New Zoo World Feature: Herd Bonus! Level Up Faster with Herds of Ultra Rares (and Coming Soon for Rares!)

Herd Bonus

Zoo World is rolling out a brand new feature: Herd Bonus, a way to get extra XP by feeding groups of animals. Read on to see how it works!

Note: Don’t see Herd Bonus in your zoo yet? Don’t worry! We’re releasing the feature to more  players over the next few days, and it will be available to everyone very soon. You’ll know you have it when you see a pop-up talking about Herd Bonus in your zoo.

The details of Herd Bonus

  • When you have 3 or more animals of one Ultra Rare species, you have a herd.
  • Animal herds have extra “mini hearts” that pop out, which give extra XP.
  • The more animals you have of that species (up to 8), the more mini hearts appear.
  • Clicking the mini hearts gives you extra XP and fills up the Herd Bonus Bar.
  • Purple hearts do not give Herd Bonuses.
  • Pink hearts do give Herd Bonus XP, but less than red hearts do.
  • You can use Cupid to collect the first hearts. You can then click Cupid again to collect the mini-hearts.
  • When collecting spewed hearts, a progress bar will appear at the top right. The more Herd Bonus hearts you collect in quick succession, the more it fills up. If you fill it up before it disappears, you get a reward!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t click the mini-hearts quickly, you still get the XP.

How to collect Herd Bonus

  1. Make sure you have at least 3 animals of that type. You can get more from the Shop or by Breeding.
  2. Feed the animal.
  3. When you have a Herd Bonus, the heart will appear slightly larger than normal once the treat is ready to be collected.
  4. When you click the larger heart, you get XP plus a bunch of smaller hearts.
  5. Click the mini-hearts to get the extra XP!
  6. Gather more Herd Bonus hearts before the Progress Bar disappears to earn rewards.
  7. There are multiple levels of rewards. Keep gathering to get the best one!

There’s More Where That Came From

Herd Bonus is now available for all Ultra Rare animals. In the future, a similar version of Herd Bonus will also be released for Rare animals.

Questions? Comments? Or just looking for tips on boosting your Ultra Rare herds? Head on over to the Zoo World Forums, and our community can help!

51 responses to “New Zoo World Feature: Herd Bonus! Level Up Faster with Herds of Ultra Rares (and Coming Soon for Rares!)

  1. Gail Clouston

    have days like today that I cannot get on my Zoo, have days where I get told I,m going up a level but stay on the same level for many days as it never changes, so it looks as if any new things will not be much of a help to me no matter how much I like it

  2. still more stuff to go wrong…just leave the game the way it is… add some new animals from time to time, and give us some new ones to post… not more missions !

  3. i can not get to the pages to make my zoo happy. i also cannot go to the page to buy any animals.would you PLEASE HELP ME?

    • try a different browser. i cannot get on my zoo with google chrome. mozilla firefox is really slow. just tried apple safari. even better than google chrome.

  4. I love new zoo animals and new games with zoo.

  5. That sounds like a realy good idea but the rare animals are so expensive and I can’t aford to buy the dollars to buy the animals. You need to give more
    dollars. I’m there every day. I played the clover game the whole month
    and built up at least 70 of each of the 5 items and did not get any animals
    no matter what I did. That’s just not fair. I should have had them all. I’m
    VERY disappointed.

  6. For awhile now, I haven’t been able to share things with zoomates.
    Can you please tell me what’s wrong?
    Thank you

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  8. joyce dempsey

    i need help i can not post on zoo world

  9. I can not find my zoo’s my poor animals are starving. All I get is just the blue water cannot play or post.

  10. I recently had completed the mearcats and now it is asking me if I want to finish up to pay 5 zoo bucks, what should I do? Any help you can give me would help>

  11. why not have this bonus for ALL animals some people can not afford to buy them, just would be nice for all faithful zoo world players.

    • You’re right Lisa, they should allow anyone to have the options as long as you have the number of animals they require. I have a lot of zoo dollars right now but it takes wildlife coins to get the ultra rares & it’s so hard to get them unless you spend real money. Who has real money to spend on a game, I know I don’t?
      I don’t know what level you are on but I have found that as I have worked very hard to build up my zoos & level up the cost of everything has also “leveled up”. I keep getting told I have to buy maintenance workers, several times in one day, & it costs about 676, 800 zoo dollars & that keeps getting higher too. If I’m being forced to buy them & the price keeps going up I can’t keep building up my money.

