Zoo World Sales Continue On Cyber Monday

Black Friday in Zoo World was such a success, that we’re doing it again for Cyber Monday!

The Cyber Monday Sales include:

  • Two Island Expansion sales
  • Breeding Specialists for 75% off
  • Jacaranda Trees for 30 WLP
  • Deep discounted Ultra Rares
  • 60% off Maintenance Managers

As with Black Friday, all of these discounts are flash sales lasting one hour each. Also, several of the sales (marked in red on the Cyber Monday schedule below) have limited supplies. Be sure to check early in the hour, because they tend to go fast!

Zoo World Cyber Monday Schedule

Click to enlarge. Items in red have limited supplies.
Zoo World Cyber Monday Schedule

See you tomorrow!

4 responses to “Zoo World Sales Continue On Cyber Monday

  1. Island expansion is not working again! :(((

  2. I saved up 30 wlps to buy the 11th island for 80% off on Friday. The sale wouldn’t go through. Now you repost it for Monday at 80% off while I’m at work, so I cannot buy it. I will be available for the 2nd sale, but it is only 60% off and I don’t have enough wlps. Now, why am I not able to purchase it for the 30 wlps when this is not any fault of mine? Can you please help me purchase my 11th island?

    Thank you!

  3. I spent real money to by WLP to buy 3 breeding secialists when they went on sale. Find out we are limited to one. Zoo World needs to open up to its members and be more generous and less greedy. A lot of people have quit. I know because Ive lost zoomates. I have come close to quitting. If things dont change I will. I dont have extra money to waste on a game that doesnt give back.

  4. Elmer Hessheimer

    You advertised the Mouse Musketeer as 25 WLP. When you go to purchase, it states $2,310,000 Wildlife dollars. I purchased 1 Mouse Musketeer for $2,310,000 but it took 25 WLP from my account. I want my WLP back because I would not have purchase the Mouse for WLP.

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