Announcement: Zoo World’s Spring Sale Schedule

In honor of the upcoming changing of the seasons, Zoo World is holding another Flash Sale event. Here’s the full schedule of discounted items:

Zoo World Spring Sale Schedule

Every day for the next week brings two items for sale. The first goes on sale for midnight-6am and noon-6pm. The second goes on sale for 6am-noon and 6pm-midnight. Since every item goes on sale twice that day, happy Zookeepers in any time zone can take advantage of the specials.

The sales start at midnight to night. Be sure to grab yours!

50 responses to “Announcement: Zoo World’s Spring Sale Schedule

  1. I’ve clicked on the Free Loving Squirrels several times over the past several days, but they never show up in my storage or zoo?? How can I get them?

    • Hi Linda. I don’t know the solution to your problem, but I have had the same thing happen. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

    • Linda, I think they only offered the free squirrels twice over the last month. If you’ve already clicked on 2 and think it’s a new offering, it should bring up the same gift post but it says “you’ve already received this gift”. Maybe you missed it. You should only have 2 in your zoo unless you got more some other way.

    • Hi Linda! According to the list, they aren’t available in the shop currently. I’m thinking they will show up when they are available to purchase. (See the clover next to the item, then the clover at the bottom of the screen with the description?) I hope this helps.

    • Vicki Martinazzi

      I purchased a Romeo Mouse and It took my 25 WLP and did not give me the mouse. What do I do??

  2. Yay~~~ sonme things I wanted but couldn’t get, especially the dragon W00T!!!

  3. How is selling the Valentine’s Day Romeo & Juliet mice for 25 wlps a sale? They were 16 wlps originally!

  4. @Debi, good eye, never would’ve thought about the pricing for the Romeo & Juliet, what a rip-off

  5. I don’t have any!

  6. still an island expansion at 75% is still too dear , as i didnt have enuff points last time

  7. @Linda, Idk why you are having that problem. There has been 3 different links so far offering them. I had gotten 2 sets and a 3rd link was floating around out there but I could never claim them. It would say I already claimed this but I just clicked the link on this page and received my third set. I double checked my zoo and they are there.. I hope you can figure it out because that stinks that you can’t even receive 1 never the less 3 sets like some of can.

  8. I’m trying to save up for the dinosaurs, and now they release something else for WLPs! GRRR! Gimme a break RY!

  9. Love the juice sales – thank you!!!

  10. I have the same problem with the squirrels, I was able to get the first 2, but have clicked on several different links and unable to get a 3rd or more (some have several)..Also when they had the Langur, was unable to get it either..It seems like some of the things (FB) brings out is limited to a certain bunch of people..Oh well, live and enjoy (or not) the game…LOL..

  11. I finally got my squirrels!! They were in my Decorations tab.

  12. Sorry, I don’t know know what these mean. Please enlighten me. I’m a quick study and am a advide learner. I’m young at heart & have a greate imagenation. Please forgive me but I’ve a horrilbe migraine. I’d love to get a 2nd chance but if not I won’t hold it aginst you. There is no hate in me towards others. Thank you. What may comes. Love to all, Pamela

  13. Thanks so much for emailing this info I can copy it to have on my desk I do not have luck trying to do that through Facebook. I hope they can get the kinks worked out so we do not continue with the you need to reboot or you seem to be running Zoo from a different computer! I only have one so that is impossible! Respectfully, Marcia

  14. Brenda Rebman-Messer

    Is there going to be any kind of limit(s) on any of the stuff in Flash Sale? Would imagine the 5 limit will stand on the Jacaranda tree? Thanks!!!!

  15. Can someone tell me if these promotions are gonna show up in the shop or else where….i know it sounds like a silly question but this is the first time that i have acutally caught wind of these promotions and im kinda new too so it would be great to know 🙂


  16. Would have been nice to have had a day or two notice about this sale, I bought a Jacaranda tree last night 100 points , only to find a sale when I logged on this morning, not very happy as it takes quite a while to store up 100 points, and as I now have 5 of them I can’t have another!!!!!

  17. I have yet to be able to purchase the juice or the tree. Neither are getting in my zoo for the sale. How do you get the items if you don’t get it in your zoo??

