Zoo World Adds 20 New Achievements

New Zoo World Achievements

Zoo World’s Achievements now go up to level 63! Zookeepers who had previously mastered all 43 Achievements will now see their new goal marked in the banner. As before, completing an achievement earns one Wildlife Point, which can be used to purchase Ultra Rare animals and other premium goods.

Check back later this week for a full rundown on the new Achievements list!

28 responses to “Zoo World Adds 20 New Achievements

  1. So my next level will start on 200? Where I am now.

  2. wow, this is good news! it makes it interesting again, rather than just feeding!

  3. My next achievement will cost me $18,750,000.
    Not gonna happen!

    • Renee, I don’t know how many zoomates you have or what level you are, but I get about $350 million a day with 500 mates. You need the treasure hunter but it’s easy money. well worth the 80 WLP

  4. My next level is jsut 116 but who is nice to know that they are making more levels for us omg all the way to level 63 wow what is next LOL

  5. why arent I getting my WLP’s, like I should….I breeded 6 animals one day and got only 2 wlp’s… some days I got nothing…losing interest in zoo..

    • breeding is set in levels… each level has an amount u need to breed. once u get to ADAMANTIUM there are no more points

    • It depends on what level you are going for… you don’t get WLP for every animal you breed only when you reach the next level.. so for example you breed 3 for the bronze, 4 more for the silver etc.

  6. new animals or anything new

  7. Interesting! I never even knew there were achievements. How do you access them? I just went to my zoo and answered 5 questions correct in a row and nothing happened. How does it work?

    • How do you answer 5 questions in a row? You only get 1 question a day in your inbox and this hasn’t been running for 5 days yet.

  8. GameHelpers Helper

    So…. Will you be making a revision of the Achievement List that links from the right navbar? (I noticed it was not updated after removal of the x-of-a-kind achievements. The changes were given in a separate blog entry.)

  9. Ya I can’t wait to see what they are demanding now…

  10. Glad to see achievements again, makes it more fun to play

  11. Barbara O'Riley

    Thank you for all the new and fun things you provide in ZooWorld. I am so hooked on this game, I can’t even believe it.

    One favor however, could you add an option to purchase different zoo gates?? That way we can buy different gates for each island and still get the extra points. For example, the south seas gate will look odd for the snow islands, etc.

    Thank you for everything related to ZooWorld!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing… maybe once we have gone through all the gates and upgraded as far as we can we can then choose which gate we want on the island so it fits in with what we have on there.

  12. I think this is great!!!

    @Dale, the XP points have nothing to do with what achievement level you are on.

  13. ready for new achievements. woohoo

  14. Yeah for new achievements.

  15. XP levels are different than achievements.

  16. I don’t mind a good challenge, however, one WLP isn’t enough to shut down breeding other animals (that gives more WLP) just to meet a single goal. There has to be more incentive. I am saying this from the Bald Eagle quota that has tied up my breeding now for several days.

    • Cheryl Marshall

      Wendy you get the same WLP for any animal you breed.
      Bronze = 1 WLP
      Silver = 2 WLP
      Gold = 3 WLP
      Platinum = 4 WLP
      Adamantium = 5 WLP

      The bald eagle achievement will give you 1 extra for completing it

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  18. As I won’t be doing the bronze achiever, where you have to get one of your friends to join Zoo World, does that mean I can’t move on to do the rest?
    If that’s the case, I might as well stop playing now, so I’d appreciate some help on that when the full achievements are posted.
    Thank you.

  19. I submitted a ticket about the bronze achievement where you have to recruit a facebook friend to Zoo World. I got this reply:

    Thank you for contacting RockYou support. A solution for your issue has been suggested below. If the issue has not been resolved or you have another issue, please submit a new ticket to ensure prompt processing.

    We apologize for the inconvenience you have face however, you have to complete the achievement to move onto the next achievement.

    Thank you

    • Gillian, what ‘solution’ did they suggest? It’s things like this which have stopped me bothering with the achievements, too – I have no intention of bothering my friendslist with invitations to games, they know I play and if they had the slightest interest they would already have signed up! This is the worst kind of intrusive marketing spam and I have no truck with it. Just wanted to add my support to you here!

  20. I still haven’t seen a list of the new achievements. Where are people getting them?

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