How to Upgrade Kiosks in Zoo World

Use wrenches to upgrade Kiosks in Zoo World

Last week, we announced the addition of three new upgradeable Kiosks in Zoo World. Unlike normal kiosks, these buildings give a sizable chunk of Zoo Cash when upgraded.

The upgrading mechanic has long been a staple in Zoo World. Now that it’s been refreshed with a new line of kiosks, it’s a good time for this here Blog to visit the mechanic. Read on for everything you wanted to know about kiosk upgrading, but were afraid to ask.

Benefits of Upgrading

Helicopter Kiosk, from Level 1 to Level 5

When you upgrade a kiosk, you earn the ability to collect money from it every day. The higher the Kiosk’s level, the more money you receive. It also upgrades the picture, so everyone who visits your zoo can see your fancier building.

Zoo World has 8 Upgradable Kiosks

You can upgrade any of them at any time, provided you have one in your zoo and have all the necessary components. All eight of these kiosks have 5 levels each, with each level’s art looking better than the last. The upgradable kiosks are:

  • Keychain Stand
  • Balloon Stand
  • Cotton Candy Cart
  • Burger Stand
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Donut Stand
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Licorice Stand

Gather Wrenches to Upgrade Kiosks

Daily Wrench Gift Basket

Click the glowing present next to your gate to receive your daily wrench.

Every day, you can collect a wrench that appears next your zoo gate – just look for the glowing gift box. Each day has a different wrench, with 7 total. The wrenches are automatically added to your overall collection, which you can view after collecting the daily freebie.

Wrench collection

Click the check to view your collection after gathering the free daily wrench.

Once you have one of each, click on an upgradeable kiosk in your zoo to bring up the Upgrade screen.

Kiosk Upgrade Screen

Once there, just click upgrade – and you’re done!

11 responses to “How to Upgrade Kiosks in Zoo World

  1. That’s all well and good if you know where they are. Half the time I don’t know where I am. lol

  2. bill Braeckevelt

    PJ…I moved all the collectables to the island that comes up when you visit your zoo. that way you don’t have to hunt them down. Hope this helps.

  3. The previous kiosks are so big and ugly that I no longer want to upgrade any…why do they have to be so hideous? Wish I had never purchased any in the first place…feel like I was misled . What I bought was small and fit into the decor that I wanted for my Zoo.

  4. I’ve upgraded all of my kiosks since it began. Everything was working fine until we received the 3 new kiosks. Ever since, my collection amount has bounced around like a ball-up and down, with MORE DOWN than up. I posted to the forums-NO REPLY. Sent emails to support, NO REPLY. I have lost $1,000’s of zoo dollars minutes before it’s time to collect. I began documenting the constant changes with date and times and when I collected.

    • UPDATE: Kiosk value dropped over $200 in zoo $$ on each kiosk 10 minutes before the 24 hr collection. After collecting, it went back up to the previous amount. I have watched my totals incread a few hundred and suddenly drop 1-2 thousand 2 minutes later.

  5. What we have to buy more of the ones we own to collect anything on these three new one? I already own them. And will the soda and beer be added?

  6. It’s always good to upgrade kiosks. They can get dated really fast!

  7. When we have several of each kiosk, and they all have dollar signs on them, are we able to collect for each one? I have, for example, about 8 burger and even more balloon kiosks and when I collect my income, I only am paid for 1 of each item. this goes for the others as well.

  8. I have the same question as Diana. I foolishly (apparently) purchased several of these kiosks, and the moneybags are on all of them, but we only get paid for ONE??? That should have been EXPLAINED, or I would NEVER have purchased so many of these. For the most part they’re too big and not really that great looking (at least not so as to have a bunch of them), I just purchased them for zoo $$$ daily. But we only get paid for ONE??? IS THAT RIGHT??? That just CAN’T be right….PLEASE EXPLAIN



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