Valentine’s Day in Zoo World

Valentine's Season in Zoo World

Valentine’s Season is coming to Zoo World! Starting on January 26th, Zookeepers can embark on a quest to find love and happiness. Those who do can earn limited-edition Rare and Ultra Rare animals — two at a time!

The Love Story

You built a Parade and you Saved Christmas. For Valentine’s Day, it’s the animals themselves who are asking for your help.

Dr. Zoo Little has been scouring the globe to find and help lonely animals. As he finds the heartsick creatures, he will send them to you for your help in matching them with their valentines.

To help, you will play Cyrano de Bergerac to the critters, making them look their best and finally nudging them toward their partner.

A Band of Lonely Hearts

Valentine's Day Dock

Click the lonely animal to start the Valentine's Seasonal

To get started, click the animal located off of your dock to bring up the Valentine’s screen. From here, you can choose an animal to help, collect items, and find the animal’s valentine.

Valentine's Day in Zoo World Popup

The first animal available is the Warm Hearted Turtle. You must find the Warm Hearted Turtle’s valentine before you can move on to the next animal, and so on for each additional animal.

Dr. Zoo Little will bring new animals that need your help approximately every three days. Provided you’ve helped each previous animal, you’ll be able to help the new one!

True Love Starts with Romantic Treats, Flowers and a Clean Look

Valentine's Day Pieces

Before you go out hunting for the Valentine, you need to make sure your new friend looks his (or her) best. First impressions are the most important!

To do that, you’ll need a collection of five different items:

  • Collect Candy Hearts from the feed.
  • Collect Rose Petals, Grooming Supplies and Valentine’s Cards through gifting with friends.
  • Collect Chocolate Covered Strawberries by feeding treats.

You can ask for materials to be gifted to you 4 times per day, or once every 6 hours. Likewise, you can post Candy Hearts to the feed once every 6 hours, and 10 people can collect from each feed post.

Lovely Checkins

Zoo World Valentine's HeartThe popular Checkin feature is back, and even more helpful. A heart will appear over the lonely animal on your docks every five minutes. Click on the heart to check in (and get a handy XP point in the process.) Three checkins awards you with the Valentine’s component of your choice! That’s the equivalent of getting one Wildlife Point for Valentine’s every fifteen minutes.

So if you just need one more Candy Heart, you’re only three clicks away.

A Delicious Treat

Chocolate Covered StrawberryThis time around, you get the special seasonal item when feeding any treat in Zoo World. Prefer to feed your animals the 10-minute apples, or the 1-hour grapes? Great! You’ll still have a chance to gain Chocolate Covered Strawberries when you collect the hearts. You can collect up to 10 hearts per day from treats.

Remember: purple hearts do not give chocolate-covered strawberries, so make sure you collect those treats on time.

Lookin’ Good! Now Find his Mate

Valentine's Helping HandsOnce you’ve got the pieces, you’re ready to help find the animal’s mate. With 5 helping hands, you’ll have a pair ready for love. Post a request to the feed and your friends can help you find the valentine — or, you can buy them for 1 WLP each.

Double Ultra

Valentine's Ultra Rare Upgrade

All done! For uniting the animal with its valentine, you’ll receive two of the happy animals for your zoo.

All of the basic animals are Rare, and once completed, you have the option of upgrading both of them to Ultra Rares. Upgrading costs 20 WLP total, giving you two — twice the bang for your Wildlife Point.

You can upgrade to an Ultra Rare at any time (during the promotion) by clicking on the Rare in your zoo. This will always upgrade two at a time.

All Valentine’s Seasonal animals will become breedable after the event ends.

The Beginning and the End of the Love Story

Dr. Zoo Little found two animals for you to get started on right away:

Warm Hearted Turtle

Warm Hearted Turtle (Unlocked at start)

Social Gorilla

Social Gorilla (You must first complete the Warm Hearted Turtle to unlock)

You must help the Warm Hearted Turtle before you can find the Social Gorilla’s valentine. Likewise, you must help both of these critters before the third one Dr. Zoo Little brings at a later date.

Valentine’s Season ends on February 22nd, at Noon PST. Check back here on the blog for updates, new animal announcements and giveaways that can help you complete your set.

Happy Heart Day!

43 responses to “Valentine’s Day in Zoo World

  1. Can u plz reset my ask friends to help. I accidentally hit it earlier when hitting the other buttons to publish. Now I have to wait over 8 hrs. to start!! Thanks Linda

  2. Sounds great hope you have a great Valentines day! Please fix the Discussion Forum. Mine is atuck on December 10 and Ive tr ied everything!Thanks

  3. help me pleaseeeeeeeee.. I can’t see my ask friends buttons on the Valentines. I know it has been over 10 hours since I asked them for the items.. Thanks

  4. Sounds like fun!! ❤ I'm not getting any wildlife points, even when breeding, so it's been hard to things and upgrade. Can you PLEASE fix this?

  5. I have all the pieces to move on to the gorilla. How long do I have to wait to be able to ask friends for help? Sorry, this is not very clear to me. Thank you

  6. It is a nice thought IF IT WOULD WORK that is. There are many of us who are not able to post for the parts needed for the animals. We are expecting to post every 6 hours and can’t. I also cannot send a gift on a help request if I try to do 2 in a row. Keeps saying “Sorry!” It’s NOT working and I will NOT use my WLP for things I should be able to collect free.

