Australian Flood Relief

Fight the Floods

UPDATE: The sale has drawn to a close. A heartfelt thanks to all who supported the flood victims. Check the blog tomorrow for the poll’s results!

Australia has been hit by disastrous floods of historic proportions, which have placed the country’s 3rd largest city underwater and inundated much of Queensland. To help, RockYou and the Zoo World Community are joining the relief effort, and providing a new way to raise funds for those affected.

Zoo World Premium Animal Benefiting Australia Flood Victims

Starting today at 3pm PST, the Australian Relief Kangaroo will be available in the shop. As with other 99c Zoo World animals, the Kangaroo is an animated Ultra Rare that can be bred. 75-90% of all proceeds from the Australian Relief Kangaroo, after costs, will be donated to the Flood Relief Effort.

This limited edition animal will be available from 3:30pm Saturday, January 15th to 3pm Tuesday, January 18th. All times are in Pacific Standard Time.

You Choose Where The Funds Go

As a second part to this effort, the Zoo World Community will be involved in deciding on the donations’ destinations. Three wonderful organizations are providing relief to the flood victims. The donations raised through this promotion will be donated to each organization in the proportion of the votes they received.

The three options are:

  1. Queensland Premier Appeal
  2. The Queensland RSPCA
  3. The Salvation Army in Australia

To vote in the poll, we encourage everyone to read up on these three deserving efforts, and to cast their vote at

The poll closes at the same time as the sale, Tuesday January 18th, at 3pm PST. We will post the poll’s results on Wednesday, January 19th.

Join the Effort

If you would like to contribute more we strongly encourage everyone to visit the links provided above, which also contain information about volunteering.

To join the discussion with the Zoo World Community (even if it’s just to wish our Australian friends, family and ZooMates the best) please visit the ongoing discussion on our forums.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do.

17 responses to “Australian Flood Relief

  1. Well done!

  2. This is great! So glad we’re rallying around the situation – they so need help down there!! Thanks Zoo!

  3. Terri Shoesmith

    Thank you so very much zoo world every bit helps.
    The worst is yet to come we now have floods in Western Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales & South Australia as well as Queensland.
    I for one are so grateful you have done this to help us Aussies out. Mwa XO

    • Terry;
      I am praying for you and all your countrymen, women and children.
      I hope you are ok. You are such a great zoomate.
      I think this idea of zoo world and Rock You is exceptional and I am glad to be a part of it.
      Again you are in my prayers;

  4. Wonderful 😉

  5. Tank you so much Zoo World , although i am not personally affected by the floods as yet I know people who have lost everything. Thank you to the rest of the World for your generous support.

  6. Thanks for the offer of help, I live in the flood effected area in Queensland, we desperately need money donated to the first option. (Queensland premier appeal). The other two organizations at this stage are copeinf fine, plenty of help have been offered to them from us Qlders. If you want to help those that have lost there houses, choose first option. A lot of insurance companies are refusing to pay.

  7. I am truly amazed by how many people want to help our flood victims and a big thank you to zoo world ❤ but this is far from over,you can't get fresh milk and produce in Queensland,my daughter went to woolworths and was surprised to see no fresh fruit or vegetables and no milk,I think it is going to be a very bad year for us

  8. Ignacio Muñoz Quezada

    Hi i am from chile, i bought 2 kangoroos.
    I hope all be ok in australia.

  9. This is a great thing I bought two kangaroos.. They are just to cute to pass up.

  10. I would like to thank Zoo World. I live in Brisbane & have chosen the premiers Appeal. This money is going directly to those that need it most. It is being used to provide free clean up for the 100nds of mud clogged homes & businesses & free skips for removal of the tons of water & mud damaged household goods & rotted grocery/food items destroyed by the mud & water & for the people that are not covered by insurance. I was lucky the water only came under the house & to the bottom of the front stairs, I cannot get fresh milk or bread or vegetables & fruit any supermarkets not damaged in the floods are sold out of perishables. I bought 2 kangaroos.

  11. Thanks Rock You. As someone who lost everything to a devastating flood in 1985 my heart goes out to the folks in Australia. It’s nice to be able to help in some small way.

  12. Hello
    Very much I love animals, so the play zoo world. Kangaroo I had originally intended to buy, but now I bought one because the money goes to animal protection.
    Greetings from Slovenia.

  13. I was went to the sites to read about volunteering my time to help but I am an American living in New York and it looked as if you would have to be living in Australia in order to do that. Can someone let me know if I misunderstood?

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  16. i want to get a ulrarare but it will not let me

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