12th Island Released, Price for 11th Island Lowered

12th Island Now Available in Zoo World

Zoo World’s making it a dozen. Starting today, Zookeepers can unlock up to 12 islands to decorate with animals, kiosks and buildables.

The newest island is once again 150 Wildlife Points, and is unlockable via purchase in the shop.

With the release of the 12th Island, the 11th Island also receives a discount. It is now available for 100 WLP in the shops, lowered from the previous price of 150.

How to Unlock The 12th Island Expansion

To expand your zoo to 12, you must first have collected all previous 11 islands. The first 10 are unlockable both with Zoomates and with WLP. The 11th and 12th are only available for WLP.

Zoo World Island Thumbnails

Click the island’s thumbnail in the upper left corner to be taken to the Maps page of the shop.

Once in the shop, click “One Island Expansion” to get your new island!

Important Note: Islands and Maps are two different things in Zoo World. Islands are what makes your zoo bigger and gives you more space to play with. Maps are different looks for your islands, such as Flatlands, Snow and Plateaus.

Map ShopAfter purchasing the island, you’ll get the choice of what map you want to put on it. You can go for the always-classic Flatlands, the new Sandy Flats, or a more fancy look with the newly-released Winter Map.

That’s it! Stretch your legs and enjoy all that new space, just in time for those new Sleigh Animals to unlock.

66 responses to “12th Island Released, Price for 11th Island Lowered

  1. y do we have to use wlp. y cant we buy the island with cash. it will take we forever to get that much wlp to buy the island. i want to pay cash for them .

    • I totally agree with Liz. It seems as if everything is bought wlp and it is almost impossible to build points.

    • i will never be able to get more islands. i work a full time job and don’t have the time to breed to get the wlp. use to be fun when you could buy but now it’s not. too many animals and not enough room. i have quit buying the animals with my cash cause i have no place to put them.

  2. charlene parrack

    it really is not fair that u charge us for island space when we are paying for animals, kiosks and decorations to put on them. C’mon zoo give us a break!!

  3. I think we should be able to buy the 12th island with cash. There is no way that we can ever get enough WLP to buy it. I do not like using credit card for games that I play I have a better use for my hard earned money. Please make it fair for everyone to have more fun while playing Zoo. Thanks

  4. it takes forever to get enough wlp to buy an island. make it easier for us to get wlp and maybe more will buy. why not have everything convert to wlp after each event – thanksgiving parade, santa’s sleigh, to wlp, or at least the treats convert to wlp.

  5. I will never own 11th or 12th..I c ant seem to get wlps to help my friends with Christmas gifts or buy what I have too.. I have 4 little wps and what can I buy with that……maybe 4 little coal animals.. and I have 400 friends, makes one feel bad when we cant even return gifts….

  6. I agree with Liz. There should be more than one option for island purchase, especially with all the other items that we have to use wlp for.

  7. I wish they would let us buy the Islands with Zoo Dollars. I cant seem to accumulate the WLP using it for juice. Now Zoo Dollars I have 5 mill. Please let us use Zoo Dollars.

    • I so much agree with you… 150WLP?! Insane!! Some players buy with real money, but I don’t play that kinda of way… so… need space and no WLP. Sucks!!!

  8. Rosaleen Bellamy

    I feel the same as Liz….many of us just can’t afford to buy gold so we have to do without. Can’t we buy them with our cash instead?? Thanks for listening! Happy Holidays…….to you all. : )

  9. I already bought island 11 and it wont load does this also rquire WLP points? Please help me with this question

  10. I dont care how low you go on the island expansion, I still don’t think we should have to use our wlps for them. It takes alot of work and time to build up our wlps and we want to keep them in case we want to buy Ulta Rare animals! Isn’t there another way you can acheiv the same goal and let us keep our wlps??? You guys are geniuses with the game layout so I know you can come up with something.. Thank You

