The 14th island debuts in Zoo World!

We have some great news to jump start this week. The 14th island is finally here for all you Zookeepers who have been waiting so patiently! Now is the time you can expand your Zoo and make room for all your animals, kiosks, and decorations. We released this just in time for our Flash Sale, so keep your eyes and ears peeled to get this island for an extra special price! Fabulous news, right? I hope you’re all as excited as we are!

Here are a couple tips and tutorials on how to purchase the 14th island. If you already have 13 islands and are ready to purchase your 14th one, your island icons should look like this:

Hover over the last island and it’ll prompt you to “Unlock Island #14.” Once you click on it, your shop will open.

If you are certain you want to purchase the 14th island, click on the yellow button to “Unlock” under the One Island Expansion. This will cost 150 WLP, unless you are able to get one during our Flash Sale.

Then you’ll get the option to choose a map for your new island! You can purchase a new one or use one you already have in storage, the choice is entirely up to you.

Once you choose a map you like, we will ask you to confirm this purchase one more time. We like to be extra careful so no one purchases something they don’t intend to. Click the green check to confirm and Voila! You’ve got a new island in Zoo World!

Also, as mentioned before,  be sure to pay close attention to our Flash Sale schedule! An island expansion will be on sale for 75% off this Friday the 13th. But don’t worry, only good luck is in store for you in Zoo World. Snag your extra island from 6am to noon and 6pm to midnight on Friday, May 13th. 

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