Zookeeper of the Week 4/26: Zookeeper Elizabeth

This week, we get to meet Zookeeper Elizabeth! Aside being a very passionate graphic designer, she was lucky enough to grow up with a koala as a neighbor! Be sure to read on to discover more about Zookeeper Elizabeth and find out how she’s defying all medical odds, while living among the clouds! Literally!

1. Where are you from?
I am from Avalon Beach in Sydney Australia and now live in the mountains at Ben Lomond, NSW [New South Wales]. We are 1,500 meters above sea level – about the same air pressure of a light plane!

2. How long have you been playing Zoo World?
I have been playing Zoo World since 2008 as I was recuperating from a car accident. I broke my neck and back and the doctors told me I would become paralysed, but today, I am walking and retraining in Graphic Design at our local Uni! I am proud of that even though I have a lot of titanium plates and I live via a computer chip, I am still here 🙂

3. What’s your favorite part of Zoo World?
My favourite Zoo feature used to be purchasing animals but now I just enjoy adding as much as possible to my islands… I never thought I would reach Level 43 let alone Level 120, lol.

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
I love all animals but if I were an animal I would be a bear or a dolphin.

5. What’s your favorite animal-related memory? (a trip to a zoo? a favorite pet?)
I grew up with a Koala Bear that used to reside in a tree in our front yard. She had a baby Koala and during the summer months, they snored and screeched so loudly, they would wake up our whole family! We used to feed and play with them on the lawn when they came down from the tree tops.

6. What are you passionate about?
I am a passionate artist, graphic designer and land-carer. I love Mother Nature and believe we should all look after the planet, including all creatures great or small, and I believe that every person should “do no harm.”

7. What’s your favorite quote, movie, and book?
I love old movies, films and books and I cannot say I have a favourite because every film I watch or book I read, I get so absorbed in it that it becomes my immediate favourite until the next one! I think I like ‘moments’ from films, such as the cyclone scene in ‘The Devil wears Prada’, the graphic art work and original thought of ‘Avatar’ as well as ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘East of Everything’ TV series etc. So many to choose from.

8. What makes the world go ’round?
In this world I believe that ‘what goes around comes around’ given that somehow, we are all related in one way or another….and Zoo World lets me connect with so many wonderful people I would never have met.

Thank you for sharing with us a piece of your life, Zookeeper Elizabeth. We are humbled to hear that Zoo World was there for you during your time of need and we will continue to support your adventure through life! Your passion of art and our Earth is inspiring and we wish one day we can all live in a world where no one does any harm. Thank you for spreading your care and love of all creatures with Zoo World!

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