Noah’s Ark and “X-of-a-kind” Achievements Removed

We’re happy to announce that Noah’s Ark has sailed for good from Zoo World.

For the past several months, our most common questions on the forums were about the X-of-a-kind achievements. They had you get a certain number of every species you already owned. But because Zoo World frequently releases limited edition and limited time animals, we had to create many exceptions.

This made things confusing. You couldn’t easily find out how many animals you needed to complete the achievement. Throw in that Adoption animals “counted”, yet weren’t purchasable, and players fast became frustrated.

To fix this, Zoo World replaced all existing X-of-a-kind achievements with simpler, more intuitive goals. Everyone who was previously stuck on an achievement should have passed automatically. Anyone reaching levels 22, 32, 33 and 38 in the future will now see the new achievements.

Noah’s Ark (2-of-a-kind, Level 22) replaced with:

  • Have 2 each of: Micronesian Kingfisher, Albatross, Manatee, Sandhill Crane, Asian Wildhorse.
    • Purchase any animals you don’t have yet.

Three’s Company (3-of-a-kind, Level 32) replaced with:

  • Gee whiz, answer 3 more daily quizzes correctly.

Get 4 Of Each Species You Own (3-of-a-kind, Level 33) replaced with:

  • Reach Silver mastery for Asian Wildhorse breeding.

Make it Even (5-of-a-kind, Level 38) replaced with:

  • Get 7400 daily visitors.

Full descriptions of the new achievement levels 22, 32, 33 and 38 are available after the jump.

Level 22

  • Have a total of 3 animal hospitals.
    • Click on the Shop icon in your zoo.
    • Purchase more Animal Hospitals from the Decorations category.
  • Have at least $600,000 zoo cash.
  • Noah’s Ark: Get a pair each of the these animals – Have 2 each of: Micronesian Kingfisher, Albatross, Manatee, Sandhill Crane, Asian Wildhorse
    • Purchase any animals you don’t have yet
  • Get 20 rare animals.
    • To view how many you have, click the Visit Zoo tab.
    • Click My Info in upper right corner to find the total number of rare animals.

Level 32

  • Buy 80 Big Trees for your zoo.
  • Train your bald eagle 3 tricks.
  • Gee whiz, answer 3 more daily quizzes correctly.
  • Breed 35 animals.

Level 33

  • Reach Silver mastery for Asian Wildhorse breeding.
  • Own total of 30 kiosks.
  • Get 6500 daily visitors.

Level 38

  • Have at least $100,000,000 cash.
  • Get 7400 daily visitors.
  • Train your animals to do 5 tricks.
  • Create your own African safari.
    • Get 8 of each of these animals: Wildebeest, Spotted Hyena, Zebra, Lion, African Elephant, and Giraffe.
    • Hint: Some animals are only available from Send Gifts tab.

33 responses to “Noah’s Ark and “X-of-a-kind” Achievements Removed

  1. That is very nice for those currently “stuck” but what about those of us who are already done with these challenges, we worked our butts off to get those… we should get something too!

  2. OK this is way to easy now players will be very bored an crying now about how boring it is to get to the trophys like the do now already !! all most players did was have friends gift them animals an they were done most never really played it correct in the first place. Bunch of cry babys on zoo is what I think they want everyone to play the game for them anyways. An then when they are at the end they cry again! Not talking about any players that I am helping either. I dont mind helping with animals but I dont like to hear I am bored now cus if you really played it you dont have time to be bored in zoo.

    • I was stuck on levels for several months, breeding without anyone gifting me animals. Now I’m on level 155 and yes, bored as there is nothing to do other than feeding. Breeding for Wildlife points is a joke and you only get one animal to buy for every 5 levels (about 2wks for me) so yes, you CAN be bored in this game.

  3. This is all good and well but I completed all the achievements including all the 2 3 4 and 5 of a kind by the time I was at level 52 and now I have no ‘achievements’ to achieve. Instead of making things too easy or to hard give us something worth striving for! I made a spreadsheet for my zoo animals to track what I needed for each achievement and adopted, adopted and traded etc to reach my goals. It was fun and challenging, the greatest frustration is the difficulty in getting WLP. Cannot spend money on this or any other game. Otherwise love playing.

  4. Removing the achievements is wrong! Many of us got through them and it was one of the few challenges this game offered. The sad part was that many of the newer zoomates weren’t willing to work on them and begged friends to give them the animals. Most of the older players learned to breed early and keep an eye on the achievement levels so we knew what was coming up. Now the challenge is gone. I think removing them was a mistake. My opinion.

