New Zoo World Achievements: 85-105

Zoo World Achievements: Level 85-105

The next batch of Achievements is live in Zoo World, and here’s a full rundown on what you need to complete achievement levels 85 through 105.

When you reach these in-game, there will be additional tips available about how to complete them. If you need any additional help on a particular achievement, don’t hesitate to ask on our forums!

Achievements 1-43

Achievements 44-63

Achievements 64-84

Achievements 85-105

Level 85

  • Gee whiz, answer 5 more daily quizzes correctly.
  • Breed 2 Woodpeckers.
  • Reach Silver Mastery for the Killer Whale Show.

Level 86

  • Upgrade your Cotton Candy Stand to Gold level.
  • Hear Me Roar: Get 4 of each of these tigers.
    • White Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Tiger Shark and Tiger Salamander.
  • Get a Green Smiley for your overall Zoo Happiness Score.

Level 87

  • Breed 2 more Gerenuks.
  • Use the Candyman to feed 100 more sweet treats.
  • Use Cupid to gather 100 more hearts.

Level 88

  • Earn Silver for the Most Popular Trophy.
  • Save a total of 5 more Humpback Whales.
  • Have at least 5 total islands in your zoo.

Level 89

  • Train 11 tricks overall.
  • Noah’s Ark: Get a pair each of the these animals.
    • New Zealand Shoveler, Woodpecker, Gerenuk, White-tailed Tropicbird and Blue Jay.
  • Get a White Maple Tree.

Level 90

  • Get a Green Smiley for your overall Zoo Happiness Score.
  • Get an Orchid Tree.
  • Upgrade your Balloon Stand to Silver level.

Level 91

  • Breed 2 Eclectus Parrots.
  • Move all animals onto your islands.
  • Noah’s Ark: Get a pair each of the these animals.
    • Eclectus Parrot, Chihuahuan Raven, Wombat, Mustang, and Blue Ringed Octopus.

Level 92

  • Complete Platinum Mastery on at least three welcome gates.
  • Find 15 more treasures in your ZooMates’ zoos.
  • Reach Bronze level for all of your Killer Whale Shows.

Level 93

  • Get a Bison Sculpture.
  • Reach Bronze Mastery for Chihuahuan Raven breeding.
  • Earn Silver for the Shaker Trophy.

Level 94

  • Upgrade your Rose Garden to Platinum Mastery.
  • Reach Gold Mastery for Leafy Sea Dragon breeding.
  • Have at least 25 growth formulas from feeding babies.

Level 95

  • Gee whiz, answer 5 more daily quizzes correctly.
  • Reach Gold Mastery for the Killer Whale Show.
  • Use 20 growth formulas to breed babies.

Level 96

  • Train 12 tricks overall.
  • Buy a Leaning Tower for your Zoo.
  • Reach Bronze Mastery for Gray Squirrel breeding.

Level 97

  • Slither your way to the top. Get 5 of each snake.
    • Emerald Tree Boa, Rattlesnake, Black Mamba, and Python.
  • Use the Candyman to feed 100 more sweet treats.
  • Use Cupid to gather 100 more hearts.

Level 98

  • Have at least 25 growth formulas from feeding babies.
  • Have at least $180,000,000 cash.
  • Spend at least $110,000,000 starting now.

Level 99

  • Noah’s Ark: Get a pair each of the these animals.
    • Gray Squirrel, Golden Jackal, Phalanger, Marsupial Frog, and Sumatran Striped Rabbit.
  • Find 5 more mystery gifts in your zoo.
  • Train 13 tricks overall.

Level 100

  • Get a Flowering Dogwood Tree.
  • Complete Platinum Mastery on at least four welcome gates.
  • Find 15 more treasures in your ZooMates’ zoos.

Level 101

  • Reach Bronze mastery for Aye Aye breeding.
  • Get 5 of each everyday bird.
    • Duck (from wall), Canadian Goose, and Blue Jay (from wall).
  • Watch the time. Buy Big Ben for every island.

Level 102

  • Breed 2 Okapis.
  • Earn Gold for the Most Popular Trophy.
  • Train 14 tricks overall.

Level 103

  • Upgrade your Balloon Stand to Platinum.
  • Get a Horse Sculpture.
  • Get 15 aloe plants.

Level 104

  • Reach Gold Mastery for Narwhal Whale breeding.
  • Gee whiz, answer 5 more daily quizzes correctly.
  • Complete Adamantium Mastery on at least two welcome gates.

Level 105

  • Breed 2 Golden Jackals.
  • Get a Green Smiley for your overall Zoo Happiness Score.
  • Breed 2 Big-Belly Seahorses.

55 responses to “New Zoo World Achievements: 85-105

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  3. I don’t like having to breed animals I already have spent the $$’s and upgrades to breed. If players have the requisite # of animals already in their zoo then achievement level should automatically advance without breeding them again.

