Poll: Which Mobile Devices Do You Own?

Hey Zookeepers! We’re conducting a quick poll to see what kind of mobile devices the Zoo World community enjoys. Please take a moment to let us know which of the following you own.

69 responses to “Poll: Which Mobile Devices Do You Own?

  1. i use laptop for internet, and cell phone..thats it.

    • I have an iPhone. I’m on it right now voting and posting this.

    • Same w/ me. My cell is full flip-open qwerty keyboard, and I leave my laptop on most of the time w/ FB & zooworld open. BUT I have ZERO Zoomates. Anyone want to friend me & my Zoo?

  2. sprint smart phone

  3. I hate that I can’t use Flash based programs on my iPhone/iPad/iTouch.

    I’d lvoe to play zoo on the iPad in particular.

  4. I use an iPod touch, and Zoo does NOT work on it, which is a pain. It USED to work, until you converted everything to flash, which is not supported on the iPod. Really, I don’t get the use of flash in general — it slows everything down and makes Zoo a complete memory hog on the browser.

  5. rumer 2 it is decent

  6. I don`t like this New Age Handys. I need Handy only write SMS and Call. Nothing more

    • Ditto, Patrick. I’m the laughing stock of everyone I know because I won’t give up my Sanyo SCP3100 until they force me to. I don’t even have texting on mine. I have it blocked. I’m glued to the internet enough as it is when I’m home. Why do I need it on my phone?

  7. do not need a mobil phone at this time

  8. I would love to have Zoo World as an app for my iphone. That way I can look after my babies and get the treat trophies for shorter times. Thanks


  9. would love to b able to play zoo on my phone

  10. samsung impression

  11. I have the Droid, but I can’t get onto Zooworld or my zoo & I don’t have a comp. So my zoo is a mess.

  12. have internet only on my tmobile behold touch screen

  13. samsung impression

  14. amy blankenship

    I have a samsung impression . It would be really nice if zoo world was accessable the way it used to be. the changes that you made make it so that i cannot access zoo even in the limited capacity that i used to be able to. from friends profiles and postings i used to be able to collect things and or help them with things they need it is a real bummer that i cant do that anymore as the majority of my acess is from my mobile device.

  15. I use a cell phone only

  16. Pat (Santa) Austin

    I have a Nokia 2600c cell phone and an old, slow, Toshiba laptop (Satellite A135-S4656). The more sophisticated apps you add to the running of ZW, the harder it is for me to do anything.

  17. I have t-mobil highlight phone and i doesnt work for the zoo. that sucks

  18. Can’t play any games on here:((

  19. i use my mobile N95 8gb bt,bt it seems nt 2 b wrkng on zoo world.

  20. I use a mobile samsung gravity

  21. Would also love to b able to play zoo on my phone

  22. i would like play zoo on my metro pcs windows phone

  23. I have a desk top computer and mobile phone old one that’s all.

  24. Cell phone. Doesn’t work flash on it.
    I would love to have Zoo app on my phone.

  25. i’d like to also be able to play on my phone to as well it only does internet also as well. does not support ‘flash’

  26. i have the tmobile my touch slide (android) i wish i could play my games on my phone as well. we already for internet and get fb so why not the games???

  27. I am the biggest fan of zoo world! so much so that i not only take care of my critters but also my best bud which past this oct. love all the critters. just which i could also be able to collect from zoo bonus checker for both accounts.

  28. I use the Blackberry. I’d love to figure out how to or if I can get on my zoo with it 🙂

  29. i use samsung hanset and find it truely annoying that there is soooo much of facebook i cant use unless on a computer!! UPDATE!!!

  30. love my blackberry but would love it even more if I could play zoo on it.

  31. I use my iphone and computer and thats it.

  32. Zoo world works sometime and sometimes it don’t and nearly impossible to switch etween islands. Could you fix this. Only use droid to get on internet

  33. rhonda rutledge

    i htc crush

  34. too complicated

  35. I work for a company developing apps for iphones, Android and the cloud. However, when I get home, I want to have a nice simple game of zoo. I do NOT own any “i” devices yet – too expensive. Just a plain old cell phone. HOWEVER, if the service were a LOT less expensive, I would probably conceed and own a touch pad device.

  36. I cannot play zoo on my android because of Flash. I play zoo on my laptop

  37. Samsung Intensity(Verizon)-cant load zoo world 😦

  38. I would love to be able to check on my zoo when I am not home. Currently Zoo doesn’t work on the Ipod touch although other games do maybe this will change soon I hope.

  39. have a samsung solstic and would lov to play zoo on my phone


  41. Love my Sprint Epic

  42. I have an LG vue and I can’t get on to zoo world with it. Have to use a computer to play on it.

  43. I just use a laptop and log in whenever and wherever I have wifi; usually at home, but sometimes at school when I can find a stray connection from outside. If I know that I will be out shopping for extended periods, I take my laptop so I can sit at a free wifi on breaks. I want a blackberry, but that will be strictly for phone and text.

  44. Chiel Bruggeman

    I’ve just ordered a HTC Desire HD. It runs on android and is capable of flash 10.1 which means I can play FB games on it 🙂 Tried it on friend’s HD2 , runnin Android ; worked just fine 🙂

  45. I only have a normal cell phone. Do not use access through anything other than my Desktop PC.

  46. Bebe Greathouse

    It would really be helpful if I could play Zoo on my iPhone. It would be easier to keep up with babies, to send and receive gifts, and to achieve goals.

  47. Please make a ZW app for the iPhone/iPod touch! I love it on my laptop but would make it easier to take care of my zoo if it were available on a mobile device

  48. I have a samsung impression

  49. I have the newest sidekick w/tmobile…wld love to b able 2 play zoo on it!!

  50. I have a laptop computer and use a cell phone,from all the reply i read,I guess u see what you have to do,We need progress,”Dont you think”

  51. Would LOVE to have an application for my iTouch! 🙂

  52. I’ve got a Nokia N97 but cannot play zoo because my phone doesn’t support flash. It sucks 😦

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  54. I would love to play zoo on my android! My babies need to be taken care of!

  55. Fabiola Hernandez

    I have a Ipod touch….it is too bad not to play zoo world on it.. And a BB too..

  56. Iuse computer for zoo world would love to get it from my blackberry

  57. I’m Using A Nokia N82. Fortunately I Can Make Purchases On Mobile During Flash Sale Using This Link: apps.facebook.com/playzoo/zoo/home.php?fb_force_mode=fbml&fv_mode=shop&saleFeedClickItemId=0&_ryfbe=fb-zoo-flash-sale-feed-share-deal-click&ref=nf

    However I Can’t Shake My Jacaranda Trees Daily When I’m Mobile Or Whenever I’m Busy With My LIFE. So Please Let Shakey Do The Job, Get Him Upgraded And Provide A ‘Green Button’ That I Can Also Click Using Cellphone. Thank You.

    This Will Also Benefit Other Players That Don’t Have A Higher Version Of Flash To Play Zoo When They Are On Mobile 🙂

  58. Have a durable nokia E70, Finland. I enjoy it.

  59. I have a laptop, and a home desk comp. Plus an IPod–Touch and the new Droid 2, and I’m learning them….

  60. i do my zoo on my laptop but love to have it on my samsung mobile 🙂

  61. Really want and I phone app for zoo world!!!!

  62. samsung vibrant – can’t play zoo world on it at all.

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