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Australia Relief KangarooDear Zoo World Community,

Today we issued an in-game letter announcing our decision to increase our Australian Flood Relief donation amount to 100% of the profits  and calling for ideas for something we can do together to change the world.

With 6 million monthly players, we are the largest wildlife loving organization in human history!  We went to leverage our mass and create something in Zoo World to do something positive for the animals we love.  We need your help!  Ask each other, what can 6 million people do to make a difference?

Some examples of things we could implement in Zoo World would be Google Image Labeler , which used manpower to complete the daunting task of tagging all internet images in a matter of months by turning it into a fun game, EteRNA , where you help scientists understand life at the cellular level, or , which has a partner donate 10 grains of rice for every vocabulary quiz passed.

While we don’t have a benevolent partner other than you, our awesome users, we still think we can do something great while making it fun!  The idea doesn’t necessarily have to deal with all of us donating money to an animal oriented charity, but could also use our sheer manpower to spread awareness or a message.  We know you are creative and compassionate!

What can we do to save endangered species or help animal shelters support the abandoned?  How can we make sure the world is sustainable so that our children and their children can see all the awe-inspiring creatures that we love today?  There are no wrong answers; please share your ideas with us by commenting here!

Thank you, we’re so excited!

The Zoo World Team
RockYou, Inc.

303 responses to “Help Us Make a Difference!

  1. Catherine Elizabeth Allen-Marin

    Have a zoo island in the likeness of Australia for a charitable fee of, well I don’t know, let’s say $15.

    • Cute idea, Catherine! We will keep this in mind!

      • Why not for a small fee .. as most people cannot afford alot in these times, bring back the wlf trees. everybody seems to be asking for more ways of earning wlf points.. and the cheaper your price for them the more they will buy..and will prob get more for the cause…. you could do this with other items so we could earn wlf points quicker… the more we earn the more we to speak!…. the more for charity.

      • if any one can translate to english for my word.. to type tnx//

        sana isipin ng ng tao kung ano ba talaga ang maliit na pangangailngan ng isang hayop dahil sa maliit na panga2langng ito habang dumadami ay lumalaki..
        halos 10 taong mahigit bago makabangon ang kalikasan at kaya itong sirain ng tao sa isang araw magagawa tayo para ayusin ang problema hulihin ang mga taong abusado sa kalikasan maging maliit man ito o malaki. kausapin ang mga kapanalig na grupo o tao sa kagubatan mag lagay paskel o sign board sasisirain palang nilang lugar ..
        at sa nasira nila mag lagay ulit ng halaman..
        dahila sa maliit na butil ng binhi mag kakaroon ng puno mabubuhay ang kalikasanat pag ito ay naging mayabong mabubuhay ang mga hayop..
        hayop na pinangangalagaan nyo..!!

      • Can you set up shop to use a credit card without having to go through paypal? I’d love to help but I have had my paypal account hacked so many times that I closed mine up. Otherwise might have donated to flood relief in Australia, I have very great friends down under there.

    • Paula Schenebeck

      I already have one of my islands in Zoo World dedicated to Australia… now we just need more Australian animals!

    • i Zoo folks. Some of my zoo mates and I have an idea. We propose to raise funds for the charity in the following way. First we have all encountered the “Sorry you can not help anymore zoo friends today” message when sending our mates help with their animals and such. Our idea is that you could offer a package of 20 additional “Helps” for one Wild Life Point. The profits could then be donated to the charity. And perhaps Zoo World could offer a matching donation along with the purchase. For example, say I buy 40 extra zoo “helps” for two wildlife coins and zoo matches another two wildlife coins and the charity gets the value of 4 wildlife coins donated to their cause. I know that we all can spare one or two wildlife points here and there and it will help the players, the charity and zoo world. Its an everybody wins scenario.

      Thanks for considering our idea, and for caring enough to support worthy charities.
      Cheryl and Zoo Mates.

      • There is no way I could do this!!! We don’t have enough opportunities to earn WLP’s. And, I’m sorry if this ruffles feathers, but I can’t afford to spend my real money, on things in the shop. Is there another alternative? Or is this just for your richer players? Check out the “Save a Cat” app. Could we do something similar?

    • It’s not about the money, but the Love. Money is just a tool to express. Having said that, I’m inspired by the Love of the people of Zoo World, and of the makers that decided to give their profits to a very worthy cause.
      We all do our best, each in our own way. Big or small, each gesture counts.

      Love to you all!

    • Can you turn off those walking around my zoo its difficult and dicouraging to collect my hearts and all other functions any-way mabe- we could have some animals, trees and flowers and an island of Newzealand.

    • I think if you can get facebook to help you can get alote of money and to have everyone help out on facebook.

  2. Steven Williamson

    You could offer Fancy breed dogs ( I have a brindle Boxer!) and cats and offer 100% of the proceeds to save animals or provide food for them where people are facing bankruptcy and cannot afford to keep their animals. the recession may be over, but people are really struggling and so are their pets.

    • Very true! Thank you for the idea!

    • Many food banks across the country take pet foods and distribute to people to help them keep their pets; and the breed rescues have waiting lists of people needing to surrender their dogs. These organizations could benefit and they are on the front lines to help people who need it.

      • Another sector of the animal world that is often overlooked are Service Animals. Many of the people who need these helper animals have trouble feeding and providing vet care for them. Not to mention the equipment (vests, mobility harness, collar, leash, etc.), grooming and training. I run a non 501(c)(3) non-profit in the Duluth, MN area. We teach people in need of a helper animal how to train their own animal. We provide advocacy, eduction, training and food and vet care assistance on an “as funds permit” basis. Because we are not yet tax deductable (raising the money and filling out the application for the IRS!) no one gets a salary. Every penny we raise goes to keep SASS: Service Animal Support Services running (gas for car, ink for printers, blank business cards for ID’s, etc.) or to the animals care. Please consider the differentlyabled and their animal partners as recipients as well. Thank you.

  3. Let me Post this on my profile page and see what kind of response We get!!!!

  4. We could do a link to the animal rescue site.

    • This is a pretty interesting idea. Maybe an in-game feature that could directly influence the rescue site in a way?

    • Elizabeth Irving-Waddleton

      I can think of two exceptional unique sites, Bats Conservation & Frogs International, the only amphibian website out there. Although I think both would be great as links with the release of new animals, I also believe they could provide info for a quiz or two, and–based on how many quizzes, photos and actual hits they receive from ZW, plus perhaps a refeerence link from them to Zoo, a small portion of the proceeds could go to them. (These 2 sites also go out into the community to offer education about their species.) ** I also like the idea of an animal rescue site-link. 🙂

  5. Thank you for donating to the flood relief! I vote for helping endangered species. The endangered need our help and if we can make a difference then it’s a great place to start.

  6. Thanks for the recognition to your customers, and for helping the Australian people.
    Personally, I would love to see a financial effort towards saving the world’s Tigers, an endeavor close to my heart. Although 2010 was the Chinese ‘Year of the Tiger’, because of dwindling territory and numbers, every year now becomes the year of this incredibly beautiful, exotic and rare apex predator, the tiger.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  7. mitzy rivas salomon

    can you do something to help children with HIV it will be a huge cause to support. because the biggest difference in their lives is to show them that we care and understand¡¡¡

  8. Zoo Team,

    As an Aussie who was effected by the floods (lost a dear mate, etc), I want to thank you for all the thoughts and effort ‘the team’ has under taken to make a difference.

    In Australia, we know humanity exist. It is nice to know it is catching on in other parts of the world.

    A humble and heartfelt Thank You.

  9. You could help people to become more aware that there are rescues for other animals than cats and dogs. I am a member of a parrot rescue and we get calls for us to take more parrots then we can handle. They cost a lot to take care of. We are always looking for people to adopt birds rather then buy birds from pets stores.

    • That’s very true! Thank you, Kathy!


    • I agree with Kathy, there are many different animal rescues, not just dogs and cats, there are several bird rescues and the rescue/conservation group that I’m on the BOD with is the Arizona Herpetological Association, we will take in surrendered reptiles & amphibians and find new forever homes for them. Tortoises and Parrots are a lifelong commitment, sometimes necessitating a provision in a person’s will, so they can’t just be re-homed recklessly, much needs to go into placing a parrot or a Sulcutta tortoise as each could easily live over 80 – 100 years with proper care.

      Personally, I’d like to see more birds and reptiles available to buy in the zoo, there’s currently 12 pages of mammals, 5 pages of birds, 3 pages of reptiles, and only one of insects/bugs. These three (bugs, birds & reptiles) represent the majority of animal life on this planet but are under-represented in the zoo. Just a thought.


    • I like the idea of doing animals for both places. If we continue to do this for the places that have a disaster, we might be able to make this a better place to live.


  12. farmville helped out haiti by way of us farmers sending the school supplies back and forth why cant zooworld come up with something we can send back and forth to help them out like all of us did on our farms ???? i feel this would really be beneficail in helping and you still help by donating some of what we would send around . like the school supplies that zynga did. we all did the very best we could to help haiti and i know we can do it again to help these people out ty for your time kathy bruce

    • I think this is a great idea and I along with many of my friends worked on the Haiti cause in Farmville. I am retired and can’t afford to pay so if you can get sponsors to donate for so many clicks on their add which can perhaps be connected to an animal that represents the particular country or cause this can be acceptable to companies and can be included in their budgets and tax free donations. This would mean that the more clicks from people like us would produce revenue to help the various countries animals. I would be happy to spend a couple of hours more each day clicking if it can help.

  13. Do something to help rescued animals that were used for research that are now in a sanctuary to find forever homes. (Like Kindness Ranch in Hartville, WY) !

  14. There are so many animals being abandoned because of the poor economy. So many cats, dogs & horses are starving, left alone and not understanding why. The No-Kill shelters are packed with animals no where to go. I also live in horse country…….so many horses are underfed because of feed prices going beyond many peoples means of paying to feed them. The Nature conservancy is also an organization that preserves land which in turn protects natural habitats…………..It would be wonderful if Zoo World could help protect animals and habitats. I would support these causes 100%. I would also hope that zoo world could let the players know what your costs are and how much actually went to Australia. Break it down in $ amounts. I would probably give more if I knew the actual amounts. Thank you for asking our opinions!

  15. How about making a Zooworld food that last for more than two days costing a certain amount everytime it is used?

  16. I would like to see game cards for zoo world.

  17. There are so many animals that need help and considering we are all playing with pretend animals, maybe there is a way that we can use them to help the real ones. We can buy dogs and cats and have $ go to help real dogs and cats. We can buy seals to help seals. We can buy buffalo to help buffalo, ETC.

    • This is one a popular idea, it seems. Well said! So something where different theme animals give to different shelters of that type when purchased? That’s a neat way to let dog lovers help dogs, cat lovers help cats, etc.

  18. Why not just continue with what is started already…Australia…We have the Sidney opera house. More animals. Like Catherine suggested above ^ an Island in the shape of Aust., So many fascinating creatures in Australia. Lets continue with that…Trees, birds, crocks. land marks. Already have a small outback theme going in my zoo.

  19. I would like a zoo island in the shape of another country, such as was suggested earlier of Australia, or perhaps along the lines of a rain forest with more variety of trees from the Amazon…?

  20. Offer us an island shaped as Australia and various native animals (at .99 or 1.99 to inhabit the island). Rather than ask for WLP to get an additional island charge $10 or $15 for the island.

    • While I think, in theory, this is a good idea, please stop and think of the older Pensioners (Welfare recipients I think we are called in some countries) and other low income earners. .99 or 1.99 does not sound much but when we have to use a credit card, which then has interest charges, it would not be possible for us. Also the same applies to the idea of charging $10 or $15 per additional island. We would have to quit playing as we would not be able to afford to buy them. We have to live on meagre amounts supplied by our governments as it is, please don’t penalise us for playing an enjoyable game.

  21. How about an extinct island with extinct animals that are no more…
    or allow us to upgrade certain animals with sounds, or choose to have waterfalls that are running or rivers that are flowing for a donated cost, or have endless supply of questions regarding the zoo animals as an add on for a cost for those of us that like this feature. Or add ocean animals to the outside of the islands for a fee, or allow the mustang to run free around the island for a fee. In other-wards, something you don’t already have but that would induce folks to part with their funds, and make it clear it is ALL a charitable donation. I thought you did well with the Haiti flamingos.

  22. I like to sugust to help out on some project that r around to buy some rainforest, so wild animas can keep their natural habitat , r suport wild life parks to protect against pouchers

  23. Offer endangered species to buy for your zoo that would help organizations that are trying to help these animals.

  24. `You could try to get all of the animals out of there.

  25. There are obvious answers….donate to legitimate charities, ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace. If you are looking to help children all overthe world…Charity:Water is a good one that makes a big impact for developing nations by providing clean water to its children and helping the people help themselves so that they can maintain clean water.
    These would be my suggestions.