  4. You are still missing the December changes! Helllllloooooooooooooo!
    Your own blog post:

  5. How do you get a flowering dogwood tree? I’ve been playing for a long time and I don’t have one showing in my flowering collectibles.

    • its one of the lush trees

      • And frankly, it takes weeks and weeks and weeks to achieve. You can only get the trees you need to upgrade through daily baskets and mystery prizes. And then you’ll get hundreds of monkey statues and pear trees which are no help.

    • Yippee! All the paitience paid off – I got one!

    • Go to collectibles in the shop. It is under the second tree group called lush trees I believe. The group starts with maple (A light brown tree, the kind you frequently get from opening the blue boxes and welcome baskets). I cannot remember which it comes after, but i know I am not there yet. It is on the second row of trees after some kind of maple. I think it is the 3rd one in that row (or 4th). Anyway, it does exist. Good luck.

  6. Not happy with being forced to buy things I don’e want: ie-leaninng towe.It is not something that interest me or I would have bought it already.Plus, I keep trying to catch up on level breeding and your animals and breeding prices are outrageous,I expect some increases as levels increase,but not the amounts you have. The biggest challenge is trying to keep up with the money,so we don’t have time for anything else. Also,not fair to have animals that are un-attainable:like the Golden ones through the egg. I will not bother the friends that don’t want to play.I tried once and they all refused.I got the message.

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  8. Do we have to go back and finish all of the achievement tasks if we are already past the highest level mentioned? I am say at level 147, do I have to go back to the achievement tasks of level 88 and finish all levels up to and including all achievement tasks to level 147 before I can go on to level 148? You have probably answered this question before but I have somehow missed the answer so please give a short overview please. Thanks!

  9. Valeria Bednarik

    I know you are talking about helping animals. Still, I will beg you consider HUNGER IN THE THIRD WORLD. Las week, 7 kids die of malnutrition in my country… you can check the small note I made about it here:

  10. what i want to know is what we get from this other than satisfaction do not see many wlp for it

  11. I never get the achievement awards or the medals! Why bother when u dont get anything from them?

  12. Ok, done with all the steps, and and finished all the Achievements, now what will they come up with next? Really think a lot of it WAS a waste of money, like having to have a Big Ben clock for each of your islands, that really sucks the money down.

  13. I am currently breeding the platinum lvl of red panda but I cannot find this amongst your achievement list..I don’t know what level I am doing..Please help! Thanks

  14. I am up to #17 out of the 350 people I have in my group of zoo people. I have never got any recognition or medal for what i have done !!! I would like it though . It seems it would give the game more worth working for a goal ! Oh! and what happens to #1 when the gone off the list and how long can you stay playing the game ????

  15. I would like some other ways to get lush trees to work up to the flowering dogwood tree. I would like the mystery gifts to give oak trees instead of frogs that can be gotten other ways, otherwise it will take a very long time to get enough oak trees to trade for the flowering dogwood. Thanks.

    • I agree Jody. For the mystery gift I reckon we should be able to choose what gift we want rather than having to mainly get the Frog sculptures, it’s not very fair.



  17. two days ago I completed all the achievements level from 1 to 105 and I dont recived any wlp I hope they sended to me thanks

  18. I agree about the achievements. I did not mind spending 100 Mil…but putting the leaning tower etc, is not something I wanted. Also the 100 trees per island. Where am I going to put them now. I know they won’t all fit in the limited number of greenhouses…give us a challenge and then reward us with WLPS. that is what we want.

    • Dawn is there really a 100 trees per island achievement? That will be the end for me if this $175,000,000 building isn’t.

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  20. I finished all 105 achievements and now I am nearly broke! I put all of the extra JUNK (Big Bens, Leaning Tower, Trees, etc.) back in storage and am trying to rearrange my zoo animals.

  21. On level 88 it asks us to “save a total of five more humback whales” I am now only on level 85 but this will be coming up soon. How do we save 5 more if they no longer are being posted on the wall? I have tons already but don’t have a clue where to find five more when I get there?????

  22. would love to have the achievements past 105 I can’t find it

  23. Is there any more levels of Achievement after level 105?????

  24. I don’t see the purpose in making me spend $175,000,000 on a building I don’t want, especially when I don’t have anywhere near that much much money so it will wipe out my ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT.

    • kind of the idea of achievements…working to get enough money to do those things…if it were easy it wouldn’t be any fun to work towards these things.

      Buy it, get past that achievement level & then sell it back for a little money if you don’t want to put it on an island

  25. for my next achievement it says I must buy an arcade game for each island. I bought 1 claw machine for each island and placed them and it still has not gone to the next achievement. What arcade game does it want me to buy?

  26. I still haven’t recieved any wlp for a lot of my achievements completed, like the 100 million (even though I spent more at that time), then the very next one was spend 75 million, still no wlp. Answer 5 questions, no wlp, I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually recieved a wlp for completing any achievement levels, and thats sad. Makes a person want to quit playing the game..

