The Secrets of Rose Gardens

Zoo World Adamantium Rose Garden

A rose by any other name… would still bring you big bucks in Zoo World. The Rose Garden is a unique buildable that, in addition to looking fabulous, earns you zoo cash every day from the visitors strolling through the flowers.

Some beginning floriculturists have been wondering how the Rose Garden works. To help, we grabbed our pruning shears and wrote up a full guide to getting your garden from Bronze to Adamantium. Read on!

The Rosy Basics – Completing your Bronze Rose Garden

Bronze Rose Garden

  • There are four basic roses: yellow, red, white and blue.
  • Yellow, red and white roses can be gifted from the gift page.
  • Blue roses can only be collected from the feed. You can post one per day for your friends to grab.

That’s all you need to finish a Bronze Rose Garden. Place your Rose Garden in your zoo and click on it to bring up the Rose Garden menu. Get five each of the yellow, red, white and blue roses, and hit the “upgrade” button. The higher level your Rose Garden, the more money it earns.

Advanced Rose Gardening – Silver Mastery and Beyond

Combining Roses

  • There are four “Level 2” roses: lavender, pink, orange and green.
  • You earn one Level 2 rose per day by collecting money from your garden.
  • You can also pick them from your friends’ feeds.
  • Finally, you can combine basic roses in the Rose Garden menu to create Level 2 roses.
    • Blue Rose + White Rose = Lavender Rose
    • White Rose + Red Rose = Pink Rose
    • Red Rose + Yellow Rose = Orange Rose
    • Yellow Rose + Blue Rose = Green Rose

For each level Rose Garden beyond bronze, you’ll need these “Level 2” roses. The more ZooMates you have, the easier the roses are to collect.

Attracting the Glitterati: Gold, Platinum and Adamantium Rose Gardens

Glitter Rose

There’s one more type of special rose, which you need to upgrade to Gold, Platinum and Adamantium levels. To get a Glitter Rose, combine one rose of every color, including Level 2 flowers.

Final Rose Garden Tips

Collecting from a Rose Garden

  • Money is ready to collect after 18 hours.
  • You can collect this money for up to 72 hours after it’s ready; your roses will wilt after that, reducing your profits.
  • A rare bug can cause a second Rose Garden to appear, and neither Rose Garden will work. If this happens, let us know on the Zoo World forums and an Advocate will get it working for you.
  • Adamantium Rose Gardens (the highest level) cannot request additional help on the feed; you can still send Roses as gifts, and post one rose to your feed per day when collecting.

62 responses to “The Secrets of Rose Gardens

  1. Why is it finished mine last july and lost the water show on my Adamantium rose garden says it still is but doesn’t look like it once did?

  2. You could have my issue. No one will post blue roses for me to get. I’ve been stuck waiting for six blue roses for a long time.

    • Doreen Ungarten

      I forgot about the blue roses. Even though I have completed my garden & greenhouses I still try to post daily for my other zoo mates

      Look me up and send a friend request. I posted a blue rose

    • You can add me as a friend too as I post them every day at different times.

    • Miranda, i saw your post about having trouble with getting roses. Add me as a zoo mate. when i collect the money from the roses and the color roses is shared i go to gifts and post the blue one. I like helping as much as i can.

      • Please add me as a zoomate. I really need blue roses! My zoomates don’t seem to send roses anymore for some reason.


    • please add me as a zoo mate, I also need blue roses

    • please add me a a zoo mate, I also need blue roses posted to the wall please and Thanks

    • please add me a a zoo mate, I also need blue roses posted to the wall please .

    • Nadine Gregoire

      You can add me as a friend. I usually post blue roses every day!
      Nadine Gregoire

    • I usually play 4-7 days a week and post blue roses. I’m in the same boat and would love to add you as a zoomate.

  3. The fountain on my garden stopped working a minute after it started and hasn’t worked since. I wondered about that.

  4. You can’t get level 2 roses anymore. They changed it several months back so that you can only collect level 1 roses from your garden & your friends’ feed.
    That helped my parents get theirs done since they only needed level 1, but I started a new account & now it’s taking FOREVER since I have to get 3 or 4 times as many level one to upgrade them all.

  5. Today i sold alot of thing i didnt need in zoo word and they didnt give me my money….zoo world i need my zoo dollars asap…

  6. What happens to the garden when a person goes on vacation and can’t collect the bonus for a week or so? Will it come back when I log back in?

    • your garden will turn brown but once you click on it again then it will come back to full color. every now and then I don’t pick up zoo world for a coupld of days. that is how I found out the solution.

  7. What are the chances that we’ll have the option someday of working on an additional rose garden for one of our other islands?

