The Secrets of Breeding Birds and Bees (And Other Animals) In Zoo World

Zoo World Breed Menu - Plus a Marmot

In short, breeding is a way to get more rare and ultra rare animals. If you own at least two of that species, you can breed them to get a baby of the same type. For some animals, this is the only way to increase how many you have beyond the first two.

In addition to giving bouncing new babies, breeding also rewards you with free Wildlife Points for every Breeding Mastery you achieve. (Read on later in the post for more on the WLP!)

Today we’ll be breeding Bald Eagles, since those are among the most common breedable animals in Zoo World. Plus, the babies are adorable.

Zoo Breeding Quick Facts

We’ll run through the how-to later in this post. For those that want the short version, here’s everything you need to know about breeding Birds and Bees in Zoo World:

  • You can start breeding through the breeding menu, through the shop, or by clicking the animal directly in your zoo.
  • Buy Breeding Specialists from the shop to unlock a new nest (max 4).
  • Breeding Specialists and Growth Formula boost breeding time by 25%.
  • Growth Formula is obtained by feeding friends’ hungry babies.
  • Vitamins cure a sick baby instantly; they are posted to your wall by friends after you help feed their babies.
  • You earn WLP for each Breeding Mastery level you reach for an animal.
  • The number of babies you need to breed for a new mastery level depends on its gestation time.
  • Before you can move a baby out of its nest, you may need to purchase a cage upgrade.

How to get started in Zoo World Breeding

The fastest way to get going in Breeding is to click the stork icon along the bottom of your screen:

Breeding Button in Zoo World

You can also click directly on the animal in your zoo, or select “Breed” when viewing that animal in the shop. All three of these will bring you to your breeding nests:

Breeding Nests

A basic zoo will have the top eight nests. Red nests require one Breeding Specialist each to unlock.

Click any nest to bring up the breeding menu, then find the Bald Eagle and click “Breed” to get going.

Breeding Menu in Zoo World

Depending on how many animals you have, you may need to scroll through a few pages to find a specific animal.

Boosting your Breeding

Breeding Popup

The Bald Eagle has a "Gestation Time" of 4 Hours.

Once selected, you’ll have the option to use a boost on your baby. This shortens the gestation time, so you can have the strapping new animal faster. All boosts speed it up by 25%.

There are two types of boosts:

  • Breeding Specialists can be purchased from the shop. These give you a new nest (limit of four), and any time you place an egg in that nest, you can boost it by 25% at the cost of 50 Juice.
  • Growth Formula is gained by feeding your friends babies. You can do this via their Facebook Feed. You get one growth formula for every baby you feed, and these can be used on any nest.

Note: to pass Achievement Level 83, you have to use the Growth Formula as you place the animal in the nest, before you click the green check above. Applying growth formula <em>during</em> the gestation period will not trigger the achievement.

Checking “Post when my baby needs food” will allow your baby to post immediately when it’s hungry. You can uncheck this if you want, but be warned that if your baby isn’t fed soon after hatching, it can become sick!

Breeding Egg

Mouse over the egg for a peek at the baby!

That’s it – hit the check mark to place the egg in your nest!

Sick Babies, Growth Formula, and what the heck are Vitamins?

As mentioned above, newborn babies get very hungry. If you’re not around when they hatch, your friends can help! If you checked “Post when my baby needs food,” your newborn will post to your Facebook Feed that it’s hungry. Any friend can then help you feed it.

If neither you nor a friend feeds a baby, it will become sick. A sick baby must be healed before it can be moved to your zoo. To heal it costs a set amount of money, or one vitamin.

Vitamins are obtained by helping feed friends’ babies. They will receive a popup which lets them post the freebie on your wall.

Gain WLP by Breeding Animals

Last but not least, the more animals you breed, the more WLP you earn. Zoo World awards Wildlife Points for each Breeding Mastery Level you reach. Different animals have different requirements for mastery levels, but all of them give the same rewards.

Bronze Mastery: 1 WLP
Silver Mastery: 2 WLP
Gold Mastery: 3 WLP
Platinum Mastery: 4 WLP
Adamantium Mastery: 5 WLP

To find out how many you need to breed to reach each mastery level, check out this handy Breeding Mastery Cheat Sheet.

Your baby!

Zoo World Baby

There’s one step left, and that’s moving your baby bird to your zoo. Once your baby is born, you may need to upgrade the animal’s cage before it can join its family.

Cage upgrades cost more depending on how many animals of that type that you have, and usually they’re very affordable. On rare occasions, if an animal can be obtained another way (such as through missions), the cage upgrade can be a rude surprise. If this happens, don’t worry – you can always trade away some of the extra animals to friends in order to bring the cage upgrade back down to affordable levels.

Congratulations! You get a free topiary, and have a brand new animal in your zoo!

25 responses to “The Secrets of Breeding Birds and Bees (And Other Animals) In Zoo World

  1. I love breeding my animals, but there is no rhyme or reason to how they are displayed in the breeding list 😦 For example, my recently obtained Valentine’s Day animals are somewhere in the middle of the list, while some of the animals I’ve had forever appear very near the beginning of the list. The animals that cost WLP to breed are all mixed in with those that cost zoo cash. Could you please make it so we can somehow sort the animals by price, time for breeding, order in which they were obtained, common/rare/ultras, SOMETHING? It’s very difficult to track my progress on breeding when they are so jumbled up. Thanks!