  26. You could use the money to offer free wildlife and pet food to zoos, animal sanctuaries, pet owners, etc. Also, I’m a vegetarian and am thinking there might be a way you could promote people to not eat so much meat! Thanks for a great game 🙂

    • Its true alot of animals are killed for meat, even horses. Thats why i dont eat alot of meat anymore probaly just once a year

  27. To whom it may concern,
    How about stepping up and helping the wildlife hurt by the BP oil spill? I know it is “capped” but that doesn’t mean that the threat to our beloved marshes and the wildlife habitats aren’t still being affected-or our wildlife…INCLUDING OUR STATE BIRD, the BROWN PELICAN. Who can forget the images of our pelicans covered in oil? Don’t forget about our sea turtles, or even our oyster beds, etc. I would really like to see RY step up from just a changed wording in a fb feed posting of an animal covered in oil and needing to be cleaned to something to help raise money for those very animal’s care and rehabilitation. At the very least, it would show to me, and other southern Louisianans impacted by the oil spill that you care about the wildlife here in the United States as well.
    Thank you,
    Tricia Dukes
    southern Louisianan and creator of the fb page “SOUTHERN CHARMS”

    • Very, very well said, Tricia. I’m intrigued by the idea of using missions in a way that would help animals more directly, like they describe in-game.

      • MISSIONS!
        How about some special ZW mission animals that mirror real causes? Each completion – or some other measure – donates to the cause. Use sponsors – they get targeted advertising, causes get $$$, RockYou gets the credit for doing good.
        You can also get pet goods suppliers to sponsor special animals, decorations, kiosks for donations to shelters and rescues.
        Zoological Parks (Busch Gardens, San Diego Zoo, etc.) can be great advisory partners!

  28. I would’ve liked to have seen something like the Australian/Haiti animals done for the BP Oil spill animals. I’d have bought an animal for that.

  29. Charlene Rae Copeland

    Making people aware of having their animals spayed or neutered would help. I live in a mobile home park and people abandon their animals all the time. I feed all the animals that come to my home. They let their children abuse the animals which just makes me sick. I feel that anyone that will harm an animal will harm a human being. People need to understand that animals are live creatures just like people and do have feelings. I have a lot of friends that don’t think so. They say..oh they are just dumb animals they don’t have feelings like we do.

    • Charlene todo lo que piensas lo pienso yo tambien tenemos en las ciudades tantos animales abandonados y los niños maltratan a estos seres indefensos es tanto lo que debemos hacer para ayudar a nuestros hermanos pequeños que no sabemos por donde empezar.



  31. Janet Walker-Games

    Unsure of what kind of promo you could do but there are wonderful charities out there that need any help that can be given. AAZPA is a national zoo-wide organization that inspects zoos and is an organization where zookeepers can get together and do projects to help their zoos. I believe the name has changed but that can be checked at any reputable zoo. The World Wildlife Fund is another wonderful organization to help. There is of course the multiple charities under the Jane Goodall name and the Digit Fund, set up by Dian Fossey originally to help save the mountain gorilla. The gorillas ZW offers are lowland gorillas. A mountain gorilla could be offered and proceeds to be sent to the appropriate organization.

  32. Make a special person, like the tree shaker and the Zoo feeder, that when in need you can use this person to take care of your zoo while your away on a trip or can’t be with your zoo. Make it to where you have to pay per day for every day this person is used and can be used for 1 week or 2.

    • great idea

      • Thank you and I hope any of mine will help.

      • love this! especially since had problems when had to send my computer in for maintenance. can stop breeding but nothing else.

      • that is very good idea,about the collecter and shaking person being hired for no. of days per months,IF its not to exp. becouse as the person mentioned above gov.”welfare” whether its ss.ssi.,or ssd gives u barely enough to feed yourself,but,i love theses games i love every creature on this earth and would give up to 20$ a month to share with them.

  33. We could encourage our players to use reusable bags and not plastic bags at the grocery stores. We could give everyone a free animal who takes this pledge. This would save thousands of sea creatures as well as seals, etc. It would also help out our oceans. You could work up say a cute sea lion with a please save me from plastic bags sign or something.

  34. So many animals are on the verge of extinction most notably tigers. How about offering a Sumatran tiger whose numbers are less than 400 in the wild and donate money to that. Or with sharks declining because of shark finning and global warming, how about offering a hammerhead shark and donate to preservation of sharks. Then there are the bats that are dying by the millions because of White Nose Syndrome. You can offer a grey bat for that.

  35. There are a lot of programs out there for pets. But I haven’t really seen anything to help pay medical bill for our pets. Some medical bills can cost a lot of money.And i would love to see free training for our cat and dogs. A well mannered pet is more likely to stay in a families home. And easier to place pound pet if they are trained. For zoo world offer a dog that can be trained.

  36. I think it is great to have fund raisers as part of a game. And i cannot think of a better cause for the zoo game along with the natural disaster relief you guys do other than this great organization i help with. the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue gives a lifelong home to unwanted exotics i.e. tigers, lions, primates, birds monkeys etc. I know many who would buy the special animals to help with the care of the ones in captivity. The website is check them out. thanks

  37. Help shelters and animal rescues with the continuous growth of homeless/abandoned and abused animals….shelters and rescues and foster groups are having a difficult time with funding of foods/vetting/spay and neutering.. and shelter space as well as getting animals to out of state adopters or fosters…thousand of animals die each week from being euthanized, because of low funds and space and untreated illness

  38. I wish you could save shelter animals! The only real way to save them is to stop overpopulation…and that would require money for FREE spaying and neutering for any animal brought in. Lets raise funds for spay/neuter and vaccines ! Sanctuaries would also be a lovely idea.

    • I definitely agree with this. as bob barker always said, “be sure to spay and neuter your pets.” I think this is a lovely idea! thanks for writing in!

  39. While selling other things on Zooworld, why not sell experience points?

  40. May be you could design a once a month/week animal to buy in the shop for example showcase a pound puppy adopt for 99 cents. The next month a pound kitty for 99 cents. An abandoned horse etc. etc. and those proceeds to non kill shelters and then work on endangered wildlife and showcase that particular animal in the shop for 99 cents with proceeds to nonprofit wildlife rescues.

  41. I felt honored that I in a small part could help Australia. Helping animals is what I love to do. When a crisis like what happened in Australia occurs, knowing that we her in the zoo are willing to help should keep RockYou on it’s toes to offer something that will allow the money paid to go directly to the area in crisis. Thanks RockYou

  42. And BTW, since this is Zoo World, I think your focus should be on saving animals only.

  43. We need a link to all kinds of rescue groups, maybe new one every two months – dogs, cats, horses, birds, farm animals.
    small to large animals.
    they all need our help, with the links everyone can visit and make a donation when every they want, and for how much they want, maybe rockyou can match 50% or 100%. They all need HELP! Lets see how many animals we can help.

  44. I know we have done Kiosk and decorations already but maybe you could either re-release them or do a kanagroo with a baby joey .

    • i heard there is another zoo game that has a re-release feature for endangered species which is a great idea. you could pay to put back in the wild after breeding

  45. Marsha Howes-Booth

    As the virtual game is Zoo World it would be wonderful if there could be promotions where a percentage of our purchases help benefit such organizations as Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd , World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Conservation International, etc.

  46. Save our Wild Mustangs. Save all horses that go to slaughter. Help the rescues save the horses, understand that this is huge task. People don’t even know this stuff goes on.. Nice young horses, even foals are being shipped to slaughter by the thousands. TBs that have made a half million dollars on the race track go to slaughter. Sadly this is no joke it is the facts.. Please, the horses need our help!


    • LOVE this idea, Pamala! We will keep this in mind!

      • this is a great idea. i was going to support the idea previously suggested about offering certain animals to donate for their survival (silverback gorilla, sumatran tigers, whales, dolphins, seals, wolves, horses, dogs, cats, etc.) but if there could be a way to rotate donations for each type of animal to a bunch of organizations appropriate (I personally try to give to over 50 every few yrs) or let donator pick their favorite from a list.
        can do environmental (Earth Justice, Rainforest Action Network…) domestic animals & shelters (North shore animal league, Alley Cat Rescue, Habitat for Horses, Best Friends in Utah, Nat’l Humane Society…) wildlife (Big Cat Rescue, Tiger Haven, WWF…) as well as the zoo society mentioned above (like when purchase the island) since it is a zoo game.
        it is so wonderful to want to harness all game playing animal lovers’ resources to help those in need!

  48. i know there are many organizations for animal welfare we could helpbut dont you think we might want to help people first? many have helped hatti and many other countries with emergency’s ,But it seems every one in the world thinks the USA never needs help? well we had a flood here a few years ago and well there are still people in great knead help how about we all help the USA for a change?Oh and just for a side suggestion how about we try and create some jobs so the people we are helping can help themselves through our help.From what i have seen they mostly need help rebilding there homes and there why not have buildable keyosks ?

  49. I love how much we the players have helped so many by doing something we love. I know you guys did a fund raiser for Haiti too. I think it would be nice if we could use the wild life points and had multiple choices. An example would be the Australia Floods, The Earthquakes in Haiti. I think it should go on until the problems are solved. All year long or until resolved not just a timed event. If you don’t want to contribute you don’t have to buy the animals. I think upgrading like with the valentines animals should be an option if you want the ultra rares. Maybe also come up with platinum animals for the causes with a bigger contribution. Just some ideas . Thanks April


  50. I would like to see more help for animal rescue shelters. They’re badly overcrowded and underfunded.

  51. that can fund there rebuild in some way.just a thought thanks.

  52. I love all animals thats why i play zoo world. I wish i could help all of them because all animals need help and they did not ask to be here but they are and they need help.

  53. Rachael Holloway

    Yesterday the Australian Sea Shepherd intercepted a japanese whaling fleet and stopped the needless culling for this season. The japanese boats will return though unless the world unites against this cause. These whales migrate to Aussie waters to give birth and rear their young so if a mother is killed by these whaling boats the infants are left to their peril. On another note we need to band together to stop palm oil being used in everyday products as the habitats for the orangutans is quickly vanishing leaving them with nowhere to live safely.

  54. I would love to see us come together to lobby for children’s protections to extend to animals so that they will be Federally protected from abusers of any kind. We can join together to be their voice asking “please love us, please protect us.” We can make a huge difference in mass. You have the ability to help this dream take off and come to fruition.

    • if there could be links to petitions made on ’causes’ or the petition site so they can gain more signatures that could be presented to change laws such as animal cruelty laws. maybe a space on the home page on top where people can post links to important fundraisers or projects or petitions that would scroll?

  55. I think some money from sales should go to the World Wildlife Fund – many players are confused on this issue and actually believe that the in game ‘Wildlife Fund’ are affiliated to the famous charity – this is a little misleading but if it were true and a proportion of monies were allotted to the real charitable fund this could work very much to Rockyou’s and the WWF’s advantage – If the ACTUAL World Wildlife Fund were to endorse the Zooworld game our community would grow even further – if the WWF were to let their all their members know about Zooworld ..and all our community were to know that a percentage of sales were actually making a real difference to real animals this may boost sales too – it may be a big WIN for all concerned. I am not sure how you would push the idea through but i am sure that the charity would be very interested to talk about it 🙂

  56. clifford roberts

    Hi… anything you can do to ease the burdon of this disaster on our land or our animals is gratefully appreciated, I for one, lst over 15 thousand dollars worth of contents when my home was engulfed in a major flood on Friday 4th Feb. This was the worst flood in recorded history for this region. I live in a semi rural enviroment, and often see injured or dead wild life on roads, in fields nearby etc. Please keep up the good work,,,

    PS. I was (to be honest) disgusted with you when you first released the ‘brolly kangaroo’, stating 80% of profits go the Qld flood relief…. I beleived then , as I still do know, that 100% should have forwarded to begin with… However it seems now that you have rectified this issue, thank you.
    the flood disaster however is now not just isolated to Qld, but NSW and more importantly Victoria are also now affected, as I said, my home copped a deluge..

  57. Charles J. Durand

    as far as your suggestion goes, thousands of people buy your dollar and 1.99 animals that you post on zoo, instead of .99 cents make it 1.99 or2.50 and give half the amount to the wildlife. the animals that you put out for these special prices make them endangered species like the greater sulfer crested cockatoo, cuban amazon, or patagonian conyer that are becoming extinct in british geanna or animals specific to other countries that are becoming extinct by selling the picture of these animals not only will you be helping them but you will be showing people the beauty of all these different animals birds, fish, mammals, lizards that without there help will be gone and just a picture in a book where a child will say oh look there used to be this when mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa were younger.

  58. Sandy Sack Donahue

    The Great Bear Foundation out of Missoula Montana works to study and protect all kinds of bears and to educate humans to live safely and environmentally responsibly with bears. It also sponsors each year the ONLY (and least expensive) environmentally responsible expedition to Churchill, Manitoba on Hudson Bay to observe and study the polar bear and try to help to keep it from extinction. I would love to see a polar bear that would help to fund this worthy organization. If you e-mail me, I will provide a link to GBF.

  59. I like what you have been doing with .99 animals all of us can afford it and it is for a good cause, I do know that many zoo players do buy more then one in their zoo. Also you should look at the disasters that happen in the US with all the Tornadoes and during the Hurricane season.
    Recently there was news about the Tasmiaran Devil that is almost extinct because of cancer and there is only about 2,000 of them left. You can do something for that

    • I love this idea. Maybe we could couple certain promotions with education on the matter. I hadn’t heard of the tasmanian devil problem; perhaps the $1 animal popup could include a “read more” about the Tasmanian Devil’s plight.

