Santa’s Surprise, Redux: Santa’s Visiting Zoo World Every Day Until Jan 14

Santa Visits Zoo WorldMissed out on your Christmas Snow Globe yesterday? Worry not! As his last hurrah, Santa will be visiting Zoo World every day this week, until the promotion ends on Janaury 14th.

You have until Friday to finish training their animals to help Santa’s sleigh. As an added bonus, Mrs. Claus is working overtime with her 5-minute check ins. Every 5 earns you a Holiday component of your choice, to help you finish your collection. Good luck!

5 responses to “Santa’s Surprise, Redux: Santa’s Visiting Zoo World Every Day Until Jan 14

  1. How wonderful! Very generous of you! I know many players who were upset they didn’t get the snowglobe ~ now they have a second chance.

  2. What will happen to the rest of our Candy canes, scarfs, bells, and other holiday items. Why is there not a prize we can turn these into. Some of us work very hard to collect these and end up with way more than we need. I got a lot of mine from all the people I helped when I did not need them. Please reply!!

  3. would be awesome, if waiting 8 hrs to train another animal time became less, let’s say 4 hrs 🙂

  4. Marguerite Fouillard

    It would be great if the 8 hour training was reduced until the promotion ended. It is very difficult to use up everything using an 8 hour window. THANKS

  5. What good does all this do, when you can’t post for help….except every 8 hours?

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