April Fools! Exploding Candy, Squirting Flowers and Practical Jokester Animals Hit Zoo World

It’s a silly season in Zoo World! Help these new tricksters by collecting items, and receive new animals in return.

How April Fools Works in Zoo World

April Fools Items

  1. Click the animal on your dock to get started.
  2. Collect items from friends, the feed and treats to help these silly animals.
    • Collect Chattering Mouths, Squirting Flowers and Arrow Headbands by receiving gifts from friends.
    • Grab Finger Traps from friends’ posts on the feed.
    • Earn Exploding Candy by feeding treats (and then collecting the hearts) from your animals.
  3. Once you have enough items, click Ask Friends for the animal you want to help.
  4. After five friends lend you their helping hands, your animal is done!
  5. As with the Saint Patrick’s Day promotion, you must complete the animals in the order in which they unlock – finishing each animal before moving on to the next available.

Congrats! With all of the above steps finished, you are now the proud owner of TWO new mischievous creatures. The basic reward is TWO of the Rare animal you selected. You can also upgrade to TWO animated Ultra Rares for just 20 WLP – much cheaper than the Ultra Rares you find in the shop, and a good way to kick-start your Herds for the coming Herd Bonus feature!

Tips for a Foolish April

April Fools Dock

Now that you know how it works, here are some tips to help for collecting every animal.

  • You can earn up to 10 Exploding Candy per day by feeding treats. Exploding candy is earned upon collecting hearts from those treats. Every 10 hearts collected gives you an Exploding Candy.
  • Exploding Candy comes from any treat you feed.
  • If you prefer, you can buy each piece or Helping Hand for 1 WLP each.
  • The Check In System returns!
    • Click the [icon above the dock] to check in.
    • Checking in earns one XP.
    • Checking in three times earns the April Fools item of your choice.
    • You can check in once every five minutes.
  • A new April Fools animal will be released every two days up through April 6th.
  • You must complete each animal before moving on to the next one.

The Punchline

Zoo World’s April Fools is a shorter holiday than previous seasonal promotions. The first two animals come out March 31st, then the rest arrive every two days until April 6th. After that, April Fools ends on April 8th.

Best of luck, and remember: never trust a meerkat with a buzzer.

47 responses to “April Fools! Exploding Candy, Squirting Flowers and Practical Jokester Animals Hit Zoo World

  1. Shari Bienstock

    The past few promotions I am only able to post the items to ask friends once. As soon as I have received enough clicks to get the first animal, it automatically populates the next animal in line and tell me to ask friends. Why am I unable to ask friends for items after the initial offering?

  2. IT HAPPENED AGAIN…..I cannot request for any of the April Fools Pranks..It happened with St. Patricks Day too.When I click on “Ask Friends: all I get is ERROR:T ry Again..So I lose out on another promotion and can’t get any of the new animals…This is getting to be B.S.

    • If you have IE 9.0 restore your pc to an eatlier version when you had IE 8.0. ZW is not yet compatible with IE 9.0 and will not let you request parts or post anything from breeding, jice, blue roses , missions. Or you can click on the compatibilty mode (torn note, top right of search bar) but, we found that doesnt always work. restoring your pc to when you had IE 8.0 will remedy this so you can enjoy the game again. Hope this helps

    • The same thing happened to me I collected everything and then I cannot ask friends it is ghosted! Tjis is not fair! Do you use a Mac by any chance? They should fix this!!!!

  3. for reason i can’t access the game at all. I just started the game a week ago and enjoyed it, now i can’t play all all. i want the aparil fool’s day stuff too. i feel some type away about this. what’s with this “error” crap anyway?

  4. Carolin Peterson

    I’m so sick of these promotions. The last one I missed out on getting my animals because everytime I clicked on “ask friends” nothing happened. I was close to finishing the bull but instead of giving it to me they gave me another animal I already had. They never give enough time to finish these promotions unless you buy everything to get finished quickly. It’s just another money grab.