  5. This is totally unfair to all the ones that had to get this. I can understand getting rid of Noah Ark, but you should of made it harder than what you did.

    I have been playing since this game first came out and it took me almost a year to get though all 43 levels. We didn’t beg for animals back then and we did all our breeding ourselves.

    Now you can beat zoo worlds 43 levels in less than a month, which is a joke now. This game use to be so full of fun to beat the levels yourself.

    You need to make harder challanges for these levels. If I was running this game this is what I would do.

    Level 22 instead of having 2 of a kind. Make the person breed 5 animals to they complete it, say 4 or 8 hour animals and no animals count that are given to them.

    Level 32 Breed 6 animals completely that are the 12-16 hour animals and animals gifted do not count

    Level 33 Breed 7 animals from 16-24 hours completely and animals gifted do not count

    Level 38 Breed 2 each of the 2, 3, 4 and 5 day animals completely and animals gifted do not count either.

    This would be more of a challenge then beating the game in less than a month.

    Why not put some fun back in zoo. From level 44 to level 250 is a joke just to feed XP. Most people quit zoo because it isn’t fun anymore. Out of the 5000 zoomates that I have for the game, only about 1,500 play now and i’m about ready to quit the game too cause other than feeding XP, collecting Christmas gfifts now, there isn’t much to do at all.

  6. I’ve been staring at “Get two of every animal you own” for over a year. This is the best Facebook-game related Christmas Present I could ever ask for.

    / Going to be swimming in Ruffed Lemurs from now on, I bet…

  7. BOO!!! All of the rest of us had to do the work!!!! I think that it is unfair, & rather stupid!!!! If you play the game correctly & with others like your supposed to it is not that hard, & quite frankly when you run out of achievements the game becomes rather boring!!! Someone over there got lazy I guess & decided it was easier to quit creating new achievements to enable leveling up!!! Guess that’s why I play other apps now to take up the time that I “used” to spend playing zw.. now, i sign in, collect my crap & that is basically it! blah!

  8. I’ve been on Get four of each animal fo over a year…The challenges are what made it fun. It is crazy that people who are starting today can progress faster and level up just by feeding..which is boring and ridiculous.

  9. don’t get me wrong, i’ve had animals loaned to me as well as non-returned gifts… i’ve been fortunate enough to meet great friends a 100 levels ahead who have bestowed great, generous actions & donations upon me.. but, i EARNED them!!! good SPORTSMANSHIP is everything!!! you can’t expect someone else to bust their butts simply to “GIVE’ everything to you!! also, you can’t expect others to continually help your missions/feed babies/send & return gifts, etc. & you don’t ever rtf!! you build great relationships with your zoomates by BEING a good zoobie!! apps are no different than life & relationships, we get back what we put out!!! you can’t simply play, you have to play well WITH others!!! 🙂

  10. I actually have been stuck on 5 of each animal for about 3 months so I say Thank You!

  11. I totally agree that the replacement challenges are way too easy. I worked for months on the 3,4,5 of a kind. I also (along with many other players) helped other zoomies reach their goal by loaning or gifting. This made me lots of ne friends and also gave me a sense of “paying forward” like those who helped me. Please reconsider the achievements and give all of us a little bit of a challenge. Without anything challenging, I might as well go back to Chutes & Ladders with my grandchildren.

  12. I totally agree with what Charlene said. It is sad that they have removed the achievements just because a lot of new players feel it their God given right to beg animals rather than wait 3 days or so to breed some, i feel sorry for people now as these achievements do not look challenging at all to me, im glad mine are all finished.

  13. I don’t think it was just new players whining, because I an relatively new and just finished achieving my five of a kind (mostly by breeding and trading). I was worried about Noah’s Ark, all the problems some people were having with it, but at the same time I was looking forward to the challenge. I agree with everyone else these new challenges are to easy. Oh, by the way the challenges go on pass level 50 now. Your level is achieved by how many different type (not quantity of animals) of animals you have to feed and the experience points you get from them. Type x Experience Points = Level Nos. Like most people here have expressed I would like to see the challenges a little more challenging than what I’ve experienced since my five of a kind was accomplished!

  14. I am very sad to see the X of kind removed, I was working on the 5 of kind. I would be very happy to see the achviement be brought back. The only think I would change is to show what animals you need to buy or breed. Now I have no more achievements to look forward to. Now it will be hardier for me to reach the amount of WLPs to recieve the next island. Why do not guys make it for the wrenchs, not WLPs.