  7. I have a hard time getting the posts to work as well. I tried “Ask Friends” again this morning after failing last night, and it still just brings up a window saying “An error occurred in Zoo World” or some such. I’m using IE8 – Google Chrome and Firefox won’t load my zoo at ALL – I get a message saying a Flash plug-in has crashed. IE8 will work somewhat but very slowly, and the posting feature sometimes gives me the above message.

    • have u tried google chrome? and have u cleared ur cache? also, u may need to update ur flash player! hope it gets to working for u soon! i know it can be frustrating!

  8. I can get the posts to work, but I can’t get the strawberries. I show them floating across the screen, but they never count.

  9. Can’t post to request items, not collecting strawberries when I feed animals. Not so much fun when it doesn’t work…..

  10. i clicked on the link for the free strawberries just now and it said i had already rec’d them! NO I DIDN’T! i looked at how many i had before i clicked on the link… they were not added!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  11. Why do we have to get ALL the animals?? I only want the dove & the peacock – but you’re FORCING us to get turtles & gorillas! Didn’t you even think about how annoying & obnoxious that would be?

  12. HI! so enjoying this new phase of the game, andthe cute animals. Can you please unstick my “Ask Friends” for the items? I have only actually used it one time, when I first started. I am trying to get the items in advance of the newest animals being poresented so i can upgrade …need a LOT of items to upgrade!!! Thanks so much.

  13. if would b nice if when i am done with my valentine animals if i would receive them

  14. when I ask friends for help with my animal, the articles I need to do so are being pulled out fine but too many are being pulled. Like when I need 10, 15 might be pulled or 12. It’s not easy to collect all the items. Can you fix it please.

  15. I am stuck on the turtle. In the five catagories(5 item each), I am in the twenty-plus range.have reqested valentines regularly, But the next award(gorala) stays locked. Why?

  16. I agree with Gerri Walsh—It would be nice to receive my animals after getting my friends to help.

  17. I can not use the ask friends part of the Valentine animals. Can you please explain to me how this works – what do I do – or what do my frieds do????

    • If you have more than the amount you need, the “ask friends” button is replaced with a check mark. You can still send them as normal from the “send gifts” tab.

  18. I am on the Heart spotted leopard. I ahave everything I need but can’t request friends help. The “Friends Help” button is not there. What do I do? I am so close yet so far.

    • I am having the problem that Sheila is experiencing. The “ask friends” tab is not available to complete Heart Spotted Leopard and obtain for my zoo. ID :740319511

  19. gilmere carvalho

    bem legal e os bichinhos sao muito lindos e criativos,adorei valentine days

  20. I have finished the animals, but forgot to do an upgrade to the gorillas! I want to get 2 more so I can do this – I have enough of the items, but when I go back to the gorillas, I lose the ‘ask friends’ on the animal section on the bottom. ??? Any suggestions???

  21. Leah Russell Andrews

    Would have really liked to have received the XP points like we were told we would. That was not the only reason I did the Valentine’s animals–just would have been nice to get them as a bonus.

  22. Hi…I have just completed the shy penguin, but have not moved on to the next animal it seems to have reset itself …Do I have to start the shy penguin again?

  23. Carolyn Cannafax

    I collected all of the items for the Valentine’s cow, but the “ask friends” button will not appear. will this be fixed in time? The deadline is in 4 days!

  24. Carolyn – Sounds like we have the same problem!! I hope it gets fixed!!!

  25. when the lonely cow’s were available I didnt have 20wild life points now I do but am @ the last animal. can I please get the lonely cow’s for 20 points? thanks donna lynn

  26. the same problem as Carolyn but for penguin .the ask friends will not appear .I have all the items I need .What can I do .Thank you

  27. Zooworld!! Help us out here, please – we really want to finish out our animals!!

  28. What is the last animal for Valentine’s Day? How many animals total ? Is the leopard the last one so I should start using my points for the older ones? Just wish I knew if there were otheer animals after the leopard – Thanks:)

    • The leopard is the last of the Valentines Day animals.
      You can still collect as many of these animals as you want but they will all be unavailable after Feb. 22.

      • How can we collect as many of the animals as we want, when the “ask friends” section at the bottom (for the animals) isn’t there?? The only thing I can get is the leopards, and I really want another set of gorillas. Running out of time here!! Any suggestion on what to do?? I’ve posted it on here several times, as have other players, but no one seems to have any solution!

  29. Last night I had 35 coins and went in today and only had 14 I used 1 to finish valentine and now the others are gone please help

  30. I have 2 of some animals and 4 or more of others and would like to go back and get 4 of the animals I don’t have. when I go back to the animal I wish to get the ask friends button is gone and I am unable to acess it. Please help

  31. I would like to have one of the previous animals, a second set. I have enough of everything to have four more sets of animals, but do not wish to have more of the leopard, as I already have two sets. I would like to have another set of the elephants, they are so cute. Is there any way to get the “ask friends” button for the other animals when you are someone who has collected all of the available ones and then some?

  32. Could you please give me back my” ask friends” I mistakenly cleared it, dont lnow how but id like to get this animal finished. I have already had a problem on this but i waited. cant now time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. last friday I bought 2 sets of elephants used my wlps ,it then went to my storage box an nothing was there will I be able to get them to finish my set?

  34. I’ve completed all feeds, gifts and helping hands for my Heart Spotted Leopard but its not allowing me to move on any further… 3 times this has been completed 😦 help needed.

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