Christmas and the Holidays Arrive in Zoo World

A Very Zoo World Christmas

It’s time for jingle bells and sleigh bells in Zoo World! Starting on December 9th and running (tentatively) until January 14th, Zookeepers can participate in the holiday celebration with items, treats, and special animals. There’s also a big, dedicated event tying everything together. Poor Santa has a dilemma, and he needs your help.

Santa’s reindeer are nowhere to be found, and he needs to find new animals to pull his sleigh.

The friendly animals of Zoo World are ready to help – but first they need to be recruited, trained and outfitted. That’s where you come in.

Read on to find out how.

Train Animals to Pull Santa’s Sleigh

To get an animal ready for the harsh North Pole skies, you’ll need to get them ready. This works very similarly to the Halloween and Thanksgiving promotions, but with some special twists.

Santa's Island in Zoo World

Click The Claus' Island To Start The Holiday Promotion

To get started, click Mrs. Claus’s island to the left of your welcome gate. This brings up the Holiday Seasonal screen. This is your home base for the holidays in Zoo World: from here you can gather items, train animals, and find out when Santa visits. (More on that last part later.)

Dress the Sleigh Animal by Gathering 5 Types of Holiday Items

Ask friends for the Reindeer Headdress, Christmas Bells and Winter Scarves. Clicking the button will post the request to your wall, and your friends can then click the link to send them to you as gifts.

Zoo World Gingerbread

Share Gingerbread Cookies with friends via the feed. Clicking “Post” will post it to your wall, and friends can then collect them by clicking on the link.

Christmas Treats

Collect Candy Canes after feeding holiday treats to animals. This is just like the Maize from Thanksgiving: when you feed the Christmas Lollipop or the Christmas Cupcake, you then have a chance to receive candy canes when you collect the hearts. You can collect up to 7 candy canes per day.

As an added bonus, everyone starts with 3 free candy canes at the very beginning of the promotion.

Train the Sleigh Animal With Help from Friends

Once all the items are together, you’ll need to train the critter. Posting to the feed allows your friends to help. With 5 helping hands, your animal is ready and raring to go.

Limited Edition Holiday Ultra Rares

After training the animal, you can upgrade it to the Ultra Rare version for 15 WLP. Click “upgrade” to get the animated version, or click X to keep the regular sleigh animal.

Mrs. Claus is Here to Help

Mrs. Claus in Zoo World

You’re not alone! Mrs. Claus visits every two hours to help you out. You can check in with Mrs. Claus after two hours. When you check in, the above screen appears.

After every 5 checkins, Mrs. Claus gives you a free Holiday item of your choice, to help you finish the Sleigh animals.

Santa Claus is Coming… To Zoo World

Santa visits on 3 different days. If you have one trained of each unlocked animal when Santa visits, you’ll receive a special gift.

  • First visit, 12/24: If all 6 animals are unlocked, you get a special 2010 Christmas Tree.
  • Second visit, 1/1: If all 9 animals are unlocked, you get a 2011 New Year’s Ball as a gift.
  • Third visit, 1/10: If all 12 are done, you get a 2011 Zoo Snow Globe.

The Rest of the Holiday Details

It all starts today! The holiday promotion runs tentatively until January 14th, 2011. To summarize:

  • Everyone starts with 3 candy canes.
  • Mrs. Clause monitors your progress – check in with her every 2 hours, and after 5 checkins she’ll give you free pieces to help with your animals.
  • All holiday items are unlocked from the start, so start collecting them now to save up for when the next set of animals unlock.
  • New animals require fewer pieces to make than the Thanksgiving promotion, making them easier to collect.
  • Each animal of a given species after the first require fewer pieces to train, as opposed to more. This will make it easier to get a pair, should you desire to breed them.
  • All Ultra Rare upgrades in the Holiday seasonal cost 15 WLP, lowered from 25.
  • Ultra Rare versions of animals count the same as the normal versions for Santa’s visit. So if you have a Rare North Pole Wolf, it counts the same as a North Pole Wolf.
  • Santa visits 3 times, to give you special presents if you helped him train all the animals.
  • New animals unlock at Noon PST on the day advertised.

Happy holidays and happy New Year!

26 responses to “Christmas and the Holidays Arrive in Zoo World

  1. Looks Very fun… But thinking of leaving ZOO WORLD. My zoo has been acting REALLY funny and when the thanksgiving animals ended ALL but 3 of my wild life coins vanished. I was trying to save up for the christmas animals but wont be able to get them now. Just getting pretty frustrated with zoo….. Thought you might wanna know.