  27. Debbie Dyrssen Lindstrom

    On Achievement 101 – Do we REALLY need to purchase a Big Ben for EVERY island? At $80MM, that’s a heckuva lot of money to spend. It took me forever to get where I’m at money wise and I would prefer to NOT spend it on a decoration.

  28. what do we do when someone steals your animals. I had four or more cleaning animals (octopus) and now they are gone. I breed them once or twice and was going to gift one. They were very expensive and not for sale anymore,it makes me not wanting to buy anymore for fear they also will be stolen. I dont know if I posted in the right spot for this question,any help will be helpful

  29. I don’t know what level I am on, it doesn’t say but I am suppose to breed 2 night monkeys, I accomplished 1 but when I went into breed another it gave me a cougar instead of a night monkey. I have e-mailed them but yet to hear a response from anyone.
    I have never gotten any wildlife points for any of the achievements completed so I don’t know why I am doing them or what the purpose is doing them.

  30. My Christmas tree disappeared – the one that was bought with wlps. Also, I agree with others on the mystery boxes being lush trees, because those of us with few friends, we’ll be old and gray before we receive the dogwood tree or change it to the Japanese Maple.

  31. Wilifred Cork

    Having to spend 80 million each on a Big Ben for each Island is totally ridiculous. There is no way to make that kind of money!

  32. Crystal Tucker

    Your user id: 769145348
    Your browser: firefox, version: 4.0.1, platform: windows,

    I worked my butt off to get those FOURTEEN BIG BENS for my level 101 and it is still not registering that I have them and yes I did place them on my islands

  33. geoff anderson

    i also have put a big ben on every island and they
    have not registered it is so annoying when you dont want all these big bens anyway

  34. Tony Mannering

    What is the purpose of this. All you do is spend massive amounts of money & get nothing in return. It real rubbish!!!

  35. I love challenges and finished all of the achievements but if I had only known that you would get only 1 WP I would not have done them for all the Zoo dollars and breeding and buying things for each island. I would have been better off to save my zoo dollars to buy animals and breed since they cost an enormous zoo dollar. Such a pity, looks like you could give at least 25 WP for all the efforts we all went thru. Thanks anyway, I will love zoo world and it is my favorite game to play.

  36. Betty Musser ID 100001125702970
    I agree with many of the statements by my zoomates and in part devs replies. One does have to spend money to make money. A zoo needs various types of animals and guides telling in an interesting manner the stories of each species. The guides either live or machine. Kids are always hungry, have Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Hamburgers, even a pizzeria Of course drinks, ice creams, cotton candy, popcorn., munchies like fruit or whatever. (continued)

  37. Betty Musser (continued)
    I do love Zoo and if told to put an Opera House amid my Jungle animals< I do. Such a strange sight, wow!
    I'd like to have two enterprises, my Zoo and my Wonders of the World. It could have the various sit down and be served restaurants; Jewelry Stores, etc.
    When you reach at least XP 300/400 form a conglomerate.
    Then add trips to the moon and deep sea excursions A dreamer, maybe, but it will be.

    Back to Zoo and animals and building the habitats of various species'

    My visiting hrs 8 AM till noon I love ZooWorld 1

  38. OK after we get all the achievement levels it only says keep feeding your animals to get WLP’s. Does anyone know how many animals to get what for WLP’s? Curious minds want to know?????? đŸ™‚

  39. The Big Ben purchases has stopped me from achieving the achievement levels. Not enough money, I could have been better until I purchased maintenance managers on sale for over 3 million each and then was charged over 4 million each when I purchased them, so I double paid for each MM. 4,400,000 plus for 20 MM is over 88,000,000 I was ripped off for. No one will answer an email I sent many of them. To top it off I paid to breed 11 animals, 7 of them were placed in nests but when I returned they were gone, 4 of them never were placed in nests but the money was deducted. Another big chunk that I won’t get back, can;t have the WLPs for those 11 animals I paid for either. And they want us to be HAPPY CAMPERS playing the game. If you ask me to buy something it is my choice is I do or not, do I want to pay the price to level up. But, when you steal it from me I don’t have a choice and no way to fight the BIG GUYS.

  40. after reading all these posts I’m kind of getting the idea that we all ‘need a life’. I mean, I’ve loved playing these games, despite all the problems. I’m at achievement lvl 100… yeah you know… the stupid Dogwood tree level.. we can’t get. I play a couple of games including Z2… but I’m finding I spend more time competing in this make believe world… then really living and competing in the real world. As of here and know… I commit to just one hour a day (my leisure chair time) to “play”… the rest I’m going to live!

  41. I am a Canadian and I play Zoo like a lot of other Canadians do … would think that you would have something for July 1st `CANADA DAY.

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