Thank a Friend by Sending Them a Special Holiday Gift

Do you have a special ZooMate who’s always there for you, both in-game and in the Real World? Now that it’s the holidays, you can send them a special gift and show them how much they mean to you.

Click the Christmas Tree next to your gate to bring up the Holiday Gifting screen, and you’ll see all nine limited edition presents:

These rares and ultra rares are available only during this Holiday season, so your friend will always have a unique item to remember you by.

To provide the gifts with a feeling of unique value, they do all cost Wildlife Points – but they have a wide range of prices to accommodate everyone who wants to send a special present to a special someone. There’s even a 1 WLP option – an adorable, if perhaps unexpected, pet.

When you send a gift, it will appear beneath your friend’s tree fully-wrapped. You can also send your friend a customized message, which will appear on their wall.

Once you receive a gift, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can open it – good things come to those who wait! After those 24 hours, you can unwrap it at any time. Wait until the 25th, or dive in immediately. Whichever you prefer.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

93 responses to “Thank a Friend by Sending Them a Special Holiday Gift

  1. This is a great idea thank you Zoo world.

  2. very good idea

  3. This is a great idea but maybe as a gift to us for christmas you us double WLP for breading. have a merry christmas.

    • This is a wonderful idea.. I have some higher end players and got an unbelievable 156 gifts. Unfortunately I have all of 50 WLPs, so I’ll have to write down everyone that gifted me and send them a tree for their generous gifts.

      • That’s Exactly what I’m doing for my” thanks” to all my higher end players. Great minds think alike?!?! LOL

  4. This is finally a great idea!! Thank You

  5. when does this start as i dont have a christmas tree by my gate

  6. For once you have come up with a fantastic idea!! Thank You

  7. Lovely idea.
    Please correct “Pidgin” to “Pigeon”. The former is “A simplified form of speech, usually a mixture of two or more languages”. The latter is a BIRD, which is what you mean. πŸ™‚

    And while you’re at it, you can correct the birds Kestrel (E instead of A) and Gyrfalcon (no A). Have fun with maintenance tonight!

    • Great eye πŸ™‚ we’ve corrected this in the soon-to-be-released version, and will update the screenshot very soon.

      Though I have to wonder what a “caroling pidgin” would sound like. Imagine a mix of two languages where both people had to sing to understand each other!

  8. ZOO animal Lover

    Think the holiday Bear a little to WLP pricey Otherwise Nice thought

  9. thank you zoo worl just another way to get us spending more wlps wish i could earn it as quick as you want me spending it

    • I agree with leanne. I just can’t seem to make enough wlps in order to keep up with anything else let alone give gifts to.

  10. Great idea but yet another thing that costs WLPs!!! I can’t breed fast enough to get all the points, and i’ll be dipped if I’m spending cash to buy any. I, like a BUNCH of others, put alot of work into my zoo. Christmas is a time of giving! Why not give us a break on all the things that have to be paid for with WLP?

  11. Fat lot of good that is going to do if we can’t get into the shops! Don’t you think they’re a bit pricey? not to mention we hardly earn enough WLp’s as it is, nie thought though

  12. I agree with the others. This is a great idea, but having to spen WLP’s is a little much. I like the idea of getting double wlp’s at least til the end of the year. We all don’t have hundreds of points to spend.

  13. I love this idea!! I like the idea of FINALLY actually being able to show those great friends how much they were appreciated while coming up through the levels!! However Zookeeper Matt..for some reason when trying to open zoo this evening around 7PM CST….Zoo starts to open then a pop up comes up instead that looks like ads for a search engine, but since it is in German, I can’t figure it out or even find an X to shut it!! I hope this is only coming up while zoo is updating!! I use chrome…

    • Thanks Bunny, we’ll take a look. We make every effort to not allow popups in our ads, but if one has made it’s way in, we’ll nix it immediately. Can you please post a screenshot of the popup to our forums? This would help us a ton.

      I also recommend running an anti-adware or malware detection on your computer, as this kind of behavior can also be caused by 3rd party software.