      Or what if it was attached to a zoo mission in some way?

  60. Hi, maybe you could do and extinct animal series to high light the need to protect habitats and the very endangered animals all around the world – and possibly offer something like a rainforest map. Deforestation is a huge problem, and so is loss of habitat.

    Thank you

  61. I would like to know how much was donated to the Australian Flood Relief appeal in $ rather than just a percentage so that people can see that they are actually making a difference. There are many worth causes but people need to know their money isn’t being wasted and actually reaches the people who need it most.

  62. Make a special animal dedicated to Australia, but make it so you can afford to buy it.

  63. As an Aussie, I thank you all for your help with flood relief. I thought I’d share with you the news that a new sanctuary has been made in the Hunter Valley for the protection and breeding of the Tasmanian Devil. As you may be aware the population of this animal has almost been wiped out in Tasmania because of a facial cancer and those free of the disease have been moved here in the hope that they will be bred to begin new colonies of disease free animals. We don’t want to lose them

  64. As a local zoo & petting farm volunteer I know the comfort that an animal give and share and the crulity of some people . I am for any special animal or island offered by Zoo World that would contribute to the cause.

  65. I do volunteer work for a rescue ranch that rescues horses, cats and dogs (Wildhorse Rescue Ranch) so if you linked together with an organization like this and had special animals that if they were purchased a portion of the purchase would go to that charity. Same thing with animals that are known in Austrialia a portion going to the flood victims, etc. Or how about having after so many purchases of an certain animals then you donate a specified amount to a 501(c) charity. Just a couple of thoughts.

  66. How about an animal indigenous to Brazil to do an Aid for the floods there. Or something to raise money for the hungry? Or a rainforest island and animals to raise awareness of deforestation and the global effects?

  67. Andrea Weisberger

    Animals that have been abandoned and sent to kill facilities desperately financial resources to be saved and rehabilitated and placed in loving homes. So many people want to help but have limited resources. Pets on Death Row!/pages/Pets-on-Death-Row/155925874419253 is one of these grassroots organizations that really makes a difference — every day. Not all can be rescued, but without caring people like these, all is lost.

  68. I am Canadian working presently in Haiti. While the immediate post-quake help was fabulous, the country is in constant need of the smallest help it can get. Humans are in dire need but animals in Haiti fare even worse. Would it be possible to support a shelter for abandoned animals or even some?

    On a different note, how about having several ongoing charity projects that would allow people to donate to the cause they support? A Haiti island? Some cute kittens/dogs to buy and use the money to support a shelter? Australia Island? Ethiopia hunger relief food kiosks? They could all be going one simultaneously for longer time?

    Thank you for your efforts!

  69. As an Aussie & a Zoo world player I want to thank you for all your help. I live in the southern part of Australia and I have trouble getting my head around the size of the affected area and how isolated the communities there are. Every little bit helps and Zoo World has helped in a big way, thank you Paul.

  70. I love the Idea of an Island that we can buy, or having our aquatic animals in the water, you could charge 99 cents to convert the sea life we already own to some how put them in the water, It would free up space on our Islands and I think it would look really cool to see them there. As for who to support with these Ideas it should really stay with animals since the game is about animals. Thanks for asking our opinions in this matter.

  71. 1) If an in-game Zoo World animal purchase is chosen, keep the fund-raiser aspect available on a continuous basis and have a succession of different species available. Personally, I would buy a fund raiser-animal as often as I could when different ones became available, but not duplicates.
    2) There are so many worthy animal conservation and rescue charities available, it is impossible to choose just one. Would it be possible to either A) divide all funds raised each month/quarter/etc. among several charities or B) Change the assigned charity on a regular basis?

  72. It would be a good idea to state the $$$ amount donated members, to any cause you promote. As it is, I have absolutely no idea how successful the Autralian Roo promo was other than your word! It would allow a greater impact if the total $$$ raised were published.

  73. How about having a Bake sale or something

  74. Start a new game… same format as Zoo World … except instead of wild animals…make them all kinds of dogs (different breeds etc).. all moneys (after expenses of course) from this game goes to SPCA/Rescues/animal relief funds. … you could buy male / female dogs, have puppies, dog shows etc… If it flies…do same for cats… 6 million people can save a lot of animals and it would be fun too…. instead of islands… split dogs into groups like AKC does. The potential is limitless

  75. Thank you for your help for Australia . Disasters are happening everywhere on the planet and affecting animals all over the world.. we had the Gulf oil disaster and millions of animals are affected . It is permanent and sad. Helping animals everywhere is important no matter what the cause.. Please post weekly causes for animals all over the world.. we will give, we love our Critters.

  76. ZooWorld team,
    I would like to see more rare animals and different animals that we could purchase for a price or WL points to go toward helping out people who have been devastated by disasters, economy, and the poor animals that suffer becasue of no food and shelter.

  77. maybe offer to take some of the animals and have them put in a zoo here or wildlife park
    eg discovery wildlife park here in innisfail alberta or maybe the calgary zoo
    animals that need help to survive
    anyways its a thought
    go to we are also on face book

  78. Dear Zoo Wildlife Protection Fund;
    After the Gulf Oil Spill most marine life and many birds were poisoned. Would zoo be willing to relocate endangered animals to a protected area? Micronesia islands, Saipan, Guam, Marshall islands and other US Protectorates have pristine habitats and maritime laws protecting their waters up to 200 miles at sea. Perhaps some of the birds whose eggs are so damaged by toxins in their blood stream and some of the marine life could populate in the Micronesian environment. Pacific water temperatures are much higher than the Gulf and Atlantic, but preservation of the species depends on breeding in a toxin free environment which also might be found elsewhere. In Houston I once visited the Bush Beer Gardens which had a huge huge cage wherein birds were bred. In Miami the Fairchild Gardens are home to many birds, In Austin, Texas Barton Springs has a bizarre wild parrot habitat. Relocating wildlife is sometimes accidental and sometimes deliberate but it does save many species from hunters and pollution. I also think if we are hoping to save animals by taking them to areas where the local population might not consider their plight as seriously as we do in the USA school children could be paid to read booklets in their language about the necessity of maintaining Stewardship of our planet. There are people at this time in our country who accept payment from hunters to shoot imported species on huge tracts of land, one such site is in Gonzales, Texas (not to be confused with the Amish lands nearby) What if zoo paid these people to propagate animals rather than hunt them with landrovers and headlights? What if zoo connected with landowners in other parts of the country to provide their land as habitats? What if Zoo hired a lobbyist who would promote legislation in the US Congress to reward farmers and rancher for breeding species which are endangered. If I can do anything, I have experience on Capitol Hill and would volunteer to use my access to promote any project which has feasibility.
    Kathryn Stewart-McDonald
    Thanks for the opportunity to throw in my twos cents.

  79. I once donated trees for a low cost thru this site for $1 a tree and had them planted in a needy country

    maybe we could get 1 WLP for every tree we buy – check it out. Animal rescues/shelters are also worthwhile projects – you could also give us a choice of several organizations to select from when we make a purchase.

  80. You have many good ideas here. How about contributing to each one of them by doing special animals of the week? Each week highlight a different charity and donate the proceeds to that charity. Do five animals at .99 cents each and people will buy the animals to help the charity. The animals would match the charity in a way…Australia, special Koala bear, cassowary, bottle nosed dolphin, sawfish and such. This way the players receive benefit of a new animal and get to help the charity too. You can also post a link to the charity of the week’s website so that people can contribute to the cause on their own as well. Repeat the offers so those that missed them will be able to get the animals and help the charity. You can always find wonderful charities to help.

  81. There are so many NGOs that help animals any many of us would send funds or help if we knew about them. Why not spotlight a group by linking them to an animal, new or not, for real or zoo money. Have an icon somewhere where you can see all the groups that have been featured, then we can learn what groups are out there and what they do.

  82. There are so many good causes out there..Save the whales,save the Bears, saving habitats from Palm sugar industry..Retaining what natural Habitat Australia has left for there ever increasing number of endangered species..
    If we could find an international organisation that was really doing something to help worldwide issues then this would be mind blowingly worthwhile. Community driven action can be so effective.
    What about supporting those who are against mega giants like Monsanto who are industrial terrorists that think they are saving the world with there GM products and pesticides..

  83. Help Build a homefor a Tiger
    Make a check payable to “Zoological Society of San Diego” and mail it to:

    New Home for Tigers
    c/o Development Dept.
    Zoological Society
    of San Diego
    P.O. Box 120271
    San Diego, CA 92112

  84. probably you can make some cash cards like the ones from other games like farmville, money spent on this cards a 10 or 15% can be donated to the cause.
    Also these cards can be used to get some wildlife points but also some of that money spent on that cards can be used to help any animal in need, like seals, sharks or elephants

  85. it is really awesome to see other countries coming to the aid of those in need,I saw first hand like many of Australia the en packed this has had on our country,thou my house was a lucky one and was one door away from flooding,I saw my neighbours and friends houses disappear under the muddy water,I saw men who normally would not show emotions who strength had been test ,broken and reduced to tears, their lives shattered,it’s not just the floods but the Cyclones that now are causing hardship , along with-the fires in other parts of our country.

    As our country has gone through so much over the passed months and I am sure when I say this, the spirits of the Australian’s are not broken,
    we are a great country and on behalf off our country every man women and child say a big thank you for all the help and aid it has been given allowing Queensland to be rebuild.

    again thank you on behalf off all Australian’s

  86. I think that you should put out an adoptable animal and that all the monies for that go to children with autism spectrum disorders, whose famlies for the most part, cant afford the very ABA therapy that is the one therapy that has been shown to be effective for treating children with this condition. Most federal and state programs do not cover the therapy, and most insurance companies do not pay for this type of therapy. Ir more money were spent on giving young children access to ABA therapy, much less money would be spent over the course of their entire lifetimes for their care and education. Schools cant effectively teach them as well. 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with a spectrum disorder. 1 in 56 is a boy. Think of all the future implications of these numbers.. its terrifying. The early they begin ABA therapy, the better long term prognosis in every domain of functioning. If it was your child and you could not afford this therapy, which has decades of research behind it to demonstrate its effectiveness, you would want a global effort to help all children receive the therapy, not just the elite groups who have the money or the ones who lucked out with their insurance companies. What if your own child could not tell you that they love you? You would want people like me to change that. Thankfully, there are those fo us who can and do.

  87. Could you please do something that doesnt cost real money maybe do something that the zoo world players can send backwards and forwards to one another and each time we reach a target a donation gets made to a fundraiser of some sort we all cant afford to pay real money specially when we are surviving on one income or lower incomes single parents for instance but i am sure with the amount of time we spend playing the game that zoo world could come up with the funds and maybe the fund raiser could go to the children of the world that really need it for example children with life long illnessess after all they are our future

  88. I think you should come up with various animals that people could buy that would help that specific animal. Such as certain rabbits- and the proceeds go to rabbit rescues. Or a tiger, and the money goes to help tigers. That way, each person can put their money where their heart is. I know I would put more money, or whatever it is, into something I felt strongly about, rather than one I didn’t.
    And thanks for asking!

  89. I would like it very much if you could help the most beautiful animal in the world, the SIBERIAN TIGER.

  90. I’m in support of helping animals, after all this is a Zoo community. The rescues are being flooded with animals that are being found abandoned due to people having to leave their pets behind when they loose their homes. There is also a problem with people now not thinking those cute little dogs are in fashion and dumping them at shelters. There are exotic rescues as well as domestic ones. But I worry so much about the actual Zoos that are city owned and are struggling to take care of those animals too. I think our support should go with the theme of the game, that is in support of the Zoos and wildlife preserves around the world, especially saving animals from the loss of their natural habitats. Just in my honest opinion.

  91. Thank you for the donations to the Australian Flood Relief. One of my granddaughters is doing research at the moment as to why the Australian Sea Lion is dying off. Another granddaughter started university today and will be studying biodiversity (in animals). I think is needed for doing research into dying species. The Tasmanian Devil is also in danger and Terry Irwin is doing a lot of work in this regard. There are many other animals and other countries that also need help. I think it is great that zoo can make a difference. Thank you.

  92. We spend a lot of real dollars on our zoos… what % of these dollars goes towards the help of really animals, or the World Wildlife foundation?

    Please advise, And, if none of this money goes towards charities that protect our animals, why doesn’t it? I think that would be a huge motivator for all of us that really care about animals & a very positive A tax deduction is always foo do have!! :)) Thank you!! Winnie

  93. i ve read thru some of the comments and suggestion in how we can help the various critters that r in danger of dying out, b4 your grandchildren get a chance to see them other than in colourful books.
    its a shame, that even with over 6 million players, that we cant each donate thru rock you and buy an island somewhere. get people to live on this island to look after some animals to start.. it could be used thru an idea to have hands on experience with animals. examples… breeding ? animal study? ETC donations from the richer side of people life could be deductable. it not matters as to the reasons the super rich help, as long as the funds are supplied to pay the drs, specialists needed to care and teach about animals.