  15. I used to play this game a year ago, quit playing because I didn’t have many zoomates, the 3 I did have only adopted & posted animals, never sent gifts. I couldn’t get the money to buy maintenance managers & kiosk people. Started playing again 2 months ago, I will never achieve some goals or have a happy zoo, need almost 200 maintenance managers & over 100 kiosk people. The price to buy these items is way too much also am tired of all the cute creatures costing WLP’s. I realize in real life the people with the most money have all the nice things but this is a game, it should be based on strategy not MONEY or being gifted some of the animals you would not be able to get & then feeling so indebted but being unable to do anything about it. And what is the use of having to have 100 zoomates & only being able to help 10 of them? I only know about 15 of my zoomates personally, the rest are people I have never even met. I usually click on the first 8 I come across, if they don’t help me back in return I skip them the next time. Why not reward with WLP’s for helping others on their missions? Keep a tally of who you have helped, when you reach a certain number for each zoomate reward us with WLP’s. Maybe more people would help in return! Same for specials like the Halloween animals, Thanksgiving animals & Santa’s animals.

  16. I love playing ZooWorld, but it’s not fun anymore, All I do is spent every minute of my time doing nothing but getting bonuses, and juices just so I can pay for breeding, and upgrading, When it cost you way over 1 million dollars just to breed and upgrade one animal to get 1,2,3 or 4 or 5 wlps for it, is frustrating, It takes hrs or days just to make a million or more dollars, and in a few seconds of breeding and upgrading , it’s all gone, I can’t even buy animals or managers, or anything else, because every cent is gone on just breeding and upgrading animals, The cost of animals and managers are ridiculous, Plus being aloud only 2oo juices a day is crazy, it only does 8 zoo’s, and if you have 2oo or more zoomates to visit it would take you 25 day or more just to visit them once, in order to make money to be able to buy all this animals, and etc,We need to be aloud a lot more juices so we can vist a lot more Zoo’s and make the money to pay these ridiculous prices you want for every thing. Plus we need more ways to Make WLP’S faster and easier. I would like to have time to help other zoomates, and talk with them,and work on my zoo’s not just rushig to get more bonuses ,and juices. so I can pay for everything.
    I want to enjoy playing zooworld , not angry or frustation, I am seriously thinking of quiting zooworld , and finding other game that is fun, not frustrating. Please make Zooworld FUN again, so I don’t have to leave. Thank You for listening .

  17. WOW I guess players just don’t want to take the time it takes to build there zoo, so now we just hand them the levels. This way the mindless can endlessly click on new animals and not have to breed with no consequences. I guess that seems fair to the new players but those of us who had to actually play the game by the rules get the shaft again. Of course breeding 2 million dollar animals, then have to gift them away because of 12 million dollar cage upgrades dosen’t make sense to me either.

  18. Thank You!
    I am *so* glad to see this gone. I had been stuck on 3 of a kind for over a year, simply because I could not get breeding pairs. Only a few of my friends play,
    and I do not want to add “friends” solely because we like the same online game. I found that animals that were not supposed to count, did; I wound up breeding ahead, as it were, simply because I could not get but one of an animal before they disappeared from the feed for good.

    I feel nothing but amusement as I read the complaint ” I had 5000 friends, and now I have only 1500″. I have never had as many as 35 friends, yet I have achieved everything else but the multiples, and at that, only because animals that were not supposed to count, did.

    I have a great zoo, I have multiples of almost every animal that I can buy except for the ultra rares it takes wlp to purchase. I have not achieved maximum breeding yet, but I can see it coming in a few months. I enjoy this game very much, but I have no money to spend on it, and only about three zoomates who ever bother to accept or return my gifts.

    If I can do as well as I have, all things considered, I think the rest of you should stop whining and play the game for enjoyment, or go play something else.

  19. Susan Porter Maiwela

    Well see what happens, I still say the worst part of this game is getting wildlife points, that sucks big time!!!! should make it easier to get them. Im still trying to train my animal to do 5 tricks for the next achievement, it takes forever and the price goes up and up each time you click on it!!!! Id like to see more decorations too, the same old stuff is getting boring!!!!! I also think that things that are available to people that are on a certain level should be made available to everyone, my friend got the American flag pole, she said it was becuz she was on that level and it was seasonal (4th of July). But thanks for trying, I love my zoo friends we have a great time!!!