  12. Gail, I hear what you are saying. All the ultra rares have to have wildlife coins & they are so hard to get, unless you spend real money & I can’t afford to do that, who can now a days. Then it takes so many to buy just one ultra rare animal.
    As for the clover game, I had a similar problem with the Christmas collection game. I collected so many of the five items & then never received any of the animals either. When I played the clover game I did get a few of the animals but I must have had around 65 to 70 or more of each item, I should have had triples of each animal.
    I have also been asking to have the problem fixed with visiting zoomates zoos & not being able to collect any coins from shaking the trees, flowers & other items. I have to click twice before anything shakes & then nothing comes out. It’s been this way for almost two weeks now & I haven’t seen anything being said about fixing it or that they know about it.
    I have seen many people leave the zoo world over the last few weeks because of all the problems with the game. I understand it’s “just a game” but for a lot of us it’s something fun & stimulating to do because we don’t have much else. I’m disabled & about 85% bed ridden, I can’t get up & do things like others can. My daughter got me into playing this game for her & now she’s gone, she left last week. Out of all the games we can play on Facebook, this is the only one I play.
    Sorry for going on so long, I just think they should listen a little more to the people who play everyday & try to fix the issues & also really listen to the concerns.
    I have been very disappointed as well but I haven’t given up, yet!

  13. It is cool that ultra’s will be eligible for herd status, however, there is no way I can afford to buy more than one of each ultra I do buy. They are overpriced as is the breeding of ultras that call for WL points to breed. It takes a long time and costs a lot to breed our regular animals to gain the WL points. That is compounded by the cost of new islands. New islands are really top of the list things we need to buy as, if others like me, I have a whole bunch of animals in storage waiting for a home. We do a lot of work for very small return. I hope somewhere along the way, Zoo gets that a lot of us can’t spend real money for WL tokens and make it easier to get more WL points.

    • I totally agree with you. I just responded to Lisa about a similar concern. Like I told her zoo world should realize that even thought a lot of us really like playing this game we can’t afford to use real money to buy WL points/coins. I hope they listen & think about changing how we can earn them or how much it costs to get ultra rares & other things that take WL points as well.

      • N then when u participate in an offer to get wild life coins they don’t give them to you anyways they say stuipd stuff like they gave them to you and you spent them on breeding the rare animals and you must have forgotten, now really u do an offer and you are waiting for your reward and then they don’t give them to you, I have been making my wildlife points by breeding the cheaper animals n building n saving my own points they still owe me 96 wildlife points but i don’t know how to collect them i have written to them and nothing so that will be the last time i do that one 😦 i’m very disappointed that they didn’t keep there end of the bargain 😦 n i don’t know why we need so many maintance men i finally am saving my cash n have to spend it on them, I just buy regular animals anymore and just keep breeding them over and over like u I can’t afford to buy wildlife coins or breed on wild life coins its getting crazy but its my favorite game n so i do what i said above 🙂

  14. I agree that the rare ones are too expensive, in fact I have thought about not playing it anymore because it is costing too much money, especially when all a person gets is social security.

    • @ Carolyn, I have a great zoo, and never spent a penny of my hard earned money. It is possible to get around without those ultra rare. Don’t worry about it. It like real life, you make choices to be like everybody’s over the limit desires, or you make you own fun with your capacities.

  15. nice one i’m all for it

  16. @Claire
    So true what you say… you must live within your means, and Zoo has alot going on to be still be able to get some new animals. OK we can’t be top , but enjoy what you can achieve.
    Zoo puts out alot of disadvantages anyway not just the WLP’s and having to spend money… but look at the new Herd Bonus already out to some players. You may see a few players levelling up past you whilst they have the Herd bonus and you don’t! Well it’d be nice to have 3 or more of 1 tupe of Ultra rare in the first place, but all the years I have been playing I just buy 1 of each = ooops! 😦 lol

  17. Why are the christmas animals on the herd but not the valentine or others holiday animals. They show the same rarity. I get herd on my christmas but not the others. Could you explain that please.

  18. Samantha Ramler

    You Suck , my Jacarda trees are wilted no money from them and this is stupid herding , only cheaters can afford to buy new animals and my zoo should make me a billion dollars a day you do not play right way and pay us right and my mom is going to get a lawyer you took our money for trees and animals and now do not work I am 12 and your game is not fun anymore

    • I understand your frustration with the way this game is often run, but you are WRONG that ‘only cheaters can afford to buy new animals’!! >=( I do NOT cheat, and just because some of us choose to budget our ‘allowance’ in order to buy a couple of new animals each week, does NOT make us cheaters…. Also, the Jacaranda trees only last 120 days. READ the notes and/or other information the next time you consider purchasing something! The fact that you are 12, perhaps indicates the need for less time spent playing online games and MORE time studying and doing schoolwork – like learning how to read and write.