  14. fantastic idea and what a wonderful way to show those our appreciation thank you very much

  15. i think this is great bt i also think we should be able to buy wlp animals for zm whenever we like just like the 99 animals i made a topic in forum about this monts ago when we started bein able to buy 99 animal for zm but never recieved a response about it i think after this promo it should continue w being able to buy wlp animals for less fortunate zm if we choose to do so

    • do you notice Shari, whenever we ask for stuff to be availabe for ZM, they NEVER seem to reply, they just answer positive questions xxx

      • Zookeeper Matt

        We reply to these as well, I promise πŸ™‚ as covered in the blog, these gifts all cost WLP as a way to make them a more substantial “gift” when received by friends – there are already many ways to send free and zoo cash animals, and we wanted these to feel more special. That’s why they’re a very wide range of WLP, though – one of the widest ever. My personal favorite is the Pet Coal, which only costs 1 WLP, and can be sent with just the basic wrapping paper and ribbon.

        The Holidays promotion also has many different animals and items available, which can be gained with no WLP needed. We also heard the community’s voice for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, and included several Zoo Dollar items there as well.

        To summarize, we understand the frustration and we hear you. We’re making big, conscious steps to make sure that everyone can always play Zoo World, WLP or no πŸ™‚

  16. also can we get these for ourselves ?

  17. Hi there,
    I’m still waiting for a christmas tree to show up outside my gate. Do you know when?

  18. I love the Idea of gifting to our friends, But, I can’t get enough points breeding to get the ultra’s from Santa. Isn’t there someway to help us,who can’t afford to purchase the wlp with cash? Surely there’s gotta be a way. Maybe Santa can bring me one of his wild life points making tree, so i can get my number 11 Island and send gifts to loved ones? Please if possible do something to help Pleeeeassssseee

  19. Wow… more awesome animals! Too bad I cant afford to send any to my friends. Im too busy saving up WLPs to train animals to pull Santa’s sleigh, to buy ultra rares in every imaginable color (Teal Spitting Turtle, Purple Spitting Turtle, Green Spitting Turtle… etc.) to keep my sets complete, though Ive missed several because I cant afford to pay real money for WLPs. I have PLENTY of ZooCash, and could more than afford to buy up these animals and send them to all of my favorite ZooMates, but then… if we were allowed to send these gifts using ZooCash, Rock You wouldnt be able to take advantage of the holiday spenders… those people that charge up their credit cards in the spirit of giving… and then find themselves in trouble later. Yes… the idea is very nice. I would LOVE to be able to send a little something to my favorite Zoomies. But how about also offering an alternate choice for ZooCash so that those of us that cant afford to run up our credit cards to impulsively buy up WLPS can also send cute little gifts to our friends to show them our thanks?? Christmas isnt supposed to be all about making money, Rock You. Happy Holidays, and Happy Zooing.

  20. Great idea but what are you giving us for Xmas free wlp’s or a special animal each????

    • REPLY RE: JENN REIDS COMPLAINT: you have hit this complaint right on the nail. its frustrating to say the very least and i could still go on and on. ;-(

  21. I think these are a great idea, however, with all the other items, especially the new santa animals and all, and how long breeding takes, to get the wildlife points, these will be difficult for some of us to send. why does everything have to cost wlp? Maybe zoo can find another way for us to earn them, or raise the amount we get with breeding. I can never keep up. Otherwise, someone is coming up with some new, great ideas, just help us afford to get them.Thank you

  22. Awesome idea – HOWEVER – I can barely scrape up the WLP to upgrade the Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas animals , not to mention finally being able to buy island #11. There is no way I can afford to buy WLP with real money.

    Wish they could be bought with Zoo Cash – that I could do

  23. Cute idea, but having to pay with wildlife points? Give us a break and let us use our Zoo Dollars to pay for this! I know the Rock You company wants to make money by forcing us to buy wildlife points, but in the spirit of the season, how about giving us a break?

  24. Great Idea ! But, I am not liking the WLP’s. I would love to send all my zoomates a gift…but cant since WLP’s are so limited. There has to be some sort of solution to this. I refuse to buy Wlp’s. Zoo….Why have you become so greedy? It is Christmas…..give us a break !