  5. recently found the problem to people who have downloaded IE9 0. it is not compatible with zw yet. either click on compatiblity mode 9torn note top right of search bar0 or go to your pc and restore to an earlier version when you had IE 8.0 that should remedy your problem. it did when my boyfriend went through this and it fixed the problem emmediatly. Zww wont tell us that cuz they need guinnie pigs to see where the errorsa are in order ot make it all work compatibly. hope this helps

  6. This may be one of my favorite promotions yet…these critters look so cool! Looking forward to collecting them all.

  7. This is the same promotion yet again!?!?!?!?! Boring me! Can we please get something NEW?

  8. i supposedly had help for sneaky bunny send finger trap to friends hit ok went for coffee still waiting to send hit again still waiting couldnt even close it so clicked home my posts dont show up what the***

  9. meh no exploding candy after feeding animals sigh ………

  10. I wish that we did not have to have so many clicks to get each animal. If you dont have but 1 or 2 friends then its impossible to get all animals. I had to use WL points just to get the last ones. I am not going to have time to get WL points to do these. I will probably get what I can but not update to animated even though thats when they are better. Did not animate any of the others. To hard to get with not enough friends playing. and not enough to update to animals to animate. I am also gettting tired of clicking each heart every other day. Dont have enough WL points to be able to help with that either.

    • If you need zoomates would love to and have others that are more then willing to help also found
      allot as well.

    • I know just how you feel Brenda! I too wish we didn’t need to get so many things to get them. I am one of those players who only has a few friends. and yes it is very hard. I have only been able to get the first animal. and I was lucky enough to get them right before it ended. And I feel that they should lower the amount needed for each item. so that it makes it easier for the those like me with only have a few friends a better chance of getting more than just one. in the little time that they give us. I really like the game and I don’t really want to have to stop playing it but if they don’t make it a little easier for us and give us a better chance to get more than just one. then I will QUIT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i love it,its so nice,wish to contribute if you will give me the privilege. tank you.

  12. The gifting is not working right. In the 7 days remaining it is almost impossible to get the required 70 items for 7 animals with gifting not working correctly. This is the first time the timing is way too shorting and gifting is having so much trouble. PLEASE HELP US

  13. Sorry I am wrong – we need 40 items per animal and 10 feeds per animal – with 8 animals that is 320 items and 80 feeds in 6 days (maybe 7). Guess there is going to be some animals we will miss with gifting not working.

  14. Too little for so many animals! Moreover, we need some starting time to collect items for the first animal beforehand. So frustrating!

    Please also share off; click ‘I have this question, too’; and comment anything you like in the following Thread:

    [For fairness to everyone, would you please release the Spectacled Langur via either the Feed animals, Mission animals or Fans Treat animals?]

  15. I have done all my hearts and I only had 5 exploding candy.
    It is not foair. How am I going to get all the animals? Please can you make it right? Thanks

    • what we do with my nephew because he hasnt got many animals is to feed his animals with the 10 minute treat, get the 10 items than put on a day treat

  16. Edna-Mae Burcham Royce

    Unfair April Fools Day Is NOT A Joke
    It is unfair to have such a short time to complete the April Fools Day animals when we can’t even get into the Gift Shop to send each other (zoomates) the things necessary to get an animal. Please, please help.

  17. whats with not being able to go on other peoples zoos and click on trees and colect money havent been able for a week. also i noticed that i cant gift anybody ,when i click on send it gives me blank page or the error or tells me to go home or it tells me i have already sent gifts when i havent this is very frustating*******

  18. Edna-Mae Burcham Royce

    10 clicks, 9 clicks, 19 exploding candy for each animal (but only allowed 10 exploding candy per day) all in only 8 days??? NEVER !!! Is this your idea of an April Fool’s Day Joke on your loyal zoo customers? It’s not funny.

  19. Why it needs so many items to be collected for each single species? Also, there is so little time to complete the whole promotion!!!

  20. Only 8 days for 10 species?

    Too hard, too greedy!!!!!

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  22. I love this game and I have been playing it for about a year and had never struggled to play but recently I have had so many difficulties:
    for example I cannot give gifts to my friends…I keeps telling me the address is too large to get into!!!
    Besides I don´t think the time u gave for collecting all the animals is enough…even when I have 40 friends I was unable to do this the last time!! how can I accomplish that in just 8 days????
    No fair ='(

  23. Hello zoo world i hate to complain i have missed out on saint pattys day animals also and i already reported it to discussion board Now it is happening again on the april fools animals and i missed two so far because of this error unable to post crap please return my animals to me i will not have time to get all of them now it is unfair

  24. Nothing posts when I ask friends to help with the April Fool”s promotion. I understand this is a common problem, but none the less frustrating. Please fix this bug.

  25. Nice graphics, but WAY too expensive to upgrade. These themed promotions should be accessible to ALL your players, 20WLP to upgrade is an impossible feat and stifles players. Making WLP available for zoo $ would encourage players to PLAY not PAY. That’s my 2cents anyway.

