Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus Will Soon Visit Zoo WorldDecember 24th is a big day! Santa’s visiting homes across the world – and he’ll also be making a stop in Zoo World.

This Friday is the first of three visits when Santa rewards his helpers for training new animals for his sleigh.

If you have all of the current Holiday animals when he visits, Santa will give you a gift as thanks. To get yours, log into Zoo World on that day once you have each animal. Remember, Zoo World is on Pacific Time, so make sure to check in before Midnight PST!

One final note: Santa counts Ultra Rare versions of Holiday animals the same as Rares. So if you have a Jumping Winter Wolf (Ultra Rare), Santa will count that as you having a North Pole Wolf (Rare).

Click “continue reading” to see what Santa’s bringing.

December 24th Santa Visit: 2010 Christmas Tree

2010 Christmas Tree

Animals needed to receive the 2010 Christmas Tree:

  • North Pole Wolf
  • Persian Kitty
  • Northern Sled Dog
  • White Polar Bear
  • Winter Horn Moose
  • Dwarf Hotot Rabbit

January 1st Santa Visit: 2011 New Year Ball

Zoo World 2011 New Years Ball

Animals needed to receive the 2011 New Years Ball:

  • All previous animals
  • Iceland Chipmunk
  • Speedy Penguin
  • Clown Seal

January 10th Santa Visit: Christmas Snow Globe

Zoo World Christmas Snow Globe

Animals needed to receive the Christmas Snow Globe:

  • All previous animals
  • Furry Ermine
  • Winter Beagle
  • White Mountain Goat

Two more days until Santa’s first visit. Good luck!

3 responses to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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  3. Unfortunately, I will not have all of my animals trained by the time santa arrives because the request for help isnt posting to my wall! It wont allow me to repost…so there is no way to get help! This has happened repeatedly and I have had to wait until I can repost to get help…thus taking 2, sometimes 3 times as long to get help. This is totally unfair as the problem lies with your system, not me!

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