  94. Ooops sorry, I meant Real animals!!!

  95. how about a flash sale, using paypal to buy the items? just an idea xx

  96. come up with animals from australia i know there is some already but the fantasy type of the real one give all proceeds to australia zoo is the largest game on the internet at this time anything they do others will follow helping those in need shows much compassion and if we dont have anything else that is the one thing we do have…

  97. Lots of ideas, but two jump out for me. 1) introduce an animal or plant from various places of the world, like the everglades or the yosemite for examples. each item would cost .99 cents to 1.99, portion or all of proceeds go to that particular area. But not just a one time chance to buy, but on a continual basis. A lot of our state and national parks need our help too. 2) do the same for Zoo’s not only in our country, but around the world. Maybe a special animal from each Zoo or a popular one can be introduced. for example, the Clearwater Aquarium has a Porpoise named Winter. She received a Prosthetic tail after it was injured. Thanks for your efforts, contributions, and kool application, my daughter, girlfriend and I enjoy playing it 🙂

  98. Lets help real Zoos!
    I live in a small town and the Zoo is in desperate need for funds and improvements and expansion. The animals are so sad and they need to live a better life. I cant bear to go there and see the cats in tiny cages by themselves..
    What about small town Zoos.

  99. I think you should choose an endangered animal or one that is in danger of loosing its habitat and donate 100% of the profits to an organisation that is buying up land and or training locals (providing jobs that help preserve the animal or habitat), so that the animal can be saved from extinction. World Wild Life Fund comes to mind as an organisation that does that sort of thing.

  100. I would buy any animal that supports a cause.

  101. I absolutely love playing Zoo! It is awesome and has done some wonderful things so far! I know I speak for many that we will support any cause that Zoo World promotes. What do you think about this idea: to buy an islands, varying in size and related cost with a percentage of the proceeds going to save the habitat for all animals, from the Artic to the Antarctic, offering different themes from around the world as you go up in price? I for one would love to do that! I love your Zoo and try to promote it to all I know!


    • Great idea!! and make it affordable for the beginner users so they feel they can help! What a great idea. Wish we could have had this after the Hurricanes that struck the US.

  103. The promotions that you ran with UNICEF and Haitian ReLief were very popular. It was nice to be able to donate to worthy causes and earn some WLPs in the process. It was a win-win. I have seen several requests since those promotions but have not seen any offered by Zoo World. The after costs profits idea is a nice one, but the directed donations from members makes all feel a stronger part of the effort. Costs can come in many forms which can diminish how much actually goes to the charitable causes. The promotions would help the over 6 million players see the results of their donations. You could survey to get lots of ideas (as have been mentioned) from the ZW community.

  104. I have a friend who has been working with animals affected by the disasters in the USA after hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, etc.. Companies will match funds for any org offering assistance to humans, and I support that completely, but we forget the impact that natural disasters can have on the animals of the community – whether wild or pets. So, any help to these causes will be incredibly appreciated by those organizations and individuals who work on the front lines preserving the diversity of our zoological diversity of this planet.

  105. You could donate half the proceeds from wildlife point purchases to the Australia relief fund. Come up with new ultra rare Australian animals like joyfull joey or a kickin koala or dorky dingo or something like that and donate the money to the Australian relief fun.

  106. one other idea is have a list of animals or plants, say about twenty to choose from, maybe more if you can swing it. have it in a seperate menu box in the shop area called Donations or Relief. And have a list of Relief areas to choose from on continual basis. For example, keep the Haiti earthquake fund, the Australian flood fund, create one for the tsunami victims, even though it was over eight years ago, but I’m sure they have not fully recovered in some areas. As a catastrophe occurs, add it to the list. Then anyone can go and buy any plant or animal anywhere from .99 to 5.99 depending, and giving the choice between relief efforts. I think people would be willing to come back once a week or twice a month to donate a dollar or more for worthy causes. And what ever plant they purchase can release a decent amount of coins ( to be decided by your staff) Again, half or all proceeds go to that affected area purchasers choose. ty again for all your efforts 🙂

  107. ZooKeeper Lesley

    Save the Dolphins, Japan/The Cove

  108. There are so many great ideas here. I think it would be great if you could have a list of up to a dozen or so places that you would be willing to donate to as a management team and then when you offer us the .99 cent animals or the 1.99 ones and the new islands or whatever draws revenue, when we purchase these things you could let us pick which cause we would like our money to go to. For example, I buy 4 kangaroos for .99 and then I click the box marked SPCA letting you know thats where I want the money donated. The next person may want to donate instead to the World Wildlife Fund when they buy their new island. I also would like to be able to click and see how much has been donated. Oh and after we buy something you could ask if you would like to donate more than the cost of just the animal, like $3.96 for the kangaroos and an additional $5.00 to the fund, so you bill me 8.96 to be given to the SPCA. Thanks so much for caring and asking our thoughts! Oh and my favorite animal causes are ASPCA, WWF, Live and Let Live Farm (horse rescue), The Animal Rescue Site, Australian Animal Protection Society (they hava a fb page). Maybe you could let us pick some from a big list when trying to narrow down all the causes. Robin

  109. I, like many others, am concerned about the damage done by the BP oil spill. Not only did it affect our environment, tourism and businesses, but it destroyed the breeding grounds of thousands of hibernating birds. A few of these species are on the endangered species lists. Louisiana is also affected by the lack of adequate Humane Societies in most of their Parishes. Why? Because the less populated Parishes can’t afford to implement shelters. Therefore, we are overrun with feral cats, starving and mangy dogs and the diseases carried by animals not vaccinated. Please help Louisiana!!!

  110. One thing that makes me nervous is using PAYPAL or other online venue to make payments. I just won’t share a credit card electronically. Whatever you decide, it may be helpful to have an address where good old-fashioned checks could be sent simply as donations…

    Just a thought and something that I’m sure many others have in the back of their minds as well…

  111. have an Australia shaped island with Tassie attached but allow ppl to get it for coins, not dollars as not everyone can afford to buy it for zoo cash…. and have native australian animals for sale also….

  112. This is so wonderful.The only way we are going to be able to save any of the beauty we take for granted is to band together and do all that we can.I love Zooworld and am very much looking forward to where this all goes.I have seen some fascinating ideas here tonight!

  113. New Mothers who felt desperate often abandoned their babies in the trash. The US adopted a law that any mother could drop off their newborn or child at any “safe” place without legal charges or fees. How does this relate to Animals & Shelters?

    Animal shelters often charge fees when a person tries to drop off a new litter of cats or dogs. But people don’t have money for fees, and don’t have money to keep the litter. Often, litters are stuffed in pillow cases or boxes and thrown or dumped at sides of the road, off bridges into streams, or put in trash bins. The problem has no statistics, since dead baby animals have no ‘voice’.

    Zoo World could financially sponsor an Animal Shelter to accept all drop-offs, regardless of reason, and ask ZW players to pledge x-number of dollars to support the medical care for those drop-offs.

    Give an Animal Shelter group one of your Ad videos– for free. Every time a player clicks that video on the Daily Free Money, the shelter gets x-dollars-percentage from players’ purchases at ZW (the ultra rare animal purchases).

    Rock You could sponsor a Coloring Contest at grade schools that support the message: “Protect Animal Babies” or some such slogan. Give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.

    Worldwide, we need ways that people view baby animals as valuable. In my opinion, all Rescues should have a once-a-year “Buy Back” program for domesticated baby animals, just like we in the USA have Buy Back programs for guns.


  114. Jennifer c Mills

    Offer a building to buy, say a clinic, and $$ goes to Spay/Neuter funds for Shelters and Low income families. Many animals are euthanized in shelters everyday because people don’t spay/neuter their pets. When you click on that building you could give facts about the benefits of Spay/Neuter.

  115. Sea Shepherd is a not-for-profit group that is attempting to prevent the slaughter of whales under the guise of “research”.

    I’m sure Sea Shepherd would be interested in being a benefactor of any way ways that RockYou can support its message that whales should not be hunted and slaughtered (there’s also a UN international law against this action).

    Maybe RockYou could be mentioned on their show, “Whale Wars” broadcast on Animal Planet, in exchange for monetary support of the Sea Shepherd’s yearly campaign aboard ships like “The Steve Irwin”.

    I think RockYou has a unique opportunity to educate about animal conservation, elimination of cruelty, and ways to protect animals on the planet. The best way, though, might be for RY to team up with other established groups who’ve been fighting in these causes for a long time. Sea Shepherd is one such group. Look for them on Facebook and on the Internet.


  116. Maybe the six million of us could also help with the fight to save unborn human animals, by supporting pregnancy centers. Advancing abortion alternatives. And with education of the public to new creature formed at conception in all animals. Maybe we could have an Garden of Eden Island with the tree of Life??? Family tree for zoo keepers??? Small zoo keepers village??? Place where science of life, family, and procreation are celebrated. Zoo city, Zoo caretakers culture etc…??? Where human beings are celebrated, and valued as much as the rest of the Zoo. Save the baby!

  117. Patricia Elena Macias Ortega

    I think its a great idea to help others and try to change for good the world, my idea to help out others is making more causes and at zoo world make flash offers so more people can get things and of course more points to help others. I hope this is a good idea.

  118. Right now Climate Change is HUGE. It’s not something people should be choosing to believe in or not, but AWARE of that it is happening. Currently the Arctic habitat is heating up at a rate of two to three times that of the rest of the world. Because of this, numerous animals and their habitats are at risk of extinction- polar bears, walrus, seals, etc. Personally, I think we as a “Zoo World” community need to recognize this and take action to help reduce our Carbon admissions (which are causing the warming) and help create awareness as to how people as individuals, or as communities, can do the same to help make a difference. Whether it’s raising money for greening efforts (planting trees, etc.), saving energy, reiterating the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling, or simple stewardship, like you have stated, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! A great site to look at for more information is

  119. Spread the wealth … offer a different endangered species for sale every month, and donate all the proceeds to organizations that protect that specific animal. The same could be done for shelter animals, with proceeds going to a specific shelter. Even if you continued selling the animals for $1.99, the donation could be enormous!!
    Personally, I’d be more willing to purchase animals if I knew the proceeds were being donated to charity.

  120. I’m thinking to help animals after oil spills maybe? or any support of NON KILL animal shelters etc. pretty much anything to help support animals, their health and their welfare and I’d be down for it.

  121. I would like to see the Haitian Flamingo resurrected and have proceeds donated to Haiti – There should be little or no development costs involved as it is a past animal.
    After 1 year, Haiti is still in dire straits. They need our help – the people and the animals. Thank you.

  122. thanks for all you do.
    I think breeding pairs for $ .99 would be more appealing to lower income people like me. i love the game and love to help. thanks again.

  123. What about buying an ocean and filling it with fish and corals. Reefs are dying all over the world and educating zoo players would help a lot.
    These are all excellent ideas. Thank you.

  124. I love the idea…my thoughts are maybe make a tab titles save the animals or something along those lines…in that tab have several links to say…save the whales…seals…lions..ASPCA or whatever…have different increments to donate so those who can afford more and wish to do so can donate more but those of us who don’t have much but still want to help can…then anyone donating get some WLP’s and maybe a banner or something to put in our zoo’s that says I saved a whale or dog, cat or whatever we helped with…maybe even make it clickable so anybody visiting or zoo would be taken to the site to donate..just an idea 🙂

  125. I live here in Bali, Indonesia. Due to its “open-mindedness” and tolerance to foreign culture, Bali has been the starting point of so many “movement” to enter Indonesia in general (eg.HIV Prevention & Care Programme etc). There are also a number of Nature/wildlife Organization like WWF, Street Dogs Foundation etc here but i dont see them reaching out to the community in their projects. I read above that someone suggested to have links on Zoo World to these organizations, at least there is a chance of 6 million people visiting their sites and understanding their cause and hopefully can contribute to it.

  126. Every animal organization is important and I’m sure all would appreciated any exposure zoo world could provide. I am involved with an independent, volunteer-operated non-profit 501(c)3 charitable association that provides medical services and extended care to over 6,000 sick, injured and orphaned wild animals each year. These animals are released back into the wild once they have recovered from their injuries or, if orphaned, have learned to fend for themselves.We receive no funding from government or public entities, depending on caring individuals for survival. I like previous ideas of somehow making the many animal charities known to more people. Thank you for wanting to help the animals, I will support any decision.

  127. I like the ideas about helping pet owners. There are so many out there that have to surrender their pets because they cannot afford vet care, food etc. Also, like myself, there are a lot of people that rescue on their own. The expense is enormous but we save animals. We take animals that no one else will and that shelters will not take because they consider them unadoptable. It takes a lot of money to support them. Set criteria for receiving funds. People can submit applications

  128. Because of many human beings not taking responsibility for their actions,we have mass pets being destroyed everyday.That is so heartbreaking & ignorant. We are dealing with living things that have feelings.They feel pain,neglect,love,confusion,praise … Pet & animal lovers need to get a law passed to control pet & or animal breeding. In Montana,we have a law that only licensed ferret breeders can breed ferrets in Montana. Any ferrets shipped into Montana are fixed before selling anywhere in the state. We do very well with this program. I know it is extreme,except think about all the thousands of pets that die everyday. Is really the kindest thing to do for the animals. Our ferrets are of average cost . Think about it,please for the animals sake 😦

  129. Maybe add a donation sight to zooworld or maybe add more Australian based Animals to zoo world.I mean i would try to do anthing to help as an animal lover myself i totally feel for the people over in Australia.