  11. What upsets me most is that each time I’ve tried to get to get it “on sale” I have been cheated out of it. Black Friday.. I was on all day, until an hour before the sale when I got a call that my medicine was ready and since they pharmacy was closing soon, I had to go then… and didn’t get back till after the sale. Then just the other day I logged in to find it on sale, but when I clicked it said that I was too late. Too late?? That was bull! It was there! I clicked it! I should have gotten the darn thing! No, instead they put up there that it would have only cost me 30WLP, but ha ha, I can’t have it because it was “sold out”. SOLD OUT? What the???? That is stupid! Take the “sale” off then! Don’t tease me! I have spent around $50 US bucks on 99 cent and 1.99 animals, but still they want me to spend MORE on an island to put them on?? People who have bought those animals,should get some sort of credit! I’m not buying any more since I keep missing the “sales” by so little! I have wanted the last 3, but didn’t buy them, because they have got all the money out of me they are going to get since I can’t get an island to put them on! I’m disabled, that$50 could have been used for so many other things… it was too easy to buy at 99cents each click… I’m taking my account info out so that I don’t accidentally click on a cute one, since I can’t have my island!

  12. Thought the sale after thanksgiving was suppose to be so great – get 11th island for 60 wlp instead of 150. This kind of shoots that sale down, doesn’t it? But we should expect that, it seems, since I have an animal hidden on my island 3 that hasn’t been fed in weeks, and yet your program can find hidden decorations but not animals? This is suppose to be a ZOO – ANIMALS – not rides, parties, etc. Zoos are about animals animals, animals. So now I am back to paying 150 wlp and the “sale” was not much, was it!! Are you people chinese? Sounds like it, anyway!

    • I disagree 🙂 those who enjoyed the earlier Sales still got a great deal comparatively (30 WLP for an expansion.) There will also be more sales in the future 😉 Zoo World’s a constantly evolving game, and we’re taking steps to make island expansions available to everyone, even if it’s for limited times.

      Regarding the animal, can you please make a post on our forums? (http://zooforums.rockyou.com). This will help us get it fixed for you.

  13. Why does it have to cost so much…….a few days ago I wanted to expand my islands when is was reduced to 30 wlp, but I wasn’t allowed to expand to 12 then (the limit was still on)….now 150 wlp…why can there not be a cash (zoo dollars) value as an option….this would make it far more accessible to the players of zoo world!!!! I have stopped purchasing new animals so that I have some space left for the promotional animals….and at this rate no one will be able to partake in the promotions because space will become to limited….just a thought to support a reduced price or alternate option to get another island:-)

  14. FANtastic idea..you rock. i’ll get one later. still filling 11. may happy come to us all. X.

    (i know, the above looks weird to me also, i’m not well). feigned humour.

  15. People who are over level 100 should get another island for free. How are we suppose to keep playing if we cant put animals on island. Talked with others, we think zoo is getting too greedy. People just want to play and have fun. I have room for only one or two, I may quit….no room …cant play

  16. it is hard enough to get cash to purchase items, now we have to have reward to purchase islands too!! i have yet to get a island from invites?! i have had several zoo friends join, still no island yet!!!!!!!

  17. If we got the 11th island at 150 wlps do we get any wlps back now that it is lowered to 100 wlps. Does not seem fair to those who spent the extra wlps.

  18. Wow, I just bought my 11th island when they went on sale last month. Hopefully, these will go on sale in the future as well. I would also like to see another sale on breeding specialists.

  19. There is more than one option . . . you have to have enough Zoo Mates to earn the island, BUT, they won’t let you know how many Zoo Mates you need to earn the 11th island, much less the 12th. I decimated my WLPs buying the 11th island, and like the others I feel bad that I cannot return Christmas gifts. Come on Zoo World, help those of us that rely on breeding to earn WLPs. Bump up the award we get for breeding.

  20. zoopea’s, in the spirit of all your best thoughts, feel for others, consider your acts, please reject the mistake i’ve made constantly, to think more of my needs than the emotions of another. merry larry happytime. rim shot.

  21. The 12th island is a good news !
    But 150 WLP to buy it is too much !!!
    Instead, can we buy it with “cash”?

    I have already buy the “winter island” for 10 WLP and I can’t use it !

    I really need room to make a nice “christmas island” !

    Please, help me with this question.

  22. We all agree on the wildlife points. I work too hard for what little I earn. I have to pay bills but the zoo is my stress relief. It is not something I can readily do spending money to purchase WLP to buy more, now zoo cash…no problem.

