Final Parade Balloon Animal: Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Rare Animal

Thanksgiving Turkey

The ninth and final animal in the Thanksgiving Parade unlocks today at Noon, PST. Cash in those Headdresses, Batons, Pilgrim Hats, Drums and Maize for the new Thanksgiving Turkey, to round out your collection!

We hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving festivities. The Parade ends on December 9th at Noon PST, at which point these animals will no longer be available. Don’t fret, though – Christmas is right around the corner, and Zoo World has big plans for the holidays.

Still need Maize before the Parade ends? Check out our Free Maize Giveaway for a bunch of free pieces.

Of course, upon completing the Thanksgiving Turkey you have the chance to upgrade it to a special Ultra Rare. Frolick to the jump to check him out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frolicking Turkey Ultra Rare

Frolicking Turkey

One response to “Final Parade Balloon Animal: Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. Im so happy to FINALLY have a place to find out all that’s going on in Zoo World. I started out just thinking it was for Birthday cards, lol. I was behind of feeding because I didn’t know that’s the only way to go up now I always will ‘be in the know” Very happy about that. Loved the marathons for “cheaper” SuperRares” thanks so much.

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