  130. How about each animal represent a specific the crocodile would represent “the Flood Victims of Australia” or a Cobra would represent “famine” in Africa or make the animals the ones you buy like the Unicorns & the Dancing Pengiuns, instead of charging 50 wildlife coins…charge 60 wildlife coins & donate the 10 coins to the specific cause the animal that is bought & represents. Just don’t make anything to rich or to far out of reach because its hard enough for people like me now to buy anything off of these games. The recession has hit us hard in the pocketbook & if you are already hurting it doesn’t help when “you want to help & can’t afford it” ! Thats something else you could is set a fund for us “zookeepers” . For the ones who need it for medical, to keep from living on the streets, victims from whatever may hit them. To keep them from losing our homes, or to get back on our feet again. So many things come up that is out of reach & it would be so nice to have somewhere to turn too. Just a thought!

  131. I would love to purchase different breeds of domesticated dogs, kitties, and horses to benefit no kill animal shelters and/or spay neuter programs. I think it would be popular as so many of us have pets and would love to purchase animals that look like ours, or are dear to our hearts. Thank you!

  132. Gosh some amazing and terrific ideas being put out there.

    I thought ORANGUTANS. Then I thought why they and most animals are in danger. HABITATS. I think if you could sell different habitats, the way you sell islands, it could make the game more fun too. Not sure how but I know those clever ROCK YOU staff will come up with something brilliant.

    I’m another Aussie who would like to thank you on behalf of those effected by the floods. That you consider us from all corners of the world, is rather humbling. Thank you. 🙂

  133. I’m glad you opened this up for discussion because I have been thinking for quite some time about approaching you with an idea that actually ties in with this. I hear so many people say that they wished there were other options of buying the special animals other than just paypal, but since that is the only option they just don’t use it. Should they have other options they would buy many more animals offered to them. I have to assume that the reason you do not offer these .99 or 1.99 animals for credit card payment is due simply to the fact that by the time you deduct the fee charged by the card companies, it doesn’t leave much left for you. So my thought has been, what if you came up with some way of letting individuals set up prepay accounts with their credit cards and offered them a choice of either a small percentage off ( like 5% -10%) of these special animals if paid for from a prepaid account or they could choose from a list which you would provide and that same percentage would go to the charity they selected. The latter choice would tie into with what you are thinking now… You could have several charities listed and people could just donate each time they bought an animal… not just the ones specified to be for charity but all “real money” animals ( providing they are purchased from prepaid accounts ). Zoo benefits as well because it will be drawing interest on all of this money deposited into prepaid accounts awaiting to be used. Seems to me that everyone would win this way.

  134. I am from New Orleans, LA.. and went through HURRICANE KATRINA!!!!! in 2005 Then in 2010 The Gulf Oil Spill…. So many people lost there Pets, Farmers. lost there Animals…FISHERMEN lost they lively hood. Whatever we can do to help with any Disasters. I will be a part of it… We have helped with the clean up of the oil and help to rebuild our beautiful city!!!!
    I would like to Thank all the People in Huston TX with taking in so many animals..small and large after Katrina.. and Everyone that helped with the cleaning of our Turtles, and the PELICANS which is our State Bird.. I enjoy playing Zoo World and would do whatever I can afford..It would be nice to see some exotic animals to buy with cash and not WLP….

  135. IN NORTH AMERICA ALONE, AN UNWANTED PET IS EUTHANIZED EVERY NINE SECONDS!! Millions of healthy loving animals OVER POPULATION and not enough homes. This nine seconds does not include the other millions of domestic animals ‘dumped’ on the side of the road to fend for themselves and face a miserably death from starvation and harsh weather, those surrendered to rescue groups and pounds, taken to laboratories for cruel and senseless experiments, family pets left to run at large kidnapped for sadists and tortured (since 1978 the FBI has document the link of violent criminals, spousal & family abusers to having abused animals as children), the ‘free to good home’ advertisements that have kittens & other small animals fed to pet (& zoo) snakes, the hell of farm animals force fed and never see the light of day, the abuse of rodeo animals then carted off to butchers block, ridiculous government supported hunting of animals including domestic animals and the twisted sense of fashion to wear flesh/fur of animals, puppy mills, dog fighting (etc), and ridiculous lax punishments handed down by courts, this list is the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even touch on the endangered species or their loss of protective habitat, supporting rescue groups, or sustaining life for the future. Your choice to support is endless and all would be a good choice. MY HEART TELLS ME THE PLACE TO START IS WITH EDUCATION – the world grows ever smaller becoming a melting pot of cultures therefore, a curriculum for every grade level in every school to teach respect for the animals with whom we share the planet (reading, writing, arithmetic and RESCUE & RESPECT). Animal licenses similar to driving license, you have to pass a test and volunteer X number of hours at a shelter and mandatory low cost spay/neuter prior to adoption. Programs to keep animals in the homes of seniors (similar to meals on wheels, perhaps animeals ??) and housing that allows pets, a tax deduction for dependent pets. It’s not much but it’s a start. I have worked & volunteered with animal rescue for a number of years. I am happy to help or to point you to others with greater and broader experience in both Canada and the USA. Good luck with your efforts, you make me proud to be a part. THANKS!

  136. Why not have a different Charity animal every 2 weeks keeping the price at .99? I say 2 weeks since we don’t have much extra money but we would be able to afford that. We both have Zoo’s so we always buy 2 when we do purchase animals. As you already know every penny adds up.

  137. I like several of the ideas mentioned ~ offering a variety of animals for various causes or disasters, providing support to animals harmed during the BP oil spill, and supporting domestic animals such as dogs & cats. I would love to see something to provide support for animals rescued from puppy mills & commercial breeders. I rescue & socialize adult dogs that have spent their entire lives in this type of setting. These adults are rarely adopted, yet can become very loving members of the family. The .99 animals are doable for most of us, and I think that various “accessories” at different prices also would be. It would be nice if there were some way that people not able to afford to pay cash would be able to support the causes.

    The other great suggestion was creating a relationship between your “Wildlife Fund” and the “World Wildlife Fund” so that a portion of the proceeds from purchasing wildlife points would go to them. I know I would be be much more likely to purchase points knowing that some of the money was going to help real animals!

  138. Mad Ness Monster

    This is one of the most heartwarming threads I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. Some thoughts:

    I really love the idea of having several ongoing charity projects many people have mentioned. It’s be admittedly hard to get organized but that way, everyone wins. I like the idea of selling ultra-rares who somehow benefit their real-life counterparts (it is a sad irony that I’ve probably got more imaginary Blue Whales in my imaginary zoo than there are in real life.)

    I’d like to make two new suggestions that I hadn’t seen yet. What if we were able to buy feed animals for a fee that would go to charity? My Ruffed Lemur has been alone for going on a year and a half now. I’d donate if I could get him a partner. Maybe the same could be done with special event animals (ie, the current Valentine’s day collection)?

    And let’s see more “Uncute” endangered animals! The Tasmanian Devil has already got a mention, but Komodo Dragons and Coelocanths need love too.

  139. Jackie Richardson

    So many great ideas!! I think islands for rainforest and other islands for endangered animals would really be great. I also read where someone suggested to make an island for extinct animals. That sounds really awesome.
    Why not also have a shelter island for the animals trapped after diasters!

  140. I love my fellow humans and all life habitats. I pray and advocate for people in need all the time. However, living in poverty in Appalachia I am extremely limited in how I am able to help. I am, however, open to idea and suggestions!

  141. how about of saving dingos….

  142. the ideas give by every one is really great.its very good to see that so many people are involved to save animals.and its a great job.
    and to save animal i will like to suggest one thing to all is don’t treat them as animal treat them as living being,take care of animals,love them,feed them,don’t leave any lonely animal lying out take them to your home,make them your pet.they will surely will not harm you.and i am always here to help animals any time.

  143. I would like to see live pet sales totally banned from petshops. That would stop the puppy mills in their tracks! Many dogs and cats are stolen from their families and live miserable lives spitting out pups and kittens until they are no use anymore. It’s disgusting and I haven’t been able to get anyone to help ban petshop sales in Australia!!

  144. As an Aussie I want to say THANKS for the kangaroo to help those in Queensland.One cause which I have seen on the tv lately is from Wispa {I think} asking for help to stop bear baiting.This is really cruel and although they call it a “sport” it is anything but.maybe you could release an animal like the ‘roo and send all proceeds to that organisation to help stop this babrbaric act of cruelty.

  145. Because I worked for a wonderful veterinarian many years ago, I have something I feel is important to say. I worked for other and younger vets after and found them lacking in the quality of care. Today, the cost of caring for our pets is overwhelming. Many would give wonderful care of animals that need homes but the cost is prohibited. I am sorry to say that, although there are many excellent vets out there, the main interest is in the money to be made. For example. For 11 yrs. I did every thing but surgery, and I helped in the surgery room. I cleaned teeth one hundreds of very old dogs. I never had a single problem with the animals. I have talked to other vets, etc. and they never had a problem. Today it costs $300. to have a dogs teeth cleaned, removing any that are a problem. The reasoning is you must have blood work, etc. this is nothing but a way to get more money. I would love to find a way to be able to get the care of our precious animals paying a fair price. I would like to encourage our veterinarians to be helpful in this area. I have found a group of vets that do that, but I searched for a long time. There are millions of people that cannot get the proper care for their pets. To be a responsible pet owner is prohibited because of the greed of our veterinarians. Again I stress that there are vets that are caring but they are getting rare. I don’t know how this problem can be solved, but this is a very important problem for the animals that are abandoned and have no homes. It just breaks my heart.

  146. I am an Australian and also a retired/disabled person who husband is my carer and we live right in the heart of the Australian floods… Yes it is going to take years to recover re the people who lost everything and so many personal items. What many did not see was the huge loss of wildlife, re our ‘unique’ Australian wildlife, and also Domesticated animal,as well as Farm and Livestock Animals, by the thousands.
    What about a ZOO ANIMAL AUCTION… Not sure how we do this but I sure the ZOO MINDS and PLAYERS will think or a way we can get this going. I do hope we achieve whatever goals are set and I for one will do my bit to help….. from Shez re Sherryl Johnston
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    Your browser: chrome, version: 9.0.597.98, platform: windows, parent app:zooparent

  147. Most zoo’s around the world have an adoption program where you can adopt an animal for money.
    May be zoo world could find an animal to adopt in a zoo and then bring out an Ulra animal replica so we can all share it. That way zoo world wins and so does a real zoo animal and zoo.
    I know that the Perth Zoo does this in Australia. ❤

  148. I want to bring awareness of the inhumane treatment our American Wild Horses & Burros are undergoing in roundups that supposedly are to manage herds to protect the lands. But they are allowing 9 times that number of domestic cattle and sheep to graze those same lands.The senate in asking for 2 Million dollars in budget cuts to BLM for the inhumane treatment the horses have been undergoing for the last several weeks. I want to help save this symbol of American freedom and the Wild West. BLM contractors do not select horses that would be adoptable, they round up any and all. There are more than 40,000 wild horses being held in holding pens ( and being paid for with our tax dollors) and less than 30,000 left to roam free. A better plan must be devised, before they wipe out all the best of our wild horse herds…

  149. Sherry Scott-Florio

    TO my wonderful Friends who I am reaching through the Blog & my wall:
    I am very moved by the words I just received from the RockYou COmmunity & hope that all of you will join me in thinking of ways to support these endeavors. I do have some idea’s & will be putting them together…& when I call on your help to put those words into actions… I surely hope you will be there to give me a hand in making them happen, just the way we share in ZOO World & on my wall……
    THank you for being there & helping me always…. I will call on your support soon… & hope that we can all join in this effort to make our world a better place. …..Love & Hugzzzzzzz, SHERRY

  150. babsi schuetterle

    ..yeah..6000000 have power..we shold use it..I think you should bring out ultra rares , for let’s say 1.99 $ each.. and with this money open a REAL zoo , with volunteers and staff for rescueing real animals..and a website where zoomates can order trees and kiosks for the real zoo..all the money from ultra rares and players which can afford more..let me know what you think..:)

  151. Helping endangered species worldwide or sponsoring animals in zoos and sanctuaries around the world or donating to organisations that help to try and stop cruelty to animals. There are players from all around the world so money shouldn’t just be given to american organisations. The final decision should come down to a vote by all that play 🙂

  152. Save the Amazon, Save the World. All life stems from that endangered area of our planet. There are hundreds of different animals, birds, and creepy things that live there, as well as many plants that are used to help humans in the form of medicine. Make these Ultra Rares, including the Plants, available to support the Amazon. Trees could be “bought” for cash, and used to re-plant the areas stripped. Animals, Amphibians, Birds & insects could be purchased for a reasonable number of WLP’s. By Reasonable, I mean under 25. I know we, the Zoo World Community, can make a Huge difference towards this, and the lower the cost, the more players can help, and perhaps help more often. We could also have a separate Island , as many have suggested already. Thanks for caring and asking our opinions!

