One-Day Sale: One Island Expansion for 80% Off! Sale Begins at Midnight Tonight

24-Hour Island Expansion Sale - 80% off one new island

Our Island Expansion sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday were very popular and exciting, and many players jumped at the chance to unlock a new island for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, the sales also experienced some bugs, which caused much consternation among players who were unable to complete the purchase. Yesterday we released a fix for the affected players, and we are taking it one step further.

For one full day, 17 December 2010, from Midnight to Midnight (PST), all players will have the opportunity to buy one island expansion for 80% off.

This offer is available to everyone who does not yet have the maximum number of islands (11).

Thank you so much for making Zoo World a wonderful and vibrant online community. We hope everyone enjoys their new islands!

Island Expansion Sale Details

  • Limit one per player
  • Sale is 80% off, so actual price may vary – the 4th island, for instance, is cheaper than the 11th.
  • The current maximum number of Zoo World islands is still 11
  • Sale ends at 11:59pm PST, 17 December 2010

Once Midnight hits, head on over to the Zoo World shop to grab yours!

7 responses to “One-Day Sale: One Island Expansion for 80% Off! Sale Begins at Midnight Tonight

  1. I am going to miss it. Not staying up that late. I got to get up early to take a boy to school and go to work…..

  2. hello over the ocean,

    how and where at fb can i “buy” that island..?

    and another problem i’ve is that i buy a map but how to put that in my game ??

    thanks for answering me,

    gr. petra

  3. I didnt get mail for this event will i have another chance to get this deal? I am on facebooks games everyday most of the day. please help me. 🙂 thanks Terri

  4. why do I keep getting offers to buy island 12 if the maz number is 11?

  5. denise woodhouse

    It is great there is a new year’s sale….but it doesnt help if you can’t get into the shop…it has happened to me every island sale

  6. I don’t know how I could have possibly missed that one!! I really,really need an Island Expansion…..right now I have so much stuff in storage ! I ‘ve bought the stuff, now I haven’t enough space to display it!! Will there be another opportunity to buy it at such a low price?? Also why do we have to use WLP , why can’t we buy them with cash when you reach a certain Lvl?? Thank You, Michele Porter

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