize!

  9. Janelle Restante

    Thanx guys really appreciate your gifts awesome : ) xoxox

  10. Thank you so much for maizes….

  11. Kathleen Young Roby

    Very appreciated!!!!

  12. I would like to receive this notification and other notifications regarding rewards and benefits from this site

  13. Thank you for the free maize, Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Hey everyone! We just added the ability to subscribe via email, up in the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who requested this đŸ™‚

  15. great promo …needed the maize

  16. please send updates

  17. Thank you for the maizes and Happy Holidays to you.

  18. Thanks very much for the free maize

  19. Thank you every little bit helps!

  20. Thanks so much!

  21. Thanks for the free maize as i didn’t get from the treats and all helps. Would love to be updated

  22. Thank you for the free maize, I appreciate it.Please send me updates to my email, ty

  23. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas

  24. We need more maize . it’s very difficult to get enough to get anything.

    In other news, it seems like Zoo is making it difficult to play unless you put quite a few $ in it. Things are just too expensive.

    thank you for a chance to express myself.

  25. hollie b. fowler

    Thank you so much I just started playing and this seems to be the only way I can get any maze!!

  26. thank you

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  28. thanks 4 the help

  29. samatha stevens

    I love zoo and would like to receive any updates you have for zoo world.

  30. samatha stevens


  31. Thank you for the maize. I appreciate it.

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