  23. I can NOT afford the 150, now 100, WLP “Island” as you are referring to. With what WLPs I have left I have worked my “butt” off in order to get them so that I can purchase “Ultra Rares”, Shakey, the original “Treasurer Finder”, and such. I do not know what to do except keep putting animals that I buy and breed into any/all small spots that I can on my islands 1-10 and when I run out then I guess that is when I will just be forced to leave FB/Zoo/RockYou.
    You, at RockYou since you own the whole site, are asking WAY too much of us folks that are unable to do what you are trying to push us into. You are NOT being fair to us!! Its bad enough that you charge millions when we try to breed then you hit us with those costs of upgrading but come back the next visit to our zoo’s and have that note up there “Breed More Animals”…………why breed any more when its all we can do to afford to even buy the animals to begin with.
    By doing what you are with this “Island Expansion” and wanting everyone to either have to quit playing or just quit altogether is WRONG of you all. It was horribly bad enough when you TRIED to do that “Special Buy” Day and couldn’t even make each of those tries work properly……..and now you think by lowering it to 100 WLPs is going to “fix it”……..I don’t think so. I tried to buy it on the first ‘test’ that you failed at and IF you think that dropping it to 100 WLPs is going to make it work, is wrong. ALSO Especially to ones like me that PayPal will not work with even if I tried to BUY with cash from my pocket, EXTRA WLPs’ cause PayPal will not work with me at all!

  24. I second Carol’s remark!!!!!!

    f we got the 11th island at 150 wlps do we get any wlps back now that it is lowered to 100 wlps. Does not seem fair to those who spent the extra wlps.

  25. I think that we should be able to pay cash for the 12 island It is not fair I will not spend money on a game that is free I will stop playing and no one will miss me but It was fun

  26. I have worked really hard for my WLP and now you want me to use my WLP for another island? Kiss my butt! I am thinking that it’s time to dump Zoo World and find something else to play. This is just plain dumb. I have tons of cash and would gladly pay for my islands that way. We use to be able to buy islands with cash. Forget it Zoo World you are on my short list and getting shorter!

  27. Let’s see, buy when it comes out 150, then it goes on black friday special, then gets reduce to 100 wlp now you want me to buy #12 for 150 wlps. What, will you do, reduce that price later on too. Not fair to us who paid the 150 for
    #11 to begin with. Keep your 12th island until you can be fair to everyone who plays. Tried of working hard for wlp, just to have you screw around with me.

  28. IT takes forever to get the wlp just to get our animals! let alone an island. Ive put it off for months and even thought of Quiting zoo because of it! ive aready bought wlp and will not do it again, PERIOD!!! I dont know why i cant buy it with zoo cash!! I have stuff thats been sitting in storage and will keep sitting in storage!

  29. I would like to thank Zoo World for an island 12.
    True it is not fair to the ones who have paid full price for #11, but we were given the chance twice to get at a discount.
    This is all part of the game, and this is one of the few games that you can earn xp for breeding animals and other ways of earning. So it is possible to earn xp points without spending money if you chose. For this I do thank you.

  30. I noticed yesterday the island was on sale for 30 wlps, why couldn’t any one buy them at that price? I’m sure you have noticed how many zoos are suddenly unattended. That is because older people, the ones that have the time to play the game, do not have the money for wlps. I have lost 5 personal friends since Thanksgiving & have noticed that a lot of other zoos have hungry animals & have not expanded since November. I’m debating quitting, its almost impossible to progress without spending money. Living on disability, I have to choose between medication & groceries. A game doesn’t fit in the equation at all. Sorry

  31. Crazy – just crazy. Gifts to friends cost wild points. Then the wrapping costs wildpoints. Now islands cost wildpoints. I get you want to make money, but geeze, what a ripoff.

  32. The sad thing is that Zoo World is doubtless patting themselves on the back for “listening to the customers” & putting out the island at all! And yet every single time I read a forum, all I ever see are the same well-justified complaints about the incredible scarcity of WLPs. I can see the time may come when I will certainly stop playing.