  25. I love the Idea! But really WLP! Do you know people are having a hard time just keeping up with life! its not like we can earn a lot just by playing so we would have to use really money to give these gifts to our Zoo friends! This year its hard to even shop for real gifts! So I personally will not be doing this! and I hope no one else does either! it should be changed to zoo cash!!!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas from the poor!

  26. Like so many other people here, I love the idea of sending special gifts to my Zoomates but lack the WLP to do so. I cannot afford to spend actual money on this or any other game. Why not give us an option to send gifts with our zoo dollars instead of WLP’s? That would make it possible for everyone to participate and make this a Merry Zoo Christmas indeed!

  27. Nice idea, but who have so many WLP ????? I need my few WLP for my own Xmas animals ;(

  28. It is a nice idea, but way too pricey. We all have used so many WLP for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that how are we supposed to afford this? I love the idea, but couldn’t some have been for zoo cash or lower prices? Or like many suggested above, why not give back to those of us who have been so loyal and increase the WLP we can get for breeding? I also think if we got WLP every time we level up that would be nice as well. There have simply been so many good ideas lately, but they have all been so costly to us. Thank you for trying, but please try to have some that do not cost so much.

  29. I love the idea of being able to gift to our friends but the cost of wlp is to high. I only have 10 wlp and breeding takes so long and cost to much money. yall should invent easier and more ways for us to obtain wlp and also zoo cash. This is Christmas time the season of giving so why can’t we be able to get these animals and gifts for free to send to and receive from our friends? I have so many wonderful zoo friends that really help me out and i’d like very much to be able to send them these wonderful gifts but can’t due to lack of funds. All of my money is spent on my kids and bills so i don’t have any extra spending money. Have a heart and do something nice for everyone that place instead of trying to make us spend money that we don’t really have.

  30. No one has enough wild life point except maybe those that were able to get in on the glitches of way back. So now they get the advantage … does not sound so fair to me !!!!!


  32. I like the idea, but don’t have the wlp’s to do any gifting right now. And I can’t breed fast enough. Between thanksgiving, blackfriday and now we just don’t and can’t get enough wlp’s.
    But a great idea non the less.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  33. Do we get something special if we give out a certain number of gifts to friends? Its showing some sort of gifting”level” ???

    • It’s just a way to keep track – there aren’t any bonuses for gaining gifting levels, beyond feeling totally awesome.

  34. Nice idea IF you have wlp’s…I had 50 taken from me with the halloween thing…although I DID NOT clk. to upgrade to the ultras. More were taken last week, for what I don’t know. I’ve been trying to get another island, which should be free anyway. SOOOO, I won’t be sending my friends any of these gifts……cheaper to send flowers!

  35. Love the idea, but WOW.. The amount of WLPs is way too high :o(

  36. I think this is going to cause alot of hurt feelings….Shame on you, again…will the greed never end !

  37. I think with all the promos that have been going on, to have to use more WLP is just totally crazy. For us that only breed for WLP we are left is the dust when is comes to limited animals. Maybe give us some free ones or increase or breeding points, let us use zoo dollars. I know you want use all to buy them so that we can some one more money, I will not, so I am sorry my zoo friends but I have to be SCROOGE this year!!!!

  38. I agree that it is a great idea. Also agree that WLP are getting out of hand. spend WLP for upgrades, your own animals plus now to send gifts unreasonable. Also note that they make no comment to this issue but do to others> does that show how much they care and REALLY listen. Alot of kids play this also so now they want them to ask mom and dad for zoo money instead??

  39. A wonderful idea and since I have so many friends maybe I can only afford to send the 1 wlp pet but at least it is something just to show my appreciation. Thank you for that option. I will gladly give up getting one of the Santa animals to say thank you to my awesome zoomates. =)

  40. Thank you RY!!! Great idea! It is nice to gift those special people who have helped us out so much throughout the year. Even though most of us are “virtual” friends, ZW has brought us all together – to enjoy, banter, trade, gift, have fun with, etc. That personally means a lot to me. I know personally, I will be buying WLP’s to gift those extraordinary people, who went above and beyond!