  18. I have to agree with much of this. When I collect coins – finally- then it still isn’t enough. Breeding constantly as cheaply as I can but still miss rare coin only critters. I do wish there was some alternative to getting coins. Or maybe a time (always different) when you could buy some.
    Here’s my most recent gripe – Rescue 700 animals and you get $$$. I finally get to 700 and it says 700 – rescue 900 and win $$$. Frustrating instead of fun. Why is it that way instead of a pleasant surprise now and then. Oh well- nothing changes but it feels better to say it.

  19. shame i didnt see the sale earlier i got juice then had to go to work on my return still juice not tree zoooworld played up yesterday so missed anything about a sale till it was too late was hoping to get a tree guess i gonna miss out now

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  21. to me…..this is just another way to get us to put out money to buy or upgrade the St Patricks Day or Easter animals. If we use all of our WLP’s for this “sale” then we won’t have anything left when the animals come out. Some of these cost more than they originally did???????

  22. how come the cost of romeo & juliet mice are @ 25 wlps??? and much worse, ry told us that it’s 50% off (which means the original price would be 50 wlps)… while every players know that they were only @ 16 wlps as valentine’s gifts!!!

  23. Please add more juice to the March 7 sale as I got a sold out message 😦

  24. i have tried to get the squirels but every time i try no matter who i claimed it from zooworld says i have already got it so i lose out even on 1st and every other one havent got any of them not fairwhen ppl can get from 1 to 7 of them HELP Zoo world stop being unfair to some of us that are only on the 60s level

  25. Vicki Martinazzi

    I actually tried it again and danget, it did not give me my Romeo Mouse. It says I have 3 but they are no where to be found. Please Help….

  26. Vicki Martinazzi

    Also, why do you have a limit on the trees we can buy. I want 10 Jacaranda Trees. Why do I only get to have 5. This is silly if you ask me. It seems to be a control issue.

  27. Somebody posted that they found them in the decorations ssection. Good luck.

  28. I bought 6000 juice from the sale and they took 78 wlp,,what do I have to do to get them back,,should have only been 12 wlp,

  29. Although it is nice to have a WLP each day you have to figure it isn’t that great a deal. If you pay the full 100 WLP for 120 days of collecting it means you earn 20 points over a 4 month period of time. Breeding is faster. I wish they would come back with the pink tree that cost the same but doesn’t expire in 120 days.

  30. I see there is going to be an opportunity to get another island on the 7th. How many total islands will we be allowed?

  31. I Like to help people with missions, but costantly run out of the ability to help them anymore. With lots of Zoo friends this is quite frustrating please can you either raise the limits or do away with them all together.

    Thank you

  32. I just purchased the elephants in the “flash sale” and didn’t get them… : (
    How can I get them without paying again and wondering if I’ll get them this time?

  33. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU zooworld!!!! Thank you for bringing back the animals and things I missed or wanted more of (especially at a lower price)…. I sooooo appreciate all the hard work you do and LOVE playing zooworld!!!! Thanks for helping me get thru my long days!!!!!

  34. Why would you put the Island on sale on a Monday some of us have to work and don’t leave on Zoo World?

  35. Charles L. Holland

    Hey guys, Some of those squirrel links actually worked. I have 8 pairs of Loving Squirrels, all from clicking on the links that kept popping up. I guess you had to be persistent, because I must have clicked on 100 or more different links, most of the time it said “You have already claimed this item”. Good Luck and Keep on “ZOOING”.

  36. I asked before but never got an answer:
    I see there is going to be an opportunity to get another island on the 7th. How many total islands will we be allowed?

  37. I think it would be great if we would get the news about these sales sooner, that way I could have worked on not going to the hospital for a stay then come back and it’s over 😦 Of course, I’m home now and getting on the computer for any amount of time, for any reason was not going to happen and I missed everything. I am really sad about this cause if I had some kind of notice sooner, I could’ve made arrangements to somehow get some of the sale items.

  38. how can I go 23 xp levels in one hour

  39. how people are incresing xp so fast , leveling up from 10 to 23 levels, are they cheating?

  40. Awandita when you visit there zoos, if you click on there zoo tab it will tell you the animals they have ….you will probaly find that they have hundreds or even thousands of ultras and many breeds as well this all helps with faster leveling up

  41. When is the next discount event for juice in Zoo

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