  33. This is not fair or moral. You have all these people with tons of animals and this new Thanksgiving, Halloween, and now Christmas crap you use WLP for. Why all the greed, people are leaving this game left and right. Farmville is the #1 game now…..Gee! it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the reason why…..Is this fun, or are we to feel like real life where we can’t pay bills, buy gas, food or play this dam!!!!! game…….So you’re not taking away zoo cash, dada it’s just not worth anything………you can keep the 12th island. Funny how you never mention it when the 11th was on sale this past weekend. We are sick and tired of the ups and downs, the lows and the whale crap bottoms in this game. Thank God it’s more games out there and many of my friends are already playing them, so keep it Zoo, and you want have to worry about any of us…..

  34. way too expensive!!! and why wildlife points?? Its hard to earn WLP even harder to keep them from mysteriously disappearing and getting nothing in return to show for them disappearing. This game is getting really disappointing 😦

  35. i feel we shouldn’t have to use use wlp for one thing i’ll never be able to get island 11 oe 12 cos i haven’t but 10 poiints if i have that many i can’t even give my friends that help me in any way they a christmas present cos i don’t have enough mlp to go around n i feel if i can’t get all of then a present i just won’t get any of them .
    i think we should be able to the coins or zoo dollars that we make off our zoo to get our islands with we have to but everything else an other thing why are the prices goin up n down with the mantaince worker n that other one , i have to buy very dang day.

  36. When I started playing, people still took the time to post feed animals. A few still do, but since it costs 1.5 mil. every time you adopt a few animals, people are tired of the way you zoo folks are sucking us dry. I will never buy an island for 15o wlp. The only way to get them is to breed, or to buy them. Do you people realize we are one heartbeat away from a depression? If most of us had more money, we would be doing OTHER things, not playing zoo. You guys are incredibly audacious to charge so much for everything, and then put up a tree so we can give gifts. So far, lumps of coal are about what I can afford, and last time I checked, the zoo in Portland was missing that animal. What’s wrong with them? I should be writing them a letter to ask why they don’t have those “animals.” Also, the quiz questions suck. I am never going to pay real dollars for fake animals. I don’t get the answers right because I don’t own the fakers. I’m two heartbeats away from quitting zoo on principle. You are raping people who have spent months, literally, of their time to play this game. 50 free juice is a big whoopdee-doo as well, since it costs me approximately 800 juice to get all the hearts off the islands in one day. WOW. How benevolent of you. Do you guys give out lumps of coal for your loved ones at Christmas? That’s all I’d give you.

  37. If the charge for everything new is going to be Wild Life Points couldn’t you at least make more trees available to everyone to purchase. It isn’t fair when these promotions are wlps only, if someone only has the 5 trees allowed how can they possibly participate? This is only causing contempt and discourse in the game. I think the developers have been making strides to appease the players and should be commended for their actions but as you can see the price on the islands is causing alot of resentment with your players. Let’s hope they read the responses and try to remedy the problem for all.

    • We’re reading every one, Renee, I promise. You and the Zoo World community are fantastic at providing feedback like this, and it is y’alls posts that have led to many real and significant changes in the game. We’ll make sure these comments are heard.

  38. stephani haskins

    Greed is the name of this game anymore. The majority of us pd. 150 wlps for the 11th map, then you put it on sale, then you had it for 80% off. Now with all that is going on costing us wlp’s Rockyou has the gall to put the 12th map for 150 wlp’s? Do they think all players are that stupid to pay that price again? I hope to god not. I was stupid the first time but won’t be the second time. Hope no one else will be quite so stupid to pay 150 wlps for the 12th map.

  39. A while ago, I caved and spent 150 WLP for my 11th island. I’m disabled so the cash for those 150 WLP could have gone for other needed items in real life. Last week it was on sale for 30 or 50 WLP but we who already had #11 weren’t allow to buy #12. Now you’re selling the 12th island for another 150 WLP and the 11th for 100 WLP. Would have seemed fairer to me if you had given a sale price to the people who already spent the first 150 WLP or island 11. Ticks one off for sure.

