Zookeeper of the Week 5/10: Zookeeper Robin

This week, we get to meet Zookeeper Robin! Aside being a long-time Zoo player, her son has a magical touch with animals! Be sure to read on to discover more about Zookeeper Robin and find out how her family has been able to win over so many animal friends!

1. Where are you from?
I am from Syracuse, New York. The home of the Orange Men!!!

2. How long have you been playing Zoo World?
I have been Playing Zoo from the beginning.

3. What’s your favorite part of Zoo World?
My favorite part of Zoo World is meeting and helping other players.

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
If I could be an animal, I would be man’s best friend and I would be a Shephard-Lab mix. I had one that has since passed. We miss her very much and her name was Shanara.

5. What’s your favorite animal-related memory? (a trip to a zoo? a favorite pet?)
My favorite animal-related memory is that of my son’s hamster. My son has a special knack with animals. They trust him more than their own owners. I have a friend that couldn’t touch the bottom of her dogs feet and she had had the dog since it was a baby but [with] my son, the dog trusted enough to let him touch the bottom of his feet. My son had a hamster and although this is sad, his hamster survived a very bad fire where his brother’s hamster did not survive. When it came [time] for his hamster to die, I had my son say, “good-bye” because I didn’t think he would survive the day. But this hamster waited for my son to get home and we held her and talked to her and told her it was okay to go and sadly she did. We had her for 7 years passed her life expectancy.

6. What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my family, friends and supporting my kids and their activities.

7. What’s your favorite quote, movie, and book?
Quote: “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”
Movie: West Side Story
Book: The Notebook

8. What makes the world go ’round?
Love is what makes the world go ‘round. Love and respect for one another.

Thank you for sharing with us a piece of your life, Zookeeper Robin! Your love and dedication to your family and friends not only makes the world keep on spinnin’, but makes all of us in Zoo World very happy. It’s inspiring to hear your pet stories and the love they have for your son. I hope you keep on meeting and helping new Zoo World players because our community thrives off kind and caring players like you!

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