  8. My fountain in my rose garden does not work?

  9. There needs to be a better way to get blue roses. My friends do not post any more!

  10. I worked hard to earn all the roses for my rose garden only b/c i loved the water show that I saw on someone else’s completed garden… boy am I disappointed to discover that that feature doesn’t appear to be working anymore. Not on my now completed rose garden, nor on any others I’ve seen anymore. 😦 PLEASE bring back the Rose Garden Water Fountain Show! THANKS! p.s. and clicking hearts & treats sucks!

  11. My rose garden did the same as many others I had all the animation once completed but after logging out and back in the next day there was no animation and hasn’t been any since.

  12. I wish Zoo World would make it so that things you depend on from others could also be bought, because to many people dont have enough friends to complete tasks and dont want to friend complete strangers just to play Zoo World.

    • I agree! I started zoo world as a game for my son; too many things require friending strangers or spending real money on the crazy amount of WLP everything seems to cost. There should always be a zoodollar price for everything so people can save up for it if they want. The WLP and adding zoomates should be options for those who just can’t wait, NOT the only way to get things.

  13. I agree with Melissa about working so hard to get the water fountain rose garden, and now it does nothing. Please restore that feature for us.

  14. you can get blue roses at the zoo world bonus checker.

  15. I like the secret rose garden it nice

  16. I’d like to be able to have more than one rose garden. Please make it a buildable like the greenhouses.

  17. Plz add me as a zoomate, I nd roses!

    • Hi Pamela I would to add you as a zoo mate but do you know there are a few Pamela Allen s don’t know which one to click!! 🙂

  18. I always post a blue rose every day even though I finished my rose garden a long long time ago. I’m happy to be friends with anyone who needs a blue rose. 🙂
    I’d like to have more rose gardens too. I did enjoy this buildable.

    • Would gladly except a blue rose from you. Have been asking forever and no one wants to be generous to me. That is all i lack from be able to upgrade. Thank you.

  19. can we buy a second one??? so we get double pay?? Or isn’t it possible?

  20. Finished my rose garden up to maximum level ages ago, earlier this week it completely disappeared out of my Zoo, Puff and away it went, not in my storage, can’t find it on any island. – WHERE HAS IT GONE???? . . . NOT VERY HAPPY

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  22. Please add as zoo mate.

  23. Michele Bright

    Add me as a friend anyone – post blue roses everyday & can gift you any roses you request too! 🙂

  24. please add me as zoomate….need blue roses for garden….ty

  25. When can we buy another rose garden. I had fun building it. I have looked to see how to by another, but can not find out how. Thank you.

  26. Rachel Ruthenberg Reagan

    Add me as zoomate plz will send you a message when i post roses and will send you all i can through the requests. I also gift alot of limited animals ar least once a day. You can also send me a message with 5 names of animals you need one more of to breed and will do my best to send them. Thnx much!!

  27. I agree about the Blue Roses. It seems everyone posts them early in the day. I was off work after surgery and was able to get alot of Blue roses then. Now I am back to work I can’t seem to collect any. I try to post one every day so that others like me can get them. Also a few times I have found a zoomate somehow posted one of every color including level 2 and glitter I was able to collect those twice. Would like to know how that works so that I can look for it in the future. just my two cents

  28. i compleleted the rose garden and had the water show then it vaperized, please see if you can git it back for me , thank you

  29. ANYONE WHO WANTS BLUE ROSES – you can add me as your friend – MaryMargaret Smith Whaley – I have a pic of a cat as my profile pic I am the only one with this name – I checked!!! I cannot add all of you who are only giving first names – it doesn’t work that way – you have to have the full name to find you and then on most of them there are many, many with the same name.

  30. There is one thing a lot of zoo mates forget concerning the roses. The roses are not going to just come to you. 1) You have to have friends to get roses. Remember, you can always remove them or report them according to zoo world guidelines . 2) you have to visit your friends to get the blue roses (visit their feed- I call it their wall). If your friends are not posting the blue roses, you can send them a message asking them to post the blue roses. 3) The blue roses are in the GIFT section with the other roses but the blue rose have the words “post to wall” under it. No one can send you blue roses. There is alot of work required. I reccommend that you visit your friend, go down their page, give your friend what they need and get what you need.

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  32. i would like everyone to know not to fall for the, NETFLIX and 250 WLP , it is not free, they debit your acct. with in 15 mins,and you do not recieve 250 WLP LIKE IT SAYS IN” ONE HOUR” YOU DONT RECIEVE THEM AT ALL.

  33. My fountain in my rose garden quit working too, what happened, it’s been finished for months and worked in the beginning. Help me out here, please.

  34. I too need nore Zoomates also need blue roses

  35. Christine Weech

    My friends send me blue roses and they don’t go to my garden, what could be the problem?

  36. joyce harrison

    all who need zoo mates please add me & i will try to help with the roses. joyce harrison, my garden is finish & i would like more gardens for my other islands, maybe someday we can get more.

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