  40. I don’t understand why you charge for expansions to begin with. This is not logical to me since the island are our virtual shopping carts. They are what we place our purchases into once we buy them. No store in their right mind would charge a customer for a “shopping cart” when they walked in the door, in fact if a customer filled one up and asked for another because they wanted to purchase more items, most stores would rush to hand them another cart ( free of charge). Do you folks at zoo not understand that your limiting us to island space is only preventing us from purchasing more items. Most of us cannot afford 150 wlp and many who can have to make a decision and that decision is rather to spend the 150 on an expansion or possibly save it to buy maybe three ultras or ten Christmas upgrades. Perhaps they can buy a couple Christmas decorations , a Christmas kiosk and four or five Christmas upgrades and still have enough left over to send three or four pieces of coal. Well… when you look at that latter option you can see how a whole lot more game playing can come into effect when one isn’t spending all of their wlp’s to buy a cart to shop with…. essentially that is what you are asking us to do. Then once we do it , we have to buy the actual island, so really we are buying a licence to have a shopping cart, the island is our cart, the expansion is our license to drive the cart… how sad of you to charge your shoppers to shop. Perhaps you really don’t wish us to shop in your store at all? Maybe you should just close the zoo shop and just let us feed animals?

  41. I don’t think it’s fair that we can’t buy the islands with money, only zoo dollars. I had 85 Zoo dollars and the day they were having the sale for the 11th island for 30 I went ahead and purchased it together with the Winter Map and that only left me with 40. I did the whole process and the sale went thru and I turned off my computer and the next day when I turned it on, it was not there and I was only left with 40 zoo dollars and by the time I signed back on, the 11th island was back to 150 zoo dollars. This is a total rip off and no one does anything about giving it back or giving me back the zoo dollars.
    Can you help me or tell me what I need to do to get it back please?

  42. I agree with what everyone is saying .. It’s way to hard to come by the wlp that we need to expand and I’m out of room to put animals as well and as much as I breed and things I don’t have enough right now to buy the 11th island not to mention it would take me forever to be able to afford the 12th… I can do 10 or 0r 15 million for an island but it seems so sad that you want everyone to play but make it to expensive to actaualy do so … if you want to do a sale for the islands make them affordable for everyone not just a select few…

  43. It’s sad how greedy ZW has gotten. I’ve allowed myself to be “sucked into” buying a few “fake” animals for WLP’s (and real money) from time to time, but this is getting ridiculous. I’m on a fixed income, on disability. This game is supposed to be a fun release for me, not a cash cow. Taking a stand now…NO MORE MONEY goes to ZW! Make WLP’s easier to get. Possibly we could sell all our JUNK you MAKE us buy that just sits in storage because there’s no ROOM for WLP’s. Breeding is ridiculously slow and costs MILLIONS, both for breeding, then upgrading, and then a new “maintenance manager” which is now for me over 2M!! And the GIFTS! All it does is make us feel BAD because most of us can’t even afford the “coal” for all our friends. I’m getting ready to find another game. ZW is fun, and I’d miss all the friends I’ve made, but frankly, many of them have dropped anyway…and I’ll be following soon. TOO GREEDY…did you forget we’re in a depression?

  44. I agree that there’s just too many things requiring Wildlife Points. I realize there are probably some folks around with tons of REAL money to spend buying things, but that’s not the case for most of us. The challenge is to accumulate money and points WITHOUT paying real money here – I don’t have it to pay if I wanted to. I breed tons and try to save my WLP to buy new animals – I won’t consider spending 150 of them (that’s just HUGE) for another island.

    And there’s also an issue of WLP “disappearing” as well – I lost 10 last week on the day of the 11th island sale – was considering buying that for 30, but after my points disappeared, that was out. I posted on the forum about the problem with my reference number and e-mail address, but I’ve heard nothing and have no illusions that I’ll get those back. There have been other times when I didn’t get the WLP I was supposed to get either.

    If the points are TOO hard to get, and there’s no room to display new animals, people will get disinterested and stop playing. No point of having a zoo if you can’t collect more animals and display them!