    • Zookeeper Matt

      This is a great point, Angela. I believe they’re currently organized based on their “level.” We’ll see if we can update it in the future to be more intuitive 🙂

      • Myrtle Corkum

        Actually, they are not organized “based on level” because if they were then all the Bronze level would be together, the Silver, Gold, etc. As Angela states there is no rhyme nor reason to how they are currently organized and seem to get reorganized at will. Something “intuitive” as you say would be very much appreciated and relieve some of the frustration when searching for an animal to place in a breeding cage. Thank you.

      • Zookeeper Matt

        XP Level, not Mastery Level 🙂

  2. Ria Van Minnebruggen

    I totaly agree with Angela Its very difficult everything is mixed up and I can t see how , Is there no possibiltiy that we can put tem where we want on the list .
    I and so many others would be very thankfull because we lose much time by searching after the animals we want

  3. Sharen Phillips

    One of the ways that would be helpful (at least for me) is to be able to sort by how long the animal takes to breed, for example, sometimes you have a short time frame before bed and you only want to see animals that will finish in 4 hours and sometimes you are going away for a long weekend (or you have run out of zoo dollars!) and so you might want to see only those animlas that take five days. Generally, as Angela says, it would be helpful to not have the wildlife point animals mixed in, again at least for me, I have a long way to go in the game before I have so many wildlife points I could use some for breeding. THANKS for a great article on all the ins and outs of breeding. It’s a great system, even if it is not so obvious when you first start (although the tutorial is cool too).


  5. I agree that the organization of the breeding animals would be wonderful. It is frustrating to have to hunt through pages of animals for the one that fits your schedule and budget for breeding. Any type of organization would be an improvement.

  6. What’s the point in breeding ultra rares? It costs as much as purchasing them and the reward in wild life points does not make up for it.

  7. The Wild Life Points animals have never made sense to me. For one of the Mardi Gras animals you spend 30 points to get 1 point in return. When I do breed these animals I only go to 8 just in case the herd bonus gets released to all. But sure you’ll upgrade how many xp’s I’ll need also for each level. I know you logic is for us to spend more money. Least you give us a chance to make a few wlp’s some games I’ve tried don’t. But they don’t have players either.

  8. por favor bajen el precio de la bredada… ya que primero te cuesta mucho el animalito y luego para sacarlo te pide mucho mas dinero y es un lio… por favor bajen la bredada…

  9. Why not make the breedable animal database searchable by breeding time, breeding cost, name, and level? (And any other field I’ve forgotten.) And make it so that we can see all that info all the time. It would make it easier for us to play the game. As it is, it’s frustrating and tiresome, especially when coupled with all the glitches.

    And why not be upfront with the players about how much it’s going to cost to breed the animals instead of slapping those outrageous upgrade fees on us? You aren’t fooling anyone, you know, and most people would appreciate your being direct instead of giving the impression that you’re trying to trick us into spending our zoo bucks.

  10. I think it would be very helpful to have the animals in alphabetical order or in the amount of hours it takes to breed them. It is so frustrating to have to go through all of them looking for the ones you want.

  11. I would also like to see them in either the amount it costs to breed them or in the amount of hours or days it takes, then follow up with the ones that take wildlife points to breed

  12. Even page numbering would help.

  13. it would be easier if Zoo World would put them in alphabetical order on the breeding menu list.

  14. I don’t always get my WLP

  15. I would also like to see the upgrade cost with the breeding cost info that shows about an animal. I’ve had times when I didn’t have much money and needed WLP to upgrade animals. I picked fast breeding inexpensive animals, only to find that I couldn’t afford to place them in their cage to get the points. Please include this info. thank you.

  16. It used to be that if you had a red nest, you got the time “discount” without having to use a ‘boost’. In other words, you had a red nest you automatically got the reduced time if you wanted it. That option isn’t available now.

    Am I mistaken? Or remembering it wrong?


  17. as i myself am poor i can not buy the wildlife points so i depend on my breeding. when i have to buy the animals with my points it doesnt leave much for anything else. if i want the specialty animals.. the unicorns,, etc i dont have the points to buy them because it took all i had to get the ones for the daily specials on our regular pages. i just cant afford this. why do they want so much for each animal? especially when you are not going to make near as much back on them. cut the cost. that is the first step for me.. thanks for listning…;0)

  18. Obadijh olawale

    Link me the site

  19. was ok till a while ago breeding went with cost now animals are all mixed up and some of the costlier animals are in the middle at least put it back to the way that it was so you know where you are


    I think it would be very helpful to have the animals in the order of hours it takes to breed them! It is so frustrating to have to go through all of them looking for the ones you need just at this time! Thank you //Kerstin

  21. My complaint is having to use WLP’s to breed the animals that we used WLP’s to get or real cash as in the .99 and $1.99 animals it seems a bit unfair, the amount of WLP’s that you get in return for breeding them just isn’t worth it.Also its taking more and more zoo dollars to breed the time is taking alot longer and its getting very hard to earn the WLP’s through the breeding and your adding new animals too quickly for the WLP’s hence forcing us to use real cash or miss out. This is suppose to be fun not a bank breaker, just my opinion. thanks for listening, Sincerely , Theresa A Freeman

  22. I suggested a LONG time ago that they put them in alphabetical order with the Ultra Rares that take WLP’s to breed at the end. At least that way you can find the animal you need to breed alot easier…nothing has happened yet.

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