    I give my postal worker, garbage collector, service people gifts at Christmas and spend more than what it costs me for the WLP’s.

    Too bad others can’t just put this into perspective and thank ZW for doing something nice – like even providing a 1 WLP gift for those who are strapped. Let’s face it – we all can afford a computer and the internet to play this game. Aren’t our special friends worth a WLP?

    And why bring up other issues here? If anyone has a complaint or a prob, how about posting it under the problem area.

    Again thank you RY and all of you who work so hard to make things better for us, even when we don’t seem to appreciate it! Happy Holidays to all of you and YES, I will be buying WLP”S LOL! πŸ™‚

  41. Susan I agree with you,I am new to zoo world and to computing,just since the middle of September, and I do not have enough points to buy gifts for my zoo friends who have been so helpful to me, I think it would be a fantastic idea if we could use our zoo dollers to buy gifts for our friends over this Festive period Christmas is about Charity so why can’t Zoo World show some charity to us,their customers.I show charity all year round so please zoo world show it to us at Christmas.Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

  42. I do like the idea, also that they start at 1wlp so everyone by breeding is able to send something , the bear is way over priced and i do buy almost all the ultra rares since i started 6month ago, but no way i am paying so much not even for, got to admit though with the xmas animals needing upgrading, plus the shop ones coming out every few days, i wont be sending many, thanks though πŸ™‚

  43. What a crock! I love my zoo friends and would love to give them gifts but WLP cost toomuch money. Bad promotion! Should’ve let us give them with zoo cash. 😦

  44. yeah, very cool!, but like alot of other comments here, i would dearly love other ways of earning wlp’s.

  45. This would be a great idea if everyone had unlimited money to spend on wlp points. Has anyone at zoo world watched the news, taken a look at the economy, noticed that the unemployment rate is still almost 10 and that congress hasn’t extended benefits and that there are no jobs out there. Every time something is added to zooworld it costs more wlp. I have lost a lot of zoomates that have lost interest in zoo because they cant afford wlp and you come up with no new ways for us to earn them and breeding takes forever. I can’t afford to buy wlp and I have thought about quitting. If zoo world really cared about its players it would make a way for us to get wlp other than paying for them that would keep pace with all the items put out that require wlp. Don’t be so greedy. The animals that are put out costing money are bought by a lot of people, I have bought some of them myself. The revenue from them should be enough. Stop trying to get rich off the backs of poor people who play zoo to distract them from their troubles. Bah Humbug to zoo world.

  46. Sending Gifts is great! But these childish xmas animals only work for adults. I would like to send one of my dinosaurs. That is much more cool for kids. Usually we cannot share our ultra-rares. Why xmas not making a time when we CAN DO this? Or maybe even anything? A massive Empire State Building would also make a cool gift…

  47. Sherry Scott-Florio

    What a warm fuzzy thought is behind this new idea of gifting our Zoomates for these Holidays……. but a few more ways of earning some of the WLPS’s would be an even FUZZIER idea… In real life…we have the chance to work over-time or take a 2nd part-time job to earn extra money for presents to share with loved ones…. We have spent small fortunes of ZOO dollars training 8 animals…how about a chance to let them perform & earn back some of the money we spent to train them.??? Or how about other opportunities to earn Wild Life Points??.. I certainly would be spending anything I earned in WLP’s on ZOO animal gifts rather than pay my cell phone bill or groceries… SO.. please help us to get these gifts so others can feel warm & fuzzy, too.It is not to late to add this now..PLEASE SANTA DEV

  48. I sent 3 Christmas gifts. I just bought coal for a joke =) Lost 10 wlp’s and can’t find my gifts anywhere? Where did they go and why did they cost 10 wlp’s?

  49. Hey everyone, do what I’m going to do. Send the ones you’d love to send one of these special animals a message via Facebook and let them know which one you’d send them, IF ONLY you’d had the money to buy the wlp to buy them in the first place.

