Breeding Mastery Levels Cheat Sheet

How to read this list:
If an animal (for instance, a Bald Eagle) takes 4 hours to breed, then after breeding 5 babies you will reach Bronze mastery. After 10 more babies, you will reach Silver mastery.

Time to Hatch: 4 Hours
Bronze 5 babies
Silver 10 more babies
Gold 15 more babies
Platinum 20 more babies
Adamantium 50 more babies
TOTAL: 100 babies
Time to Hatch: 8 and 12 Hours
Bronze 4 babies
Silver 4 more babies
Gold 7 more babies
Platinum 15 more babies
Adamantium 30 more babies
TOTAL: 60 babies
Time to Hatch: 16, 20, 23, 24 and 48 Hours
Bronze 3 babies
Silver 3 more babies
Gold 4 more babies
Platinum 10 more babies
Adamantium 20 more babies
TOTAL: 40 babies
Time to Hatch: 3, 4 and 5 Days
Bronze 2 babies
Silver 2 more babies
Gold 4 more babies
Platinum 4 more babies
Adamantium 12 more babies
TOTAL: 24 babies

Thanks to Zookeeper Marilyn for her help with this list!

17 responses to “Breeding Mastery Levels Cheat Sheet

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  2. how does it work as i am onto doing 20 or more animals in a row now need help to understand thanks

  3. What we need is some type of guide that will let you know how much it will cost you to move your new animals to the Zoo. I was caught off guard when some of them cost over a Billion dollars and many now are costing me several hundred thousands and dollars. For now as I try to rebuild my Zoo dollars I have stopped breeding, but this is the only way to get WLP. I need the WLP to purchase animals or to upgrade. If the cost is going up then the amount I get for visiting zoos should go up by the same %.

    • I agree totally!!! There is also an additional fee for expanding cages when you do breed to get the wlps…. it costs a lot!!!
      Thanks for your post Jan!

  4. I agree – the ratio to the cost of animals as we level up does not even come close to the increase for visiting other zoos which is the primary way to earn cash to purchase animals – these items all should be on an equal basis. when they are not, as now – we see so many people having problems keeping up with the new animals available as they level up – which makes it harded as they go on to earn cash in their owntaking them out of their nests. zoo and to continue to breed – as once you have bred all animals to a certain point, you need new ones and yes, it also becomes costly because you need to upgrade your cage space. One way to avoid upgrading is to gift the animals before you finish breeding and removing the babies from the nest. however, this requires a great deal of planning and makes playing the game more of a challenge when we only want to enjoy it and have fun. this is my summary of the expense and downside to zoo – which is a game I enjoy a great deal. Thank you for reading…

  5. Please excuse my misspelled words – I have some trouble now with arthritis and my typing suffers as a result…

  6. Cindy Chandler

    How many ZooMates does it take to open an island?

  7. Christian Joseph Majewski

    Why have i lost all but 5 zoomates and 5 breeding nests as well?

  8. MY PROBLEM is the fact that I have bred to the Platinum and Andemantium levels, mostly Platinum since before the 28th of June or thereabout and have gotten 8 wlp, 4 each time I’ve reported this, sometimes wasn’t even able to post the trophy topiary post, as I much of the time cannot post the ones simply for breeding..I know the Azure Kingfisher, Trick or Treat Dog, Alligator Gar, American Alligator, Tree Kangaroo, Mink, King Vulture, Albatross, Andean Condor, Emu, Kookaburra, Narwhal Whale, Vampire Bat, to the best of my knowledge these were the ones w/ the exception of 2 of these I reacehed and received Platinum level 4 wlp for a total of 8 wlps received, just to name a few and oddly enough among these are the same as another, at least, who did not receive the appropriate 4 or 5 wlps…only the 2 times I first submitted a ticket and secondly when I submitted additional information today to let RY know, I will not swear to the accuracy of the names, as there may have been more, may have recv’d some I’m not aware of but yet again, past the level w/o getting my wlps..there may have been more, but among the ones I do remember w/o going all the way back thru my profile pg to find them all, were the above…I’d like my wlp’s please…I know some were 8,12, 24 or less breeding times, am aware of the schedule and how they are achieved. I’ve cleared caches, used different apps, and browsers, nothing has made a difference other than the 2 ticket submissions tho I did include my situation in the comment I’d found early this a.m.
    Bet this doesn’t even get my wlp’s either, but this is not just a ‘thought’ but a fact.

  9. estou com problemas completei dois de 20 adamantium e não recebi nada

  10. e já perdi wpls tambem não sei como

  11. Michelle Patrick

    Okay so you released a chart. How does that help us who decided to breed a particular animal with the intention of gaining wlps and now find out that we won’t? We shouldn’t be punished for the technical problems. If we bred an animal which displayed a wlps award for accomplishing a level, we should still be awarded the wlps. The level for the time of your technical problems has already been completed.

    It’s like fraudulent advertising. You say you get one thing for a price but actually get something else. We bred animals expecting the wlps displayed for the number of babies required displayed for that mastery level. I still expect to be awarded the wlps for what was displayed at the time I bred the animals.

    • I agree. I have basically lost a weeks time, I can’t even count how many zoo $’s and now don’t get the wlp I was expecting???? This is suppose to be fun, right???? I want the 25 wlp I thought I was breeding for……and I am now aware of the increased numbers. So, in the future, I will know. Make it right Zoo World!!

    • Michelle Patrick

      The problems with the breeding nest still haven’t been resolved. I just tried to bred a Black Swallowtail and a Weedy Sea Dragon popped up in the nest. This animal is nowhere near the swallowtail in the breeding menu. This has also been an ongoing problem that several of us have posted numerous posts on the forum with no responses. When are you going to address this problem?

  12. WOW Zoo World!!! Why don’t you just say that if you want Zoo dollars (WLP or whatever) then YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM WITH CASH!!!!!! It takes SSSOOOOOOOOOO much time, money and effort to breed a baby (or 20), upgrade the cage, and move it to the zoo, it is no longer worth the effort…NOR is it any fun!! I am also tired of the freakin pop-ups telling me to buy this or that because it’s on sale or to tell some one their babies are hungry. The pop-ups for the $ concessions are bad enough…how many reminders does a person need? You can program your game to see if a pop-up has appeared 3 times and if it has, then DON’T POP-UP! Obviously, I don’t want to check my wrench collection, as it will say the EXACT same thing it did the last 3 times!!!!!!!!!

  13. lynne your kidding right i never spend a dime on this game right now i have 145 wlp from breeding from my 12 nests and if ya dont want to upgrade gift the baby away just make sure u have enough breeding pairs for the trophy your working on as for the pop ups its to make sure people dont accidently spend something they dont want to

  14. charlene parrack

    it certainly is not ethical to raise the breeding requirement after a person has already spent money and time to breed at what was advertised. A business would be run out of town if it did that to its customers. You made a mistake, so eat it, and give the customer what was advertised.

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