  19. I was so disappointed when I fed my animals and learned my zoo doesn’t have ther herd bonus yet. I feel better though now that I have come back and re-read this. Hopefully, I’ll have it tomorrow or very very soon. Thanks for the extra help

    • hey do you manually feed your animals or do you use cupid. ive had to feed my animals manually for almost 1 1/2 months now and i noticed the other day, these hearts were dancing all over the island when i was feeding them, then i realized the dancing was the herd bonus try feeding them by hand, i know my little hearts appeared and started dancing when i started manually feeding them

  20. This sounds a lot like that tree…spend 100 WLP’s to get 120…and then that’s it. Considering the cost in WLP’s to get the animals, and then the additional WLP’s spent for breeding, I’m NOT seeing any benefit here. Of course, this is just another sly way to try to entice players to spend real money on this game. For those of us who can’t afford to do that, well, too bad, so sad is the attitude we’re given. As for the promo animals, they’re not cute…(the April Fool’s animals are just ridiculous, in my opinion!) and so many of my zoomates have quit playing the game that even getting them is quite a challenge. Don’t know that I’ll even bother with the next round of promo critters. All in all, this game is more disappointing every day…

    • i wish i woulda read and read this site before the last month. the famous spring animals are here-bull they are not here i have taken screen prints of all the animals i have gotten ready for spring. my zoo credits me with 2 of them i have 8 screen prints of different animals Playtpus, Sleeping Bead, young lamb, mother koala butterfly, caterpillar, orange belied songbird, (also the tadpole, however when it said i had gotten him ready for spring, i upgraded him to the next version and do you know that not ONE SINGLE ANIMAL shows up on any of my islands i did this due to the joke i found the april fools animals to be

  21. I appreciate the herd bonus, it gives me extra juice! I don’t have a lot of ultras, so it will be nice when the rares can be used.

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  23. Just another way to try and get you to spend real money on WLP’s for the Ultras…Again, you get penalized for not spending money to get the ultras!!!!
    Guess I will not be getting any bonuses!

  24. Zoo needs to remember most are NOT here to click on hearts or risk carpel tunnel on hundreds of worthless clicks. It is a social game and the people we meet and interact with is the only reason many including me play.
    If the mini hearts dropped wildlife points instead of xp and if you could do something so friends could help you earn wildlife points you will be moving in the right direction.

  25. Ann-Marie Piskule

    I’m getting the mini hearts for a herd on one of my islands. But I have all the unicorns (7) on a different island but don’t get the bonus. Will this be fixed soon?

    I love you and have been playing for almost one year!
    Ann-Marie Piskule

  26. i sold my things back to zoo znd never recieved my money and i need it…

  27. i need my zooworld dollars

  28. Hi,
    when i came to my zoo this morning i had a message telling me about it, and ask me to the shop, then nothing…. my shop open but nothing, i had a look in staff, and all shop but could’t see it???? same with my husband zoo ;(

  29. I play zoo faithfully everyday, no job and why should I spend what very little money I do have to have 3 or more of the WLF animals. This is not fair to us who play everyday. Yes we have the ones with special like now ” the April Fools animals but that is only two of each and only can upgrade if you have wildlife points. I breed like crazy to get them. Need to change the limit of a lower count if this is going to help us poor people LOL

  30. Wanda Cleveland

    love it.

  31. Zoo World while having its problems is alot better than other sites and online games. I really like playing the “game”.It is a stress and tension reliever, I wish there was another way besides breeding (and buying, which is not an option) to get WLP And I TRULY believe that down the road we will be offered something else. Keep up the work zoo devs and thank you!!!!

  32. No more extra clicks, please! Too many already!!



  34. I do get the herding bonus for the cats and the turkey ultra rares but i have the complete set of pegasus’ and bears that i purchased with my wlp and i dont get the herding bonuses for them. Are they not included?

    • Donnie R Hayes

      Each of the peagus’ are a different bread, you would need for example, 3 gold peagus’ to have a bread. Same with the unicorns and other animals that come in different colors. Hope that helps

  35. Ive lost my vet. and my vet hosp have no clue where they went? Im a beginner, any ideas??

  36. Why not allow us to buy more with our zoo $$$ like buying juice, buying ultra rares etc BUT most importantly give us more TREES that give out juice! its not right that we use WLP’s to get a tree just to give us WLP BACK! THATS STUPID! LET US USE OUR MONEY FOR MOST OF THE GAME! IT’s the right thing to do and make all of us zoo players happy!

  37. CORRECTION:::::::::::::

    Why not allow us to buy more with our zoo $$$ like buying juice, buying ultra rares etc BUT most importantly give us more TREES that give out WLP’S its not right that we use WLP’s to get a tree just to give us WLP BACK! THATS STUPID! ESP WHEN THAT TREE IS ONLY TEMP! IF WE HAVE TO BUY A TREE ON WLP’S LET IT BE A PERM TREE! LIKE IT USED TO BE! LET US USE OUR MONEY FOR MOST OF THE GAME! IT’s the right thing to do and make all of us zoo players happy!

  38. we should go zoo to see different animals

  39. patti retzloff

    Am having problems getting my points after clicking herd hearts, I do not get any points, I see animal amount go down but no points come up , unless I re-load , then I will get the points, would like to be able to save my juice till I need to use it, have reported this problem, but as usual no responce or fix, can anyone help me with this problem??? it has been going on since the herd hearts came into play…Thank you, Kinda getting burned out on this ..

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