  26. Why such a long wait time between “ask friends” once the animal is completed?? If I have already collected everything I need and have finished the previous animals as required, let me get another pair!! I’m putting in the work, let me reap the rewards! Shorten – or better yet, ELIMINATE – that wait time following a completed animal! Please and thank you!

  27. Fed over 500 animals and only five pieces of exploding candy. I’m very behind and the promotion is ending next week. What gives?!?!?!?! Very pissed off!

  28. Robert Connors

    I have been collecting unbroken hearts but not receiving any exploding candy – please credit me with the 10 pieces I should have received today – it is hard enough getting the pieces required for each animal without not receiving credits which according to the rules should be earned. Thanks.

  29. Donna J Uminski

    April Fools game .
    When asking for a friend to help after collecting all items.
    Twice I have gotten a pink pop up box that says “an error occurred. Please try again at a later time”
    I have 31 gums but cannot post because of this error message and the 8 hour wait time that follows this message to be able to try and post again is absurd. Please take away this 8 hr wait time. If we do the work and time to collect all items that should be suffcient.
    I have not been able to enter my shop from my zoo since last Decembers Xmas game. I have to use this back link to get into shop


    Last but not least: I worked so hard to upgrade my racing stones to moonstones, spent $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on birds and breeding” poof” gone. I miss that part of zoo:(

  30. This is ridiculous! Again…fed over 500 animals to get only five pieces of exploding candy. All my friends are caught up. When is this getting fixed??? I can’t spend all day clicking an animal every five minutes. I guess the April Fools joke is on me.

  31. I have the first two animals and for some reason after I got everything I needed to get the third animal, when I pushed the button to get 5 friends to help me get the third animal, I noticed that the image for the 1st animal was up so I sent it for the wrong one. And now that I try to send requests for the 3rd animal, it wont let me until I get the 1st one again…which i already have. That’s so unfair! Why does it do that? Now I just wasted all of my items, and have to start all over again, and will probably not be able to get the rest in time before this thing expires. Fix this please!! 😦

  32. The last days FB or the zooworld dont operate correctly…you can not claim items from the home page, must always press F5 to go on. So you can not help your friends, to much stree.
    Today i had enough clicks to ASK FRIENDS help my mouse and the window dissapeared before be published!!!!!!!!! So i have to start again!!! No good idea

  33. The last days FB or the zooworld dont operate correctly…you can not claim items from the home page, must always press F5 to go on. So you can not help your friends, to much stress and no fun!!!!!!!!!!.
    Today i had enough clicks to ASK FRIENDS help my mouse and the window dissapeared before be published!!!!!!!!!
    So i have to start again!!! No my idea of a decent game

  34. i cant request help but can receive the needed items but cant send for help have enough to requet 2 sets but cannot post to get the 5 feiends

  35. I can’t collect the new animal for today. I have collected all the others but it tells me to help all the other before I can get this one. If you check on my island 11 you will find I have the three others that have came out. I did nodt upgrade because I don’t have the WLP to do that. I don’t think that is fair if that is what is required.

  36. finally refreshed enough to be able to get the new animal.

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  38. Robert C Garcia

    I really wish this guys could keep doing this the way they did for St patricks day, it is like more challenging to get al the pieces to complete the puzzle ….

  39. It is quite a hassle. I’ll agree on that. It cost so much to keep up your zoo & every day there’s a new ultra rare to buy. Don’t have room for what I’ve got & I don’t have $50.00 to fork out for buying enough WLPoints to buy the 13th island. Get us a break & lower prices, cost of animals, breeding, maintenance men etc. It’s so slow going from zoo to zoo but I do it to stay in business. I wouldn’t mind but every time new animals come in, I am depleted & it’s so discouraging. Then these promotions come along & I have to have the WLPoints to buy the upgrades for them to be ultra rares………. it’s a hard thing to do! & some of the animals – it takes some 3-5 days to hatch! So discouraged ! & so tired of working on it 2 – 3 hours every night….. not fun that way…..

  40. How long after the end of getting those animal can we trade them into ultra rares??

  41. this promotion keep getting error, get help says you finished and no animal…has happened with everyone…will never finish and it is over tomorrow….

  42. I worked really, really hard to get the last April Fools day critter, the “Joker Hippo”. I even bought the last WLP in order to get it, and I bought it at the very last minute, AND I accidentaly bought the “Sneaky Bunny” instead. . . is it possible to exchange it.

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