Santa’s Third Visit To Zoo World –

Santa Visits Zoo World, January 10th

Just because your tree is now sitting by the road doesn’t have to mean the Holiday Season is over. Today, Santa Claus makes his third visit to Zoo World, and rewards all of his helpers with the animated Christmas Snow Globe.

January 10th Santa Visit: Christmas Snow Globe

Zoo World Christmas Snow Globe

Animals needed to receive the Christmas Snow Globe:

  • North Pole Wolf
  • Persian Kitty
  • Northern Sled Dog
  • White Polar Bear
  • Winter Horn Moose
  • Dwarf Hotot Rabbit
  • Iceland Chipmunk
  • Speedy Penguin
  • Clown Seal
  • Furry Ermine
  • Winter Beagle
  • White Mountain Goat

As before, Mrs. Claus will be checking in every five minutes to help you complete your set!

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