    Sorry, Rock You, I just don’t have the extra money to spend anymore on stuff like this. I’m giving gifts of food to friends this year instead of things because they barely have the money left after paying the bills. It’s tough out here in the real world, too tough for me to pay to line your pockets for a game.

  50. GREAT idea- but I am with all those about WLP- breeding continously from now until Christmas wouldn’t come CLOSE to the WLP I would need to get the points i need to get my upgraded animals, never mind for gifts! COME UP ideas that DON’T cost WLP!

  51. I do agree with my other zoomates: make breeedig worth double WLP and we could have more fun sending those gifts!!!

  52. sorry, typo, breeding, ofcourse!

  53. Just another way for zoo to earn money, how about them giving us WLP’s as its Xmas, i for one have never “brought” wildlife points and I never will, i don’t believe you should have to pay to play games and plus I am unemployed. I’ll give it to zoo though, they really do come up with a lot of ideas to rake in the cash, but never give anything back to their loyal players.

    • I understand the frustration, Cheri. As far as Premium Currency goes, though, Zoo World still gives waaaaaaay more than other games do, with lots of ways to earn it. We will always provide ways for everyone to play, and also give everyone multiple ways to earn more WLP. This is also why the gifts have 1 and 9 wlp options, so everyone can participate πŸ™‚

  54. I absolutely Love the Idea of being able to finally gift friends an item that is special. However as a suggestion, since these items cost WL points to send, maybe you could also add one to our zoo’s for those who are spending hard earned WL points to show friends appreciation and Love. Like in Farmville, when we purchase an item for a friend we also get same item in return. Or we purchase one and are able to send same item as a gift to our special friends. you may find you get more peeps willing to spend that way πŸ˜‰ Againhis is the season of giving and receiving πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

  55. I feel bad cause a neighbour sent me a gift but I don’t have any wlp to send one back….

  56. Hi Matt.. I looked through the forum’s and can’t find a topic for this one.. and every time i post it never gets answered or fixed anyway. someone sent me a gift .. it is on my wall .. but it did not go under my tree. Have I just lost it?

  57. Good idea? Yes if you would supply us with more WLP or make them easier to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who has the money to buy them? I’m a poor girl trying to entertain myself in these hard times!!

  58. First off let me say i thought this is a great idea, i do have some of those special zoomates, i like to send things to these people. I just have one question a random winter deer showed up in my storage, i did not recieve this as a gift from any of my zoomates so i am just wondering where it came from could it be because i reached generous gifter level perhaps?

  59. Margaret Kepford

    Just another gimmick to spend WLP that I don’t have and find them hard to get. I refuse to spend real money to get WLPs. Why don’t you concentrate on fixing the problems you have with the game. I have reported the problem I have with not having finding treasure automatically sent to friend several times this week and it is still not fixed.

  60. Yes, i shared and agreed most of the views listed above as many zoo players , like me myself, do not have that many wlps!! That’s the key problems!

    While in the meantime, we are also saving wlps to trade the Christmas animals, right after the Thanksgiving and Halloween items!! I have given up the trading of some ultra rare thanksgiving animals cos most of them cost at least 25 wlps, which was very expensive! It usually took two to three days’ breeding to save up to 8-10 wlps, that’s a long way to go if we want to buy something at 100 wlps!!

    So there are reasons for us to believe that the zoo developer just want to make real money from the zoo game, and try to push all zoo players buying this lovely ultra rare animals with wlps; how to get it ? by paying real cash!!!!

    Please reconsider some other alternatives, like zoo cash, we really hope to buy some presents for our zoo friends, but ultimately most of us could only afford to buy the “Pet coal”!! But still if we want to send it to 10 friends, it costs us 10 wlps, then we would not have enough wlps to trade the new Santa claus animals!! Don’t you think it is not conflicting and irritating ??

    We all love the idea but unfortunately most of us, or at least I myself, are not wealthy enough to buy wlps!!

    Thanks for reading and your consideration will be appreciated.