  2. Thank you for clear details. It really helps

  3. What if I am done with feeding for the candycanes and now I am working on one hour four hour and 30 min, 1o min, so what do I do then?

  4. this sounds much better, it is very hard to find the animals to feed because the feeds go so fast you can’t keep up. and i guess the lowering of the WLP is better than nothing.. except tell someone who just don’t have these WLP to give esp. when we have no room to put these animals on. but, i am liking this idea better than any other specialty that has come along in the last year. so, i hope i get to have some of these animals too for christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS & TOO ALL GREAT FUN WHILE HAVING IT! 😉 cathy brown!

  5. Thank you for the link. This explained a lot, instead of all the hearsay. Zoo World is the best game that I play. Thanks for being patient with me & my questions, & for my mouth!! I know I say what is on my mind, but that is the way my dad taught all nine of us kids to be. Thanks Zoo World for being BEING #1!!!!
    Linda Black

  6. roberta Artherton

    people who feed their animals at night have a advantage in that they got 3 candy cane and 7 for feeding . people who feed early just got 3 so they can do 2 animals and we can only do one , that puts us a day behind.

  7. lets begun

  8. Why do I see snowflakes fallin when I visit some of my ZooMates?

  9. Please send me all the updates Thank you

  10. let me know when candy cane problems are worked out. last time I feed over 400 got zero when collecting.

  11. It would seem Mrs. Claus thinks I’ve been bad refusing to give me my credits for visiting every 2 hours. So far, I have completed 1 set. I’ve been there all day today and last one over an hour ago, still shows me at 2/5. Do I have to click 12 times in 24 hours to finish this darn thing or what?

    Your user id: 100000210982666
    Your browser: chrome, version: 8.0.552.215, platform: windows, parent app:hugme

  12. my 11 islands are full, I would like to have a new one (I have buy already the map) to make a “very nice holiday island”, I don’t like to smell all animals on one island (my animals are sorted by species).
    Thank you for your response.

    My user id : 1163325512
    My browser : chrome 8.0.552.215, platform : windows 7

  13. I love the new changes, cute beautiful animals, island and decorations. I wish the candy cane drop was higher but it’s all still good. My zoo is finally working again so let’s keep our fingers crossed because I’m going to be getting wlps again and i’m hoping that the vanishing act is gone lol. Merry Christmas to the staff, great job….

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  15. ID: 100001461784032 Version 8.0.552.215 Plat:Windows App:Zoo Parent
    I like the new promotion a lot, but keep getting cheated on the candy canes. I only feed with the special treats at 18 or 24 hr.s. I have a zoo of +300 species and feed 1/2 in am & 1/2 in Pm. For the past two days, I have only been able to collect a total of 5 candy canes a day (not 7) from all feedings. My husband, on the other hand gets extra candy canes..twice getting a total of 14 candy cane in a days feeding. He now has 42 candy canes and I only have 23 !! Please stop cheating me out of my candy canes. If it was not for Ms.Santa ( who I see every 2 hrs), I would not even have that many, as that is all I ever collect from her. Please help me..or distribute more candy canes daily or let us gift them to friends if we have extra, But most of all, just give me the 7 candy canes I am entitled to…Thanks

  16. Kudos on the art work for the special achievement animals. I feel the quality is steps above what had been coming out. I am looking forward to the release of them. Maybe it is the season, but I am enjoying this one.

  17. •Your user id: 643037876
    •Your browser: msie, version: 9.0, platform: windows, parent app:zooparent
    Love the new animals however it does not allow me to post them to have my friends help so that I can get them! Please help!

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  20. I am wondering how often we can get our animals trained. I have all five parts and plenty of them yet, I can only train one or two a day. Also, can we go back and train animals that we missed? If so, how?

  21. My only complaint is not being able to ask zoomates for help training. Example: I just completed the training of the white polar bear and clicked on the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit but am not able to ask for help in training it. I feel that we should be able to ask for help every time we start training a new animal. Am also thinking of quitting Zoo World, but I have put to much money into it.

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  23. that is great, except I cannot get WLP because I have not been able to get to my nursery for a full week now…my babies would be DEAD if they were real. Very disappointed.

  24. I think this new promotion is an improvement on the previous ones and is rather absorbing. If I can offer a suggestion, however, it would be better if when posting an animal for the second time (if not from the first time which would be better!) we would only have to wait 4 hours (or less) to post the next. It is so frustrating to have to post again for 1 or 2 helping hands, get them within a few minutes but still have to wait 8 hours. Thanks for listening and my Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year.

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