Make it Two: Grab another free Reindeer Zebra

Zoo World Reindeer ZebraIs your first free Reindeer Zebra (link now expired) lonely and in need of a mate? Worry not! We’re giving away a second of the Fan Page contest winner.

Add one more Reindeer Zebra to your Zoo by clicking this link. Offer expires at Noon PST on January 25th. Spread the word!

7 responses to “Make it Two: Grab another free Reindeer Zebra

  1. I only got 1 which was today how can I get a second one still learning

    • I’m afraid the first one was last week’s giveaway. But there will be more giveaways of different animals in the future 🙂 Welcome to Zoo!

  2. I’ve clicked the link for the free reindeer zebra but it did not appear in my storage box. By the way, I’ve missed the 1st one. So I’ve not had any reindeer zebra before. Tried to click again and it stated that I’ve claimed it already. I would like very much to have it, please help!

  3. I’ve refreshed my zoo world and I got the reindeer zebra! Thank you anyway! 🙂

  4. MeryeBeth Albert

    Thank you, guys.

  5. I too miss getting the raindeer zebra after voting for him. I got the free one you guys were so nice to give. But when I clicked on the link to get the second one it wont let me have it. Is there another link where I can get one. 🙂

  6. sure wish you’d made the Spectacled Langur available like this and could have let us all know what ‘limited time’ we had to deal with. Eventhough we let you know we couldn’t get the crate to register to get the email although was allowed…sad for all of us to hv gone through so much for nothing.

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