  153. I read earlier about the idea of offering breeds of cats and dogs to raise money for support for pets of people facing bankruptcy… wonderful idea! also we could raise money for pet shelters around the US… and overseas as well …. the UK has a great Humane Society program from what I’ve seen featured on Animal Planet.

    we could raise money for help with the wild mustang preserves by offering special issue horses for our zoos…. at 99 cents an animal I think we could make a difference.

    and yes…. please make items we purchase with WildLife Points more reasonable…. like under 25 points.

  154. I suggest to the facebook owner that everytime someone buys a rare animal whether it be a pound or wildlife funds, facebook donates half towards the fund to protect endangered animals, plants, forests, etc to buy lands off the loggers in order to reserve and protect it like a natural park, to employ rangers the men who know the land well in order for them to remain on the land where they grew up giving them food and a job.

  155. The animals we buy for 99c you could donate half the proceeds towards a wildlife fund? maybe if you made it cheaper to buy wildlife points more people would buy them, and that way create more players. I think it would be great to keep the players up to date on the day to day operations of what ever you decide to do, therefore making it more personal to us where we would want to become more involved and spread the word to others. Therefore creating a committed lot of people worldwide who want to make a change and make differences. If zooworld can do this then your on to a good thing…

  156. Hello
    I am from India, Kerala infact which has one of the biggest population of domesticated and wild elephants in Asia. Our state prides itself in the way we handle these huge majestic creatures though the facts indicate all-prevalent issues of abuse and ignorance about proper care. Come summer and every single temple in the country hosts these festivals where the elephants are a huge attraction, infact more the merrier. Each elephant owner gets paid more than 50K for every appearance that the elephant makes at the events. The more graceful the animal, more you get paid to have them parade at the festivals.(There are certain specifications for elephants like their height, the no. of toe nails, the length and thickness of their tails, the length of their trunk etc which determine their beauty)
    But compared to olden days where the summers averaged 35 deg, now the Indian summer highs average 45 deg or even more. Being made to walk miles and miles along tarred roads to reach the temples and then again made to stand in the miserable heat often without proper food or water or even rest, they usually get irritated to the point of getting out of control often harming the population thronging at the festivals. Controlling them at this phase is possible only with the help of sedative shots which need qualified personnel to administer. But by the time they arrive, enough damage may have been done both to human life and property and some times to the animal itself thanks to the ignorant crowd angering the elephant more with stones and sticks and what not. I have so far not seen a single NGO requesting that the elephants be removed from these processions altogether both for their sake as well as for the sake of safety of the human beings who attend these festivals. The mahouts who handle these animals are rarely trained properly and tend to use excessive force to “tame” them instead. This often results in animals getting hurt and then ending up dead due to untreated infections on the wounds so incurred.
    I wish someone would start a movement to prevent this cruelty to these animals who definitely do not deserve t0 suffer so. Please do something to promote this cause. I hope it does work out well for the elephants somehow, some day!

  157. it would be nice to play zoo world in full screen.
    many new rare animals would be nice

  158. You could get something put on facebook and it promotes that how every many time you push it(limit like 3 times) you get a bag of whatever kind of animal food donated to a certain organization that is helping animals.

  159. I love my zoo and get lots of pleasure from it have read the comments left love the idea of a australian island also the comment about the hiring of someone to attend to your zoo while you are on holiday i would gladly pay for a nanny character to watch over my animals at these times some great ideas on site

  160. build more wildlife sanctuaries
    discourage hunting of endangered species such as white rhino
    discourage use of horn for aphrodisiacs
    discourage bear bile extraction in china
    encourage people not to react in fear when they see a shark electric eel or sting ray
    encourage more limits on fishing to give their breeding time to catch up
    discourage fish farms which are not healthy as they swim in their own faeces

    encourage more free range farming as the byproducts are generally healthier and of better quality as a result

  161. One of the really good ideas in Zoo World is the fascinating animal facts you get when you click on the animals, which form the answers to the daily quiz. As well as these you could make a website with information about endangered species and link each animal to its place on the site. You could inform people about dwindling numbers in the wild, why the animals are endangered, what people are doing to help them, and how everyone can make a difference. You could put a donation box on the site for people who want to help in this way, or links to global charities such as the WWF (sorry, wrestling fans! 😉

    Another idea would be to donate a tiny part of your profits to wildlife organisations each time a player achieves a certain level, or spends a certain amount of real money on Zoo World, and let them know with a trophy or similar badge. Then we could all see how our ambitions in the game contribute directly to saving wildlife!

  162. An excellent idea I fully support you! There are so many animals in need, one thing I thought might help is perhaps a monthly theme, you could choose a cause each month so players can make a regular contribution for a different cause each time.

  163. I personally support WWF, Born Free, Whale & Dolphin Society and Redwings (Horse sanctuary in Uk). I would purchase animals that are linked to both animal or environmental issues which the World as a whole faces. Perhaps we can buy trees and Rock You can contribute to purchasing trees, organisations which support the precious woods and Rainforest etc. The offer could exist so memebers could purchase as many as they choose, this could then add a dimension to an island dedicated to endangered species.

    I agree with the member with regard to animals and oil – in South Wales several years ago a tanker caused a huge oil spill, our beaches and wildlife which are fantastic took many years with lots of volunteer aid to regain their what was lost.
    Domestic animals also need support and care, there is so much a movement of passionate people can bring into focus. Yesterday I watched a news article about the animal farms in Russia where the businesses can not afford to feed and care for the caged animals because the fur trade in Russia has fallen due to imports from other Countries. I dislike the use of animal fur as a mass market commodity, I understand the use of furs within the peoples of the North. But they kill and use the animal, not hundreds at a time. To seek the foxes and minks caged, looking so sad!!! Another animal crisis.

  164. Like Paula commented, I think a featured animal/cause of the month (perhaps an extra link below the make money feature in the game?) would be a good idea. A pop up offering a short description of the animal/cause, perhaps a website to link to, and a donation option would cover all of your bases. Of course an animal associated with it would be best, which is why I think anything that’s associated with donating should only be changed once a month (on top of the other animals that cost real money, I think a faster change would be problematic). It may not generate as much money, but I also think the more important causes should be in regular circulation (one of them being the dwindling tiger population).

  165. Check these guys out! We went there for out honeymoon eight years ago and they are awesome! They genuinely educate people about the wolves as opposed to just showing them off. They could always use donations, as they owned and operated by individuals.

  166. I think Zooworld players should petition the Japanese Government to stop killing whales in the name of “research” in the Southern Ocean. 6 million names on the petition would create world wide attention to maybe stop these barbaric and needless actions.

  167. My son inlaw works for a no kill animal shelter, Pets Alive, in NY.. They go to different states and rescue abused and mistreated animals. Donations really help places like this to survive. Carlos Santana even came to their fund raiser and donated guitars. What an awesome man!!.

  168. create a space ” like the game “little farm” did on the game save the rain forest each time you check in to game or added friends they donated so much to save the rain forest. I think I had saved about 1 foot..I really liked was simple and effective and nobody had to pay extra or buy extra.alot of the players do not have the money to spend everytime . I think a game within the game to earn and donate.

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  170. How about for 4th of July you put out a patriotic animal (ie a Yogi bear dressed like Uncle Sam holding an American flag) and donate all monies to the national debt of the US.

  171. This is nice idea, but it needs to be told how much of every dollar actually is donated and how much for administration costs. If you are to use our money to donate in your name, we have a right to know up front exactly how much actually goes to the donation, and total sums donate should be published, too! These could be huge amounts of money, if even only one half of the people buy your .99 cent animal. We never saw amounts donated for the other two causes you have already had us donate to! Zoo World has become a big business money maker at the rate you keep releasing to buy animals, and don’t think we don’t know this!!

  172. Glennda Stelnicki

    I for one am on a very limited income. I love Zoo World and feel it saved me from a severe depression in the past year. I cannot afford to buy even the 99 cent animals much less more than that. Yet I aided Haiti by playing ZW all the time. It gave me a way to help without costing me even pennies that I cannot afford. Please keep this in mind when developing ideas to implement. Thanks

  173. berlinda D'Olislager

    every animal who we save must give us more wf points , so we can invest them for special animals at the shop ,that money must go integraal to wwf fund for saving real animals in the world ! so more wwf points that are easier to urn

  174. If you get onto Autralian Parks and Wildlife or R.S.P.C.A they should be able to give you a list of different carers for injured wildlife. The they will be able to tell you the things they need. I know alot of people who care for injured or sick wildlife and alot of them rely on peoples charity plus the huge amounts of money they themselves outlay into it. If you live in Australia then any old blankets or linen or even rubber teats off bottles, to certain foods aswell.

  175. I think that if you let us sell our Zoo dollars for wild life points in a limited time period, that money could be used for whatever cause is decided on. Example:

    Sell $100,000.00 of Zoo Dollars and earn 1000 WLP – Cost $50.00 You can set a limit of how many times this can be done – one time or two times only.
    Choose which cause you want the money to be donated to and what percentage: [25% ] Homeless, [15% ]Relief Fund, [50% ] Save the Animals,
    [10% ] education

  176. I think that if you let us sell our Zoo dollars for wild life points in a limited time period, that money could be used for whatever cause is decided on. Example:

    Sell $100,000.00 of Zoo Dollars and earn 1000 WLP – Cost $50.00 You can set a limit of how many times this can be done – one time or two times only.
    Choose which cause you want the money to be donated to and what percentage: [25% ] Homeless, [15% ]Relief Fund, [50% ] Save the Animals,
    [10% ] education

  177. May I suggest some funds go to our local wildlife rehabilitation shelters.
    They are volunteer based, non-profit organizations ,they are dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of distressed wildlife and the promotion of responsible attitudes about the preservation of native species, habitat, and the environment.

    They rehabilitate injured, ill and orphaned mammals, songbirds, and birds of prey who have been victims of human interference, environmental contamination, or habitat destruction. Because people and their activities are often responsible, directly or indirectly, they feel we all have an obligation to help these wildlings. As do I.

  178. First i’d like to say thankyou for stepping out.. and second i’d like to say.. gee i hope it actually happens.

    Its a great idea..with zoo bringing out so many different 99cent animals etc a month id love to see once a month or more a different animal charity being helped all over the world.. and id like that charity to be voted on each time by the players.. pick a few and give us the option on which one we want to help that say 1 month u choose a country and give us 3 or 4 different charities in that country to choose from.. this ensures that a different country is helped each time and not just america or australia etc..
    Further more.. many people cant afford even 99 cents right now.. even tho they wish to help… why not have something like the treasure hunter on the zoo but instead they need to find a certain animal or can of food.. and with so many found.. so much is donated towards a cause.. with 6 million players.. and at least half of them buying animals anyway.. zoo can afford to be generous occasionally.. this allows those who cant afford real money.. to be able to contribute..
    i think.. giving us the opportunity to help is fantastic.. but id honestly like to see something where all zoo players can contribute.. not just those who can afford it.. while some may cost only 99 cents.. add the interest.. or conversion rates if they live in another country and some just cant do it

  179. Gail Castellanos

    I’m happy to see responses above with so many great ideas. I would love to see more direct connect to helping victims of catastrophes like Haiti and Austrailia. I would also urge you to consider the many thousands that have been affected by the floods in Mexico, central American countries, and South American countries like Columbia, Peru, Ecuador this year. Many people have died from the record rains, floods, and resulting mudslides that have literally wiped villages off the mountains. There are many disasters that occur every year in many places that don’t get the headlines. I know there have been devasting floods in India and other countries this year also. Would love to see some brainstorming to help people and animals that are affected in these disasters. But something that is manageable for those of us who play with extremely limited incomes. I realize this would be difficult but I don’t think it would be impossible to come up with ways to help. I like the idea mentioned to bring back the wlp trees because as she said, we have more points, we want more stuff. I also like to buy the $.99 animals because I can afford this once in a while. Larger sums are difficult when you are deciding whether to buy a digital animal or real world food/gas/clothing/medical/etc. stuff.

  180. I have been giving some thought as to how best to raise monies for our friends in Australia. Here are my thoughts….
    Put the wide variety of wildlife point items on sale like you have before…maybe do one animal and one decoration per day for 99 cents each, for maybe a week or two.

    Most people are struggling with the economy here at home. While they can’t afford the larger amounts, they can possibly afford a dollar or two to help out. In this way, the players have something to show for their support and more money is raised for relief. I admire the efforts that you are taking in helping with the flood victims…keep up the good work and you will have my support!

  181. As an idea say, once a month, Zoo World sponser a Rescue group suggested by the players and have an animal put up for sale where all the procceds go to that group. Even at .99 cents if even half of zoo world buys one thats still 3 million dollars going to a mrescue group.

  182. Sea turtles, especialy the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle in the Gulf of Mexico are very endangered. We could do some cute little sea turltes to help the cause. There are also so many childrent that are not educated in the US as well as all over the world. We could also do a reading campagn. Animals with the favorite books/classics.