  20. I too have worked hard to be at the level I am~104. That is not that high but it is to not have played zoo but 1 1/2 years. My biggest complaint is zoomates. Some are as good as gold, always help, etc. Others flat out suck. I am always on the lookout for mates that really play. Such as the current promotions of getting 10 mates to help & get 5 to help train the Santa’s animals. I have to literally beg people to help. I can always count on getting 2 helps~I go to my wife & daughter’s pages & help myself. I seem to always see others posts needing help but they NEVER seem to see mine unless I send them an IM. It gets real old. You don’t really want to drop your mates because you need so many to get certain things on the zoo. Can you say a rock & a hard place?

  21. How UNFAIR!!!! The rest of us worked long and VERY hard to get through those levels–Yes, they were challenging but “dumbing down” the game so severely is not the way to go!!
    If you must take the Noah’s Ark requirements away, at least make those levels equally challenging!!! Answer 3 daily quiz questions correctly?? JEEZ!!!!!

  22. Susan Foster Barthe

    I think it’s alright that you finally made the Achievement Levels a little easier. They still have a little challenge. But nothing like when I completed Level 42 in December of 2009!!!! I would like to see more achievement levels added.

    Thanks for continually changing this game! I still enjoy playing… with my old zoo friends and the newbies. I had to rehash the Achievement Levels last month with the new changes!

    It would be easier on all the players if you could post what achievement Level the player has achieved… like you used to do back in the days of green islands and only way to earn Wildlife points was in completing an Achievement Level! Maybe if you wouldn’t let the newbies start earning experience points until they complete Achievement Level 42.

  23. I completed the 5 of a kind a couple of months ago, and the rest of the achievements, and until today the heading always said “congratulations on completing all the achievements…”

    Today I see “Next Achievement: Reach Platinum mastery for Bald Eagle breeding ”

    Has something changed? I have searched the blog and updates and cannot find an updated achievement list, what this new achievement means or what’s next.

    And I agree with previous comments, that since completing the achievements, I felt somewhat unchallenged. I invented my own challenges (get all my animals to Bronze, Silver, Gold level in breeding etc) and am seriously disappointed that the wall animals don’t change much; its fun to get new animals!

    I have been playing for about 18 months, and have only reached these goals through adding less than 10 unknown zoo mates; Am seriously disappointed that since Christmas, several of my zoo mates have now left to devote more time to playing other games (Seems like Cityville has been quite an attraction). Makes it hard to get people to help and I’ve given up on missions entirely as these need active zoo mates who dont have a million other zoo mates to help. (Of whom they can only help 10)

    So please keep achievements challenging, without the need to be dependent on lots of zoo mates; I enjoy zoo a lot; but not sure I will forever 🙂

    • Yes indeed, ZW now has new achievements 🙂

      If you have a chance, we’d love to hear about the challenges you “invented” for yourself, and which ones you found most interesting.

  24. GameHelpers Helper (Ginger Anderson)

    @ Zookeeper Matt
    Any chance someone will make one complete list from the 3 now existing?
    I asked on the forum and Zookeeper Astrid blew it off as unnecessary if a player is beyond the initial levels. She never considered the bulk of players still under level 42.

  25. We aren’t pleased with anything; If the game has too many demands, we complain, if we take too much time completing achievements, we complain, if we’re starting and we don’t have friends to help us complete the achievements, we complain, if we are in a low level, we complain, if we are at a high level, we complain, if the game gets bore, we complain, if the game is too demanding, we complain, if the game add different games based on holidays, we complain, if we play following the step by step game rules, we complain, if we play looking for easers ways to move forward, we complain, if they offer free animals and only 100 are available, and we are more than 3 million playing this game, and not all of us receive one, we complain.
    My friends, are here for fun, to meet people from different countries, different languages, different religions, different sexual orientation, to play with friends, brothers, uncles, parents, classmates, neighbors, grandparents, nephews, postmen, policemen, teachers, heads of enterprises, judges, politicians, without fail to mention the undesirable individuals who are here with a disgusting purpose, groups of former student, so many groups that I will never finish this long comment, fans of actors, singers,
    We chose this game to have fun, if you’re not comfortable you know what you have to do, but, without regrets, without complaints, be proud, and don’t blame others for your mistakes and ignorance. You will be miss, perhaps not!!!
    Any misspells words? Is the animals fault!!

    LETS PLAY!!!!!