    I hope the appropriate people ARE reading these posts and giving them consideration – thanks . . . 🙂

  45. 150 WLP?! You are insane!! I don’t buy them… it’s a game to have fun… I know you wanna make a lot of money with the game, but we players just wanna have fun. Last week you made it available for 30 WLP, but I’d spent them sending gifts to mates… Please, low WLP purchases… and meke more of those flash offers, breeding specialist and island expansion, but for much less WLP, please!! Make the game more fun, and available for the ones, like me, who have no money to buy (with real $ or €) WLP. It’s xmas ZooWorld… enter the spirit of giving. Please…

  46. We should have the choice of either buying the 11th and 12th islands with either cash or WLP. It’s not really fair to the people that can’t afford to purchase WLP with credit cards. If we have to buy them with WLP then make it easier for us to earn WLP.

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  48. If we have already bought the island why do we have to use wlp to open them up. Should be able to use them when ever we want.

  49. I, for one, am glad the ZW decided to go for the 12th island. I have 11 now. I have started doing theme islands…so far Christmas and Halloween/Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the price is high when you consider everything. However, having said that, I will also tell you that if I can’t get it on sale, I probably won’t get one. Why? you ask. Because, like several department stores, if you pay full price for it, you are paying too much. Why should I pay 150 wpl when I can get it for 30, or 38 [depending on which sale I purchase it on]. I currently have 4 jacaranda trees and 1 cherry blossom tree. I have 9 breeding nests, and it doesn’t take that much time to breed. Just a couple of clicks and come back the next day (or even 5 days later). Sometimes I have a sick animal, but not very often. Then it is just a matter of spending vitamins – which I can seem to get – or zoo $ to make the animal well. And I don’t purchase wlp with cash or credit card. I ‘earn’ them.

  50. Don’t worry. On 1-1-2011 it will be 75% off.

  51. This having to buy new Islands with WLP’S is ridiculous. We have all these other things we try and save for the holidays and special sales you promote that cost WLP’S. The higher in level you get, the more your Zoo is worth , and breeding animals, increases on a regular basis. What ever happened to buying Islands with zoo cash?? This seems more practicable then having to pay the high price of using valuable zoo world wlp’s.

  52. thanks sooooo much for another island, i sure needed it, tytytytyty!!!!

  53. I like having 12 islands – makes it easier to place animals/items so Zoos look good, can be arranged by themes or types of animals and not just everything crammed all together. The more room players the more things they will fill the space up with. I think ZW has it backwards by charging so much for the space. Think of it this way – Printers are cheap, the ink is where the $$’s come from. More Space = more activity by players. I also like the idea that purchased animals (ultra rares) could include a wlp bonus feature for each one purchased. ie: 5 pts for .99 animals and 10 pts for $1.99. It just makes more sense that way because you need space to place the animals. So think about giving a bigger bang for the buck that serves a useful purpose.

  54. Doris Openshaw Quigley

    I simply do not put everything on an island. Almost all my ‘buildables’ are in storage as are most of my kiosks and decorations. I do not foresee purchasing either expansion island. It would really be great if we could sell unwanted items back to ZooWorld or gift them to friends that actually want them. Oh well, I still enjoy the game and the many friends I have made in ZooWorld.

  55. People, we really should not be complaining about the cost in wlp’s for the 11th and 12 islands. They can’t afford to give them to us for any less than that. After all, as of Jan. 3, 2011, they are only worth 54 BILLION dollars. We wouldn’t want anyone to lose their homes or go hungry would we?

  56. Well I guess this is the end for me. My islands are jammed have animals and kiosks, and decorations to use and no island. Cannot afford to pay 150 WLP to unlock. I only have 20 now. Didn’t pay 15 WLP to activate Santa animals. This is supposed to be fun, not put me in the poor house. I’ll go back to my Cafe World where you at least get a choice to pay or work for it. Guss I can gift my animals to friends. You will lose a lot of players by forcing us to do this.

  57. Well I tried to unock island 11 it takes me to map for island I buy with WLPs the winter map and all it did was put it in my strorage and the losey support asks me all these questions 2 weeks ago and guess what still no island 11 for me. What good is the support when they will not help you when they say they will.

  58. Janet [Jan] Olson

    I am so in need and interested in a 12 th island but the price 150 wild life points is not affordable. Please find a way that we can afford this island. Thankyou. Janet -Jan] Olson

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