Earn 70 Free Wildlife Points by Sending Real Flowers and Chocolates

TrialPay Popup in Zoo WorldUntil February 15th, you can send real-world flowers and chocolates through Zoo World, and get a sweet surprise in return: 70 free Wildlife Points, courtesy of TrialPay.

Your loved one gets beautiful roses or decadent caramels, and you get an extra batch of points to go toward Island Expansions, Breeding Specialists, and a menagerie of Ultra Rares.

How it works:

Send a lovely bouquet with ProFlowers

RosesMake an online purchase of ProFlowers (through this link), and you’ll get 70 free Wildlife Points along with a beautiful floral arrangement.

Send sweet chocolates with Ghirardelli

ChocolatesMake an online purchase of Ghiradelli chocolates for $20 or more (before taxes and shipping, and after coupons), and you’ll get 70 free Wildlife Points for your zoo.

To get started, click the Send Flowers and Send Chocolate buttons in Zoo World!

Flower and Chocolates Banner in Zoo World

Disclaimer: Does not count for Ghirardelli Gift Card purchases or ProFlowers wine or Bridesign orders. Please note that if you cancel your order, TrialPay reserves the right to revoke virtual currency.

8 responses to “Earn 70 Free Wildlife Points by Sending Real Flowers and Chocolates

  1. I ordered Candy and I have not received my 70 wlps.

    • If you still haven’t received your WLP by the time you read this, please contact TrialPay with your order information. They are handling all issues related to this offer, and they are the best equipped to fix this for you.

      Their support page is located here:


    • Brooks Widmaier

      me either. I just chocked it up to poor business. But, my aunt did get her $35 worth of candy so I didn’t pursue the WLPTS. Bummer. I’m on level 184 and there have been other glitches along the way. Good luck all.

  2. I ordered Chocolates from Ghiradelli the first day it was posted, unfortunately at that time it did not specify that you needed to order $20 to receive the wildlife points or that you needed to contact trialpay to get the wildlife points. So I only ordered $12 then someone told me I needed to contact trialpay and they said the order had to be $20, so I emailed Ghiradelli and increased my order to $24. I have already received the chocolate but have yet to receive the 70 wildlife points which is really upsetting me.

  3. I think this is a good idea to be able to buy flowers or chocolates and get wlp for those purchases. Pam Spritzre

  4. I ordered they were delivered late and not anything like what I paid for and contact trialpay good luck I keep getting my emails sent back as turned down now what does that tell you?

  5. as for the link for trial pay tried it the only thing it does is tell me my email does not exist nobody had any trouble taking my money just on delivering their promises

  6. armaan choudhary

    maggie says:

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