    Nada nos complace; si el juego tiene demasiadas exigencias, nos quejamos, si nos toma demasiado tiempo completar los logros, nos quejamos, si estamos empezando y no tenemos amigos que nos ayuden a completar los logros, nos quejamos, si estamos en niveles bajos, nos quejamos, si estamos en niveles altos nos quejamos, si se pone el juego aburrido, nos quejamos, si el juego se pone demasiado exigente, nos quejamos, si nos ponen los diferentes juegos basados en los días de fiesta, nos quejamos, si jugamos siguiendo el juego paso a paso, nos quejamos, si jugamos buscando las maneras más fáciles de avanzar, nos quejamos, si nos dan animales gratis y solo tienen 100 y somos más de 3 millones y no todos los recibimos uno, nos quejamos.
    Amigos, estamos aquí para divertirnos, para conocer personas de diferentes países, diferentes idiomas, diferentes religiones, diferente orientación sexual, para jugar con amigos, hermanos, tíos, padres, compañeros de escuela, vecinos, abuelos, sobrinos, carteros, policías, maestros, jefes de empresas, jueces, alcaldes, políticos, sin dejar de mencionar los individuos indeseables que están aquí con un propósito asqueroso, grupos de ex –alumnos de escuelas superiores, universidades, colegios, fans de diferentes actores, cantantes.
    Este juego lo escogimos nosotros mismos para divertirnos, si no estás a gusto sabes lo que tienes que hacer, hazlo con la cara en alto y sin arrepentimientos, sin quejas, sin acusar a los demás por tus propios errores e ignorancias. Te extrañaremos! posiblemente no!!!
    ¿Faltas ortografías? Culpa de los animales

  26. I just want to say that although it took me MONTHS to complete, and was so frustrating it nearly caused me to quit playing, I didn’t have a problem with the Noah’s Ark levels *as such* – the problem wasn’t with getting most animals to required numbers, it was with the adoptions. I, and probably most players, like getting as many different animals as I can in my zoo, but even though I have a lot of zoo mates, it is very, VERY hard to get adoptions; they only last for an hour and you’d have to be surfing the feed all day to pick them up. Some of us do have lives, you know 😛 So when new animals came out on the feed, it was a hard choice between ignoring them and losing out until all the achievements were done, or grabbing one and then suckering the chance of completing the Noah’s Arks for an indefinite period of time. No wonder people were asking their friends for animals! It had nothing to do with being lazy about breeding, which a lot of posters here mistakenly attribute; you couldn’t breed the adoption animals so how else were you supposed to raise the numbers? If it hadn’t been for those, I would have completed all my Noah’s Ark challenges within days, not months.

    Therefore I’m pleased for lower level players that they no longer have to get past this hurdle – but I don’t really see why you had to axe the challenges altogether. It isn’t so hard to buy and breed the normal species, and passing 3 or 5 of the daily quizzes instead is just a joke! Everyone must have figured out by now that 99/100 times, the ‘middle’ answer is the correct one – every time I don’t know the answer, I use this method and it works just great, I hardly ever fail a quiz. So if you want to keep the challenges challenging, but not virtually impossible, I’d say you still have some work to do here.

    Personally, I stopped bothering with the whole achievements system when it started asking ridiculous and unnecessary things like buying multiples of shopping stands and decorations – which just clutter the islands and don’t add anything to gameplay – or 15 vets, which equally serve no game purpose since the only time you get sick animals is when breeding, and you heal those with vitamins. I just read that one achievement requires you to put Big Ben on every island – what on earth FOR?! There is only ONE Big Ben in the world, why duplicate it in our zoos? This isn’t an achievement, this is just time and space wasting, and I’m not playing along with it any more. You don’t win enough wlp for completing these for me to want to bother. Passing an achievement should mean something, a goal to be proud of – I managed that! – or something good to have in your zoo. My inventory is now cluttered with snack stands, because I don’t want to litter my already over-full islands with duplicate graphics, and not only did I have to pay for those stands, I had to pay for the kiosk managers to man them – and that puts up the price for all future purchases! That just doesn’t make sense, and I wish there was a way to sell off or delete unwanted items like this.

    Sorry to sound so negative but hopefully this feedback will help! When I started Zoo World, it was fun, but these days the lack of space, lack of *meaningful* challenges and the annoyance of having to feed animals EVERY TWO DAYS – yes we know you want us to buy juice, but not all of us have so much money to spend on this game; I calculated that to feed all my animals would cost $25/month if I always bought juice, and that’s more than subscriptions to major MMORPGS like World of Warcraft! That’s frankly outrageous – all this is seriously impacting on my enjoyment of the game. In fact it isn’t a game any more, it has just become tedious, and I frequently think about giving it a break if not quitting altogether, despite my investment in limited edition ultra rare animals. You really need to rethink some of the gaming strategies because I’m afraid Zoo World is getting old and tired, fast.

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