This Week in Zoo World: We’re Giving Away Free Juice

Zoo World Juice

Free Juice Giveaway, 20 Dec - 24 Dec

We’re kicking off a new feature on the Official Zoo World blog: featured giveways! Our previous giveaways were quite popular, so we’re finding new ways to get them out to y’all.

A new section now appears on the sidebar to the right: Free Giveaways. This section will always have the latest freebies and goodies we’re giving out for Zoo World. There will be many!

To kick it off, we’re giving 50 free juice per day every day this week.

How To Claim Your Free Juice

Check the sidebar to the right and click the link under Free Giveaway. This link will change every day at noon, so check back often for your free juice! Each link expires at Midnight on the day they are released Noon PST the day after it’s released.

As always, these links will also be given out on our Fan Page and Twitter. Follow both to receive ample information about new releases and free giveaways.

2 responses to “This Week in Zoo World: We’re Giving Away Free Juice

  1. Thanks for a very giving and thoughtful Christmas present to your players of Zoo World. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!!!

  2. how do u know when they have a up to date give away? i read juice but looked it was in dec.20th? how much dose it cost to open island 10 or 11? thank u for ur time

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