Candy Canes are Falling From The Sky

Zoo World Candy Cane

Free Candy Cane Giveaway daily, until January 14th

Eagle-eyed visitors have no doubt noticed yet another free giveaway sitting happily in the Blog sidebar. Zoo World is giving away one free candy cane per day, every day, until January 14th!

Candy Canes can be used to train Sleigh Animals in the Holiday Promotion. You collect them normally when popping hearts created from feeding Holiday Treats. Since Santa’s visiting soon (more on that in a later post), we’re giving this batch of daily canes away to help everyone finish their collections.

Technically, we started yesterday. Are you a fan on Facebook, or following us on Twitter? Both shared yesterday’s Candy Cane with players, and are great resources for Zoo World giveaways and contests.

Starting now, those links to the right will update every day at Noon, PST. Clicking the Giveaway links will add one free piece to your zoo automatically. Each one runs for 12 hours only – from Noon to Midnight, PST on the day advertised Noon the next day. So be sure to grab yours while it’s live, and to spread the word!

2 responses to “Candy Canes are Falling From The Sky

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  2. Zynga needs the visit mrs claus every 5 mins back of give us a way to get more candy canes…..6 a day isn’t going to work when some of the animals are well over 6 candy canes especially if your upgrading… come on zynga help us out

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