  183. All of the ideas I have read is about raising the cost of something in zoo world or coming out with an island in the shape of Australia, and charging a lot of wlf pt. to get it. Well that’s all fine and well if you are not living on a fixed income like me. I’m totally disabled and live on $9,000 a year. And after rent and utilities and food I’m lucky if I can buy generic soap, shampoo and all of the other necessities. I do buy a 50lb. bag of dog food first before anything else for my dogs, they are my family, my only family I could never have children. Oh yes I get food stamps a whopping $73 a month. They say I make to much money, go figure???? Any whoo I think that if all 6 million player just donated $1 or more if they want to, through a paypal account or something like that and also have a place that people (like me) who don’t have an internet account can mail (yes snail mail) a donation to. I know I would if I can mail it in. And just think how much would be collected. I think $6 million would help a lot, 1 dollar per player no raising cost just a small donation of a dollar could really help in a big way and even people like me can help. Thanks for listening from a big fan of Zoo World.

  184. Both me and my wife are/have been docents at our Zoo. We love all anminals and love to share them with others…

  185. The Gulf Coast Recovery efforts still need assistance. As you know the BP oil spill, not only experienced the loss of both human and animal life, but has devastated the natural habitat for many unique species of aquatic life throughout much of the Gulf of Mexico, and has created severe economic damage for Gulf Coast residents for years to come. Political rhetoric aside, this disaster was very real, and emphasis the concern of the dangers presented through commercial invasion into such pristine, beautiful, and essential habitats. Many of us suggested Rock You and Zooworld become involved at the time of the incident, a simple $.99 animal would have helped tremendously, there is still time to help with recovery and treatment of many displaced animals, and the cleanup programs to restore the habitat to it’s pre-oil spill condition. Thank You – Roger

  186. I woke this morning thinking about the Rain forest. I particularly do not think this is a coinsedence. What is happening to the animals and eco system is of huge importance. Please consider this campaign.

  187. We need to help the Wolves. if not they will be poisoned, trapped, and shot at by people both on the ground and flying over them in helicopters. These are Beautiful animals and should not be destroyed

  188. Hi friends!

    That’s a very good idea. I would like to take part in this new movement.
    My idea is the following one:
    I would create a new option in our Zoo beside to “house” or “store” or wherever. This option can be called “Action” and this option would be a web page, forum, news portal,… where we could write or read all the news about animal endangered which we can participate. An example:
    Hey guys! I have heard that next week will have a meeting in Madrid (Spain) to protest against Climate Change, or an activity to collect rubbish in this river, or whatever…
    The objective would be that all the people that are interested in this activity could go and make a difference.
    I would like to see a future where wildlife exist

  189. Here’s an idea, how about something to promote/support the rain forest? Many species of animal are threatened and endangered by the destruction of rain forests, including humans. The rain forests are essential for supporting all life, and we would do well to remember this. I think that it would be awesome to come up with something to really bring this matter to the front of the line. Thanks so much for a great experience, you are doing a wonderful job!

  190. An Animal Abuse Game! Those who treat their adopted pet zoo animals well get points while those who do not get jail points.Build a small structure for your animal the way you build a greenhouse for trees.Ask zoomates for certain treats and things you need to make your animal comfy.

  191. I think you should offer more special animals for sale the proceeds to go to relieve other disasters and for the World Wildlife Fund.

  192. Very few people are aware of plight of the last true buffalo that reside in Yellowstone National Park. These buffalon are hazed, including their young and newborns if they leave their designated, restricted area. The wild buffalo follow their natural instincts when it comes to searching for food in the winter. The do not understand boundaries. They are captured, shot, because a group of people feel that these buffalo carry diseases to the cattle on ranches surrounding Yellowstone. The Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) has been working for years trying to aid these beautiful, majestic animals. They are currently fighting for the lives of 500+ buffalo that have been captured. The Buffalo Field Campaign is totally run by volunteers and donations. It would help the Buffalo Feild Campaign as well as the buffalos by letting people know what Montana and its’ government are doing to the beautiful creatures. If you could offer a special buffalo, maybe with an american indian type decor for $0.99 and send the money to the BFC to help with food, shelter, materials for their volunteers. Please just take the time to research the BFC, look at their pictures, view their videos, and maybe you too will understand how much help they need. I was lucky enough to go to Yellowstone a few years ago, I saw these animals, and I have not been the same since. Please, please help them.

  193. I feel that it is great that we help all the others in the countries affected, but what about all the families here in the USA that struggle daily just to put one meal a day on the table. I know in my own home we live on one income only for four people, and struggle to do so. If it wasn’t for the local Food Pantry we would not have food for a month. We need to consider our own needs here buy using coins to buy animals and donating toward purchasing food donating toward Central Food Banks that help purchase food for poor or needy families in the struggling encomy times. We ourselves use them but we also volunteer there and give back by helping them distribute the food to others. Something everyone can do in their own local area, as little as two hours a week help them tremendously.

  194. Polar Bears International have a great program this year where they are raising money to plant trees in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide. The fundraising is affiliated with AAZK, (American Association of Zookeepers) & donor can credit their donation to a local chapter of the organization. I’d love to see ZooWorld find a way to participate in this.

  195. My suggestion is to make a specific animal or kiosk that is purchesed via $$ that can be used to purchase or fund wildlife sanctuaries for abused or mistreated animals, like the lions recently flown from Belgium to the US. If you have 6 million people that purchase one for $1.99 with maybe $1.50 of it is profits then you would have $9 million dollars to help those poor animals.

    • I believe that we definitely should Protect our oceans And seas around the word as many of us know the whaling ships mostly from Japan say they are research vessels we all know this is BS . besides that all of the dolphins killed in tuna nets the oil catastrophes I know of only one ship out there trying to protect the whales and that is the Sea Shepard witch is all volunteers . I know once we loose our oceans its all over mass distinction for us all . All we have to look at is the Globial Warming ( AKA WARNING)

  196. I believe you should come up with specific animals that people could purchase and each animal would represent a different charity. In the united states millions of dogs and cats are butchered at shelters because we haven’t enough homes for all the homeless animals. In Utah, the animal shelter sells dogs and cats to the local hospital where they are tortured with unnecessary procedures to test medical supplies. These procedures use to be tested on electronic dummies but they are more expensive then a shelter animal so they use pain feeling, terrified animals to save money. This is barbaric, yet happens everyday. Zoo world makes money on the cute little applications of animals, it should offer ways for people to help feed and save animals on death row and educate people about how they can change the laws in this country, you designers of zoo world are awesome in designing ways to entertain while promoting agendas. I am tired of helping the so called poor when I see so much abuse of funds that screw the system. Lets give a voice to the voiceless animals that have only us to protect them. I love to spend money on helping animals as I’s an avid animal lover. even if you get advertisers to donate money for a cause based on the clicks they receive by players.

  197. My idea is that for everday you feed, adopt austrailian animals so much actual money could be contributed to austrailia. If zoo members wanted they could donate their coins for cash for the animals. That to me would be an idea. They did something like that in FarmVille for Haitti.


  199. I think that the money from real-money animals should go to charity to help Austrailia! 😀 And maybe transform WLPs spent into real-money to help the flood relief! 🙂

  200. With the potentially precedent-setting labor unrest of Wisconsin teachers and other public employees vs. Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal, I thing it would be wonderful to create a limited-edition Wisconsin Badger. No matter which way this situation ends, the repercussions are likely to echo throughout much of the nation in regard to future negotiations. “Bucky Badger” symbolizes the unity of this wonderful state even during times of heated debate, such as this nationally-publicized conflict. Thank you for your consideration.

  201. Whenever a purchase is made on eBay, the buyer is given the option to add $1 or $2 for charities they’ve identified as Favorites. When people purchase WLP or Zoo $$, could they donate to charities that register with Zoo World that help animals? Same could go for purchasing ultra rares (I would have added $2 when I purchased the wolf to go to the organizations trying to protect wolves in the U.S. from hunters, the Wildlife Service and Washington bureaucrats who don’t understand the wolf’s place in the ecosystem). I’d like to see fund raising efforts focus on domestic and wild animals since Zoo World does. Animals are in peril all over the globe.

  202. with the price of all the new animals, would be nice if we could sell some of the items in our storage that we don’t have room for on the islands.

  203. Valeria Bednarik

    Hi!! i have posted this before, but seems I can’t see it around, sorry for reposting! I understand you want to save animals, but in my country, 7 kids under 5 died of MALNUTRITION over the past 3 weeks; and is not only here, all the 3rd world needs help against hunger. You know we can do a diference!
    I made a small note on my profile about it, here is the link:

    Can you please at least consider this?
    thanks soo much!

  204. I would just like to say … I am here on Zoo for the animals. I am not on a site for human rights, I want to help animals, animals who need protection from abuse, animals who need care because of natural disasters. I thought that was what was being asked of us – what we could do to make a difference for the animals. For those who wish to help people that is a noble and worthy cause, but more applicable for another site. Those who are saying it is great to help animals, but what about people well – again, this site is about animals – period. I want to help animals, that is what I have chosen to do and I will support and help with that cause to the extent possible. I cannot and will not be able to take on the world. We cannot save every country, but we can try to help the animals who are left out for the most part. There are tons of agencies and world relief funds and churches, etc who try to assist those persons and countries needing help. In contrast, and speaking from working with a rescue group and knowing many more, they have to beg for help constantly. Animals do not have a voice, they do not have choices so we have to speak for them, stand up for them. Unlike us, they cannot plant farms and raise their own food, etc. Domesticated animals are solely dependent upon us for everything just as a child is. Basically, that is what a pet is – a 2 year old child for life. They must have us lobby for their rights and that is fighting an uphill battle every single day. Humans do have a voice, they can speak up and stand up for themselves, thus the reason I choose to be the voice for the voiceless. My fight daily is for dog’s/animal rights. I would ask you to keep this about the “Zoo” and less about human. Should that not be what this site is about then I have mis-understood and will not be associated with the efforts further. If it is about the animals then I am ready to fight for them in whatever creative way you have determined would be the best by the “ideas” we are suppose to provide. As Mahatma Gandhi said “the greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.” How will we show our greatness? This is just my opinion – not up for debate with me just so you know.

  205. Thank you for the Aussie support now we need to reach out to out KIWI neighbours, perhaps the KIWI BIRD could eb sold to help rebuild Christchurch.

    • Thank you Nerina!

      I have made the same suggestion. We’ve had a devastating, horrific earthquake here in New Zealand – Please Zoo World, make the Christchurch earthquake the next fundraiser. People are in desperate need.

      New Zealand has a lot of unique wildlife – how about Kiwi (I know zoo has one, but we have many different breeds of kiwi here), plus other animals like Tuatara (adorable reptile), Weta (Which Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop takes its name from), etc. We have lots of birds, insects, marine life (mammals and fish), bats etc which would make great additions to Zoo World.

  206. I’m an Australian who was effected by Yasi in Queensland I would like to
    thank you all for your wonderful support.
    I would like to see an Island which changes shape each month representing a different Country and from each Country the unique animal or two this would represent which animal is the focus on for the month also you can always have the wales etc.. in the water near the Island as you did with the lochness just make sure your Island barrier is done so when the Island changes shape people won’t loose an animal ps you can also have International flags which can be carried by a unique animal on the Island well only food for thought thank you!:))

  207. I would love to help, like the 99cents special animal, just we abroad, have slichtly different bank payment methods, and not all of us got a creditcard or visa. My bank doesn’t allow paypal also…:(….One can buy a small amount of WLP or Zoocash with a mobile (number) payment, I did, but not the 99ct animals, like 4 the Haiti and Aussie disaster. If possible make arrangements or a contract for payments with mobile also for this….I think lots of ppl. will buy 99ct animals this way. And easier to donate with mobile…FOR ITS 2011, MOBILE IS EASY…PAYMENTS SHOULD BE EASY FOR ALL….It should be mobile…..


    Maya 🙂

  208. Maybe have a sale of Australian animals, new ones not on Zoo World currently?

    I also like the ‘in the shape of Australia’ island idea.

  209. For a charity to help ” North Coast Doberman Rescue”. They help all Dobes that are abandoned, abused and forgotten. NCDR takes many animals that other groups won’t such as heartworm positive, injured or senior Dobes. They Vet, spay and place in foster care until they heal and can be placed in “Forever Homes”. They cover a 10 state area which is huge for a small all volunteer group. They also have 501 c3 status so all donations are tax deductible. They have a nice web site
    They would be a great group to receive some Zoo help.

  210. Here is a FABULOUS Organization that survives solely on donations. Karen Clark, the founder and owner of Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation, has devoted her life and money for over 12 years to saving precious little squirrels. She has a 501 c 3 for her non-profit organization. PLEASE take a minute to look a her site on FaceBook.!/pages/Lovely-Litas-Sheltering-Tree-Foundation/111095768929458 Here is her post last Saturday..
    “After looking at the budget from this year it is very likely that Lovely Lita’s will have no choice but to stop taking in ALL newcoming animals very soon. With the help of a wonderful donation from Bob Barker and his organization we were a…ble to stay open this past season and were able to help over 360 squirrels. With the help of wonderful volunteers most of those squirrels were returned to the wild (or soon will be). The cost to run both the rehab and the rescue is approximately $60,000/year. This is all supplies for the animals. There are no paid positions at Lovely Lita’s so all operating costs are food, bedding, etc. I do not want to stop taking in animals but with these kinds of costs my family just can not afford to support it any longer. By not taking in newcomers we can half that cost so that hopefully we can support the non releasable squirrels for the remainder of their lives. I continue to look for funding but without finding at least this much money by July I will have to cease taking in new animals. If anyone can think of anything to help please let me know. Fundraisers, philanthropists, etc. I am desperate to keep the rehab open and helping animals.”
    Thank You!

