Send Your Valentine a Special Gift

Valentine's Day Gifting in Zoo World

It’s time for the season of hearts, candies and affection. This Valentine’s, if you decide to forgo the chocolates and flowers, you can instead choose to gift a limited-edition Valentine’s animal in Zoo World.

Valentine’s Gifts start today and are available until Noon, PST on February 21st. To get started, click the flowering Heart Tree on the island next to your gate. You’ll be taken to the special Holiday Gifting page, where you can choose between 10 animals ranging from a Lovebug to a Chocolate-bearing Chipmunk. (Or, if you’re so inclined, a sweet-smelling Amorous Skunk.)

As limited editions, the Valentine’s Gift animals are only available through the holiday gifting feature. All are breedable from the get-go, with the tragic exception of the star-crossed Romeo Mouse and Juliet Mouse.

When you receive a Valentine’s gift, it will appear beneath your heart tree island. You’ll need to wait for 24 hours before you can peek inside, but it’ll be worth the wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day, ZooMates and Zookeepers!


11 responses to “Send Your Valentine a Special Gift

  1. Starts today? Not in my zoo. No tree there.


  3. Laurie Bannister

    What a joke. Once again only a select few will get these animals. It saddens me that Rock You and the Zoo World devs can not come up with a way for everyone to be able to get these animals. I have been saving WLP just for this occasion but do not have nearly enough to send critters to all of my friends. What a shame. you disappoint me Rock You. Greedy people stink.

  4. you should have the option of using zoo cash or WLP…It’s not fair to someone like me that doesn’t have enough WLP to send gifts…I would really like to send gifts!! PLEASE CHANGE TO GIVING US WHO WOULD LIKE TO SEND GIFTS CAN!!…THANX…

  5. I think the idea of the Valentine animals are great but i doesn’t get to everybody. Most people that play the game can not afford to buy WLPs or a lot of the other things. Plus the prices on the new animals and the cage upgrades are way too high. Not to mention the price on the maintance worker goes up almost every time one advances in the game. That’s all I got for now other than it is a great game.

  6. This sounds very good ,but where do we get the points to purchase the animals , not everyone can afford to buy them. I am at level 171 and have been struggle for a long time with this game due to the lack of points. This game started of free and was brilliant great achievement to reach, after level 43 all the changes are no good, you’s took all the fun out of the game and achievements they are now a laugh. A lot of my friends now don,t play due to these facts it seems I will be soon giving up also as can’t possible achieve much. Thxs for reading my comments would appreciate a reply

  7. I just love the lady bug.

  8. The new animals are great but is very disturbing when you have to purchase all these new animals with WLP,when most of us can barely receive enough WLP to purchase our 12th island little alone purchasing more animals.Please consider changing it so that were able to purchase them with zoo cash or our 12 island.

  9. I am so sorry. I love my zoo mates but like many others I simply don’t have enough WLP to send my friends these gifts. I can’t afford to spend real money to buy them. There has to be a better way to give & receive these new animals. Please do something different next time.



  11. I don’t like this one bit! If I could use my own WLP to buy the animal for myself, that might be different…..just because I buy one and send to a zoo friend doesn’t mean I’ll get one back. Not everyone can afford to buy WLP, this shuts out a lot of people from being able to participate.

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