  61. I would like to send all my zoomates the holiday bear as a christmas gift – i have 1270 Zoomates so i will need 127,000 WLP’s… at $50 for every 310 WLP’s the actual cost in REAL dollars is $20,483 – yes … Twenty thousand four hundred and eighty three bucks!!……..that is just to send one animal to each of my zoomates – Each Holiday Bear actually costs over $16 – There is more happiness in giving than receiving,.. but i dont think i will be remortgaging my house to satisfy my desire to please!

    Merry Christmas everyone πŸ™‚

  62. Bah Humbug to being censored !

  63. p-aid for up grade on my moose in zoo world and did not get it and it took my points

  64. Hi Matt
    Can we buy this for ourselves ? I like all this cute animals

  65. I like being able to send gifts to my friends. It is soo sad that the only gift for
    1 WLP is a lump of coal !!!! I grew up thinking that a lump of coal was a gift for a VERY BAD person!

    I am too ashamed to send a lump of coal to a Zoo mate who has been wonderful to me.

    • If you don’t have enought WLP’s to send the cute animal gifts, and can’t afford to buy WLP’s..(would imagine that includes a LOT of players right about now) you have 2 choices: either send your special friend/s a “lump of coal” or not send them a gift at all. I choose the latter. Once again it comes down to the “will always be free” game becoming less & less free!

  66. Love these little critters…what a wonderful idea! I understand people’s frustrations about the WLPs, but if you can’t afford the WLPs, don’t worry, send someone one of your Limited animals…that will probably be appreciated just as much! I sent someone one of the Christmas animals and received back one of her Limited animals! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me!

    I do, however, agree with Elsbeth from December 14/10!

    A question though, can I breed my Pet Coal…I’ve looked everywhere and can’t even find them in my Zoo…lol!! Any hints on where I’ll find them? Also, can/will these be giftable to others! I gifted a couple of Giving Rabbits to one person, she has bred one and tried to gift it back to me, as she doesn’t have the WLPs to buy. Please let me know. Thanks very much.

    Seasons’ Greetings to All!

  67. be nicer if we could purchase gifts with zoo dollars i cant afford to buy coins to send

  68. This is not a “gift” at all! It is a greedy way for you to extract cash from us at a time of year when we daily players should be rewarded for our faithful playing all year long, not forced to spend money. I think this is GROSSLY UNFAIR and DISCRIMINATORY, especially to lower level players. You make it so difficult to earn WLP anyway! What happened to giving points for leveling up? Why do I have to spend a fortune to breed an animal TEN TIMES to get a lousy 3 points? Why do you make new people have to use juice to find treasures? So they have to buy more juice? Why don’t you put some WLP in your treasures once in a while? WHY aren’t you doing ANYTHING to help us earn more WLP in the first place instead of coercing people to spend money, I , for one, who lives on disability income, don’t have to spend on a game. A simple heartfelt Christmas greeting is sufficient between my close friends but you throw adorable animals in more than 2/3 of my friends can’t buy! Let us use COINS INSTEAD! Shame on you with your idea of a Christmas “gift.” This is not a gift; a gift is FREE.

  69. to Michelle….. actually gifts are not free. how many gifts can you buy your friends without parting with any money? @Madelaine, you can breed the pet coal, it costs 1 wlp also

  70. I got a gift and it won’t open? What is the problem? It is the 2nd one and I only have a few hours left to open it!

  71. Why would we open them on the 25th? The 12th day of Christmas, isn’t till January 5th. And the Season of Celebration isn’t till January 6th.

    Remember the 12 days of Christmas? What happened on the 12th night? What happened the next morning?

  72. Some of my higher level friends have been very generous, giving me lots of these animals and not wanting any back.
    For those of us with few WLPs but access to a bank card it has been possible to gift the real money animals to friends. This is a good idea. If you think your FB friend is worth spending $1 on, gift one of these animals. The friends I have done this for have been very surprised and grateful.

  73. I think the reason they almost make us have to pay to get wlp is just like all the other games like farmville cash. The makers of these games are making a fortune by doing this but they say it is to make the games more exciting. I want my games back to where we can get what we want using the money we make playing the games.

  74. I would love to see a couple of cactus permanently added to the Decorations. Like saguaro cacti and Joshua Trees.

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