  211. Jessica Whitlinger

    You could sell certain endangered species once a month or so at the price of $0.99 like you do with a lot of the others. However, these special animals could raise money to save wildlife. The proceeds could be donated to a wildlife organization like WWF or something like that.

  212. Early this morning I got to see the pictures of Christchurch New Zealand, and the aftermath of their earth quake. This is the second major quake to hit this city of 300,000 people in less than 6 months. Buildings that were damaged during the first quake were in many cases still being repaired when this second deadly quake hit. The pictures were one downed buiilding after another. I do not know the total of dead there at this time, but it was at 65 known dead, with countless unaccounted for or injured 18 hours ago. Many areas there are now also flooded I imagine from broken mains although I am not sure what is causing the flooding. It is like a double whammy. As always happens when people are displaced so are their pets. It might be nice to make New Zealand the next project.

    • I have just made the same suggestion Patricia – thank you!

      I am from New Zealand and the death toll is now 98 and still set to climb much, much higher as bodies are retrieved. It may be weeks before we know the full extent of the loss of life. Donations for the quake victims would be greatly appreciated and are much needed. For both people – many, many thousands of whom have lost their homes and places of work – and also for our SPCA and for native wildlife. This is the first time we have as a nation declared a national state of emergency – it’s a truly horrific disaster that has touched not just the city of Christchurch, but the whole nation, as we almost all know people or have family there. Please Zoo World – Make the New Zealand earthquake appeal the next fundraising effort! Please!

  213. I would say that we select wildlife and Humane Society charities each month, and raise money for that select charity. How about starting out with the World Wildlife Fund, Cheetah Conservation, Gorilla Foundation, Humane Society of the United States, Nature Conservancy, Arbor Day Foundation, and many more!

  214. I say that you should put the price of the Wildlife Point little lower, then alots of people would buy more and more, and when u get the money u should split the money to diffrent parts of stuff, like half goes to animal shelter, half to the homeless shelter and other stuff like that.Then it would be equal, also people should be eating least meat because its not fair for the animal to lose their life because of us. They should live as long as they can, and we can stop the cruelity of animals (which i hate when people does cruelity to animals), me and my sister loves animals (all of my family does) and we feed the abandon animals thats why we see so many animals around our house, and we treat them like we treat each other. But when I see someone doing something cruel to a animal I stop it and it sickens me when I sees it.

  215. Have a sale like the one for Christmas, reduced $ for various things like WL$, Islands, etc. But, Please make the prices reasonable, as the idea is to raise $$ to help out others, while not breaking the bank here!

    Thanks for letting us voice our opinions!

  216. Kathleen Young Roby

    I think Victoria’s ideas are great!! In fact, there are MANY very thoughtful ideas posted here!!!
    I have too many of certain things and often dream of having a yard sale on the islands. Surely many zookeepers would agree. Now, if there was just a way to do it in a way that could benefit REAL life….that would be tremendous!!!

  217. Why are the blog comments out of date order? Its very confusing when trying to read – it is very frustrating when trying to follow the thoughts here in a logical way. Thanks in advance for letting us know.

  218. dear Team,
    way to go, am proud to be here.
    One way I am helping is by being a member of our Zoo in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, we are called FOTZ members, friends of the zoo, my membership gives me many benefits, like visiting the zoo by showing my pass,as often as i want, and i can volunteer to help there.. our Zoo is affiliated with the Werrebee safari zoo and the Healsville Sactuary zoo, who are mainly committed to reintroducing animals back into the wild with captive breeding programs, which is very successful, over all it helps our zoo’s continue to help and support those animals that are protected there.
    One of the worlds endangoured animals that i am concerned about is the Orangatans, they need our help badly or they will be gone from existance very soon. maybe you can have a zoo membership???
    maybe you can have specials on endangered animals and donate to there particular causes as you have with the floods.
    we now have New Zealand Earth quake that will not only has displaced families but loved animals and birds as well.

  219. From Vincent, using Google Translate:
    “Filipino to English translation
    People would think what really is the little pangangailngan an animal because it panga2langng little while escalating grows ..
    almost 10 years prior to rise over the nature and destroy it so people a day we can fix the problem for those who take the abusive nature, whether it be small or large. talk to people or groups allied to the forest tract sasisirain paskel or sign board area .. they Inang
    and they destroyed the plant insert again ..
    reason the small grain seed to a tree several Meetings kalikasanat viable when it became viable fertile animals ..
    protects animals nyo ..!”

    Confusing grammar – yes, but I get what he is trying to say – why concentrate on one species when he feels that deforestation is the bigger issue and its prevention could save even more wildlife than just one or two species at a time. Good thought Vincent, maybe do something big with the World Wildlife Fund then? or some other hands-on preservation group.

  220. i think that if we “build”a forest or something for the wild animals that it can help then for sure

  221. my guess is that you are trying to generate actual dollars to send to these places and that most people aren’t wanting to spend actual dollars. So instead, why don’t you look to advertisers of animal related products. The could offer coupon codes for redemption in a charity of your choice (ie: australia abandoned and lost pets, australia zoo animal assistance, etc.) The adds could be placed in that box in the upper right corner with videos. The the zoo customer can purchase the thing they need for their own pet or pet community for donation and get the coupon code that helps you allocate the money received from the vendor for advertising.
    If you want to stick with direct funds then stick with a critter that you sell that is specific to a particular organization.

  222. My country – New Zealand – has suffered a terrible earthquake in the city of Christchurch and many people have died. Many people are now homeless and pets and wildlife are also in dire need. People rallied for our neighbours in Australia in their hour of need, now how about helping New Zealand and giving profits to the relief efforts for both people and animals who so desperately need help? It would be greatly appreciated by our county! Please help. New Zealand has many unique animals, you could use them as new zoo world animals perhaps. How about a Tuatara?

  223. I was reading about the service animals it is true I own a service animal one that is lesser known a Psychiatric service dog. I have to do all my own training and buy her vest and patches as there are no Psychiatric service dog trainers out there. I have a hard time keeping up with living costs for her and vet bills. It would be nice to see some funding for lesser known service dogs. Like medical alert, psychiatric and for hearing impaired service dogs.

  224. I think helping New Zealand is a really good idea right now. Cleanup efforts have started, but they need help just as much as Haiti did. What about a new special kiwi for 99 cents like the kangaroo?

  225. How about a Kiwi for New Zealand right now?

  226. thats a good idea. and dont forget the other countrys to help

  227. What about Animal Rescue site. One click a day helps shelter animals. I don’t know if there is a similar site for Zoo animals or even wild animals. Costs nothing, but helps a lot of animals.

  228. My point was that small animal rescue sites work tirelessly to get very small sums of money. North Coast Doberman Rescue group sells cookies and tee shirts to get enough money to help abused and neglected Doberman Pinschers. Unlike a country that will receive donations world wide from a government level, the NCDR group can work only from donations that are very few. The more money they get the more animals they can help. Think about helping those that are desparately trying to make the world better for animals. NCDR is a 501 c-3 group so all donations are tax deductible. There could be a doberman running in a circle as an animal. They do the circles when they are excited. More information about the group is available at They do amazing things and are an all volunteer organization. Most animal rescue donations go to huge organiazations with high overhead. Help the little guys for once and let the money do some real good.

  229. Hello Zoo friends, neighbors and players. I have from the start of playing Zoo World that we should be helping the endangered species from around the world. We know and understand that habitat is either being destroyed or polluted and it will not ever come back again. Loss of ecosystems is rampant and preserving the ones that are left should be a priority for anyone that lives on the earth. As we can see the effects of global warming is here to stay and no one has any real idea as to what it will also bring into being for life on our planet. Zoo World has a great following around the world and I think that it could educate us as to the plight of the animals that are endangered and we could help perpetuate their recovery. I would like to be able to have a rescue facility and do suck work in our Zoo’s like is done all over the world. We could specialize in one or several animals and join forces with other players in the game. This would bring real life to the game and it would be a basis for learning about husbandry and care of special species around the globe. Just an idea and would take allot development but would be the first of it’s kind. I’m not intending for Zoo to become an activist but and educator as well as an enjoyable game. We also need to address animal cruelty around the world and make laws fit the crimes against our fellow beings. Please report any cruelty you see and donate to your LOCAL human society.

  230. It’s not about the money, but the Love. Money is just a tool to express. Having said that, I’m inspired by the Love of the people of Zoo World, and of the makers that decided to give their profits to a very worthy cause.
    We all do our best, each in our own way. Big or small, each gesture counts.

    Love to you all!

  231. i heard the Mexican wolfs are going extinct… save the wolves please

  232. I think the $0.99 to purchase an animal that is solely for the aid, as you have done in the past, is a great way for those of us who have limited incomes to afford helping others in their time of need. You do a GREAT SERVICE to humanity, Zoo World, and I applaud your efforts to help not only animals, but the homo sapiens who care for them as well.

  233. i think it would be wonderful if we could help out endangered big cats,especially tigers. their habitat is disappearing and they are disappearing along with it. maybe we can have special animals or purchasing an island specific to the cause, with proceeds going to helping to preserve our endangered big cats. thank you.

  234. Please help if u care!

  235. i have a idea what we could do is on the game we could make a little box or container that says ”donate money for a good cause” and people can donate money they earn from the game and with that money it can go to help the envirment and help save animals and help plant new trees etc etc..

  236. Hi there,

    Over in Farmville we collected little items in the game of school books and backpacks. Millions of clicks later, we built a school in Haiti, or so they said. Should work in Zoo World as well. Perhaps in Zoo World, we could collect little road items and little stop signs and even buy some of them from the store to place on the maps. Or even have an Australia island map and a Haiti one as well while your at it ? (^:=

    cheers, Jon Melusky

  237. G’day all. I want to thank you all for the thoughts and wishes and help that everyone has put into helping Aussies. I would like to bring up a few points that most people are not aware of. At the moment, the wild koala population which is ONLY found from the bottom of the Sunshine Coast to the top of the Gold Coast (which is part of the flood and cyclone affected areas) only has about 2,000 remaining which used to be tens of thousands more. This Australian icon has a kill rate of 1,000 per year due to habitat loss for development/housing, peoples’ cats and dogs, and high disease rates due to over stressing the animal. In the wild they predict within the next few years we will have NO wild koalas left. The Tasmaninan Devil is doing just as poorly with TDFTD (Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease) taking the majority of the population. The cause of which is still undergoing investigation. The fact that we are looking at two Australian icons going extinct (in the wild) is a sad reality. Without help for these animals we will lose them for good. And I will say this, they are both the most adorable of animals. As a suggestion, awareness is the first key. Eucalypt or Gum trees are the only thing that koalas eat and out of the 700 species, they can only eat about 50 of those and depending on the area of Australia they are in, only about 5-10 subspecies. What about putting some Eucalypt in the game for our wild Koalas with all donations going to raise awareness about our little wild koalas that are not doing very well right now? Or making an island in the shape of Tasmania for the Devils, all proceeds going to help find out how to cure TDFTD and awareness? If something isn’t done soon, we will lose both of these wonderful animals. Australia has a lot of unique animals including the Cassowaries whom are losing their habitat to destruction. I just hope that this makes a few people aware of what is going on with our wildlife here and I hope that we can all make a difference in helping to save them.

  238. The Netherlands/Denmark have designed floating houses designed to stay afloat and compensate for rising sea level. Building these types of buildings in flood-risk area’s would help impact lives and property. On TV (In India,) I saw how they had rafts with mud on them like floating gardens. Why not use raft-like “corals” to enclose animal life with floating rafts attatched for the carting of the animals. Anchors could attach rafts for visitors and shipments. Hong Kongs boat population and lifestyle could be incorporated in Australa. Floating Zoos and houses that are in line with sea level rise forecasts will help temporary and permenant structures

  239. lets make a difference

  240. In South Africa, the Kruger National Park’s Anti-poaching Unit is constantly investigating, and building a DNA database of all the Rhino killed. They urgently need funds to catch those, in the East, at the top of the pyramid, that buy the horns, who are basically creating the demand and employment for the poachers. Anyone who has not been to this incredibly beautiful country should come and witness these beautiful creatures and feel their energy for themselves. It is heartbreaking to read stories about these deliberate acts of greed motivated murder. I feel very strongly that, Zoo World should contribute to the worthy cause of saving these incredible, endangered, creatures. The photos and videos of the bloodshed are horrific. We NEED to STOP these people!

  241. I like the idea of buying animals with WLPs or real cash and the proceeds going to a charity that helps animals. I think you should be given the option to use either WLPs or real cash though, so that people who can’t afford to use real cash to buy the charity animals, can breed and save up WLPs to buy the charity animals.

    I also think there should not be a time limit on special relief animals (such as the ones for Haiti and Australia). As new players come on board, they may want to purchase those animals to support the selected charity that is helping the people and the animals in that area. And old players may want to buy more. So, why not let them in the shop indefinitely and keep the charity dollars flowing – or at least until the hard-hit area’s needs are addressed. 😉

  242. Kathleen Young Roby

    I want